Shoot formation and callus culture from internodal disk of populus koreana x populus nigra var italica

Jang, S.S.; Lee, J.J.; Lee, J.S.; Lee, S.K.

Research Report of the Forest Genetics Research Institute 25: 136-141


Accession: 007790022

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A plant formation method was developed via callus culture from internodal tissue through the optimization of basal media and plant growth regulators using Populus koreana .times. P. nigra var. italica which were growing in the growth chamber and in the field. 1. Optimum levels of plant growth regulators supplemented to agar media for shoot regeneration from calli were 0.1mg/l BAP or 0.5mg/l zeatin plus 0-0.01mg/l NAA, whereas 2,4-D has inhibitory effect. Addition of low levels of NAA to the media improved the survival of internodal tissue. 2. Calli maintained lag phase until 15 days in culture, after then showed exponential growth pattern. Addition of 2,4-D has better effect on callus growth than NAA. Combination of 2,4-D with NAA showed better effect than single addition. Medium containing 0.1mg/l BAP, 0.1mg/l NAA and 0.1mg/l 2,4-D was the best among the media tested.