Selection of plum rootstock from prunus cerasifera ehrh and prunus domestica l

Grzyb, Z.S.; Krzewinska, D.

Fruit Science Reports 19(1): 1-8


Accession: 007776786

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Growth vigor, yielding and health status of 5 plum cultivars /Peach Plum, Oullins Golden Gage, Lowicka Prune, Sweet Common Prune and Italian Prune/ grafted on: seedlings selected from Prunus cerasifera, seedlings of common cultivars and vegetatively propagated rootstocks: Brompton and Common Mussel were evaluated. Type of rootstock did not influence time of first bearing. Trees grafted on seedlings were and vegetative P. cerasifera grew very vigorously. Trees on Wangenheim Prune seedlings were small and fruitful. These grafted on Green Gage seedlings demonstrated low vigor and better health condition than those on P. cerasifera. Both seedlings: Green Gage and Wangenheim Prune could replace P. cerasifera in the nursery as valuable rootstocks for plums.