Statistical indices and planning of observation programs to establish reproduction parameters for fertility monitoring of dairy cattle herds and for evaluation of scientific experiments on large cattle farming units

Willer, H.; Willer, S.; Kregel, H.

Monatshefte für Veterinärmedizin 44(12): 405-408


ISSN/ISBN: 0026-9263
Accession: 007817556

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Recommendations are made for statistical treatment of some reproduction and fertility characteristics of dairy cattle which fell short of normal distribution. The material included empirical frequency distributions of data recorded from groups of bull daughters. The characteristics for investigation were the binomially distributed pregnancy rate after first insemination, logarithmic normally distributed interval between calving and insemination, interval between first insemination and conception, interval between pregnancies, and re-insemination interval in days as well as approximate Poisson distribution of insemination effort. The above recommendations are relating to proper choice of mean values, variance-stabilising transformation of original data, and possible planning of the scope of observations needed for assessment and comparison of statistical indices as well as for selection procedures. The methodological approach is expounded by means of illustrations, tables, and calculation examples.