Section 8
Chapter 7,788

Sesamum orientale l. pedaliaceae sesame's correct name

Seegeler, C.J.P.

Taxon 38(4): 656-659


ISSN/ISBN: 0040-0262
DOI: 10.2307/1222660
Accession: 007787156

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The cultivated sesame is generally referred to as Sesamum indicum, especially in areas outside south and east Asia. The use of this name is based on the authority of de Candolle, who chose the epithet 'indicum' when he combined the two Linnaean species S. indicum and S. orientale in 1845. According to some recent authors, de Candolle combined the species as early as 1825. It is argued that the latter assumption is not true and that Roxburgh was the first author to combine the species as S. orientale in 1832 and that, in view of the existing use of both names in the literature, conservation of S. indicum against S. orientale is not desirable. The lectotype for S. orientale is cited.

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