Structure and function of cell wall melanin of the micromycete pyricularia oryzae cav. the rice blast pathogen

Dzhavakhiya, V.G.; Aver'yanov, A.A.; Minaev, V.I.; Ermolinskii, B.S.; Voinova, T.M.; Lapikova, V.P.; Petelina, G.G.; Vavilova, N.A.

Zhurnal Obshchei Biologii 51(4): 528-535


ISSN/ISBN: 0044-4596
Accession: 007826604

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Comparative analysis of mutants of P. oryzae fungus with disorders of mycelium coloring demonstrated that melanin of pentaketid nature localized in the outer layer of the cell wall is a pigment of the fungus. Genetic block of melanin biosynthesis decreases the infectivity of the conidia by two orders of magnitude. Melanin was shown to decrease the lethal effect of photo-damage, protect the fungus from oxygen generated by rice leaves and from hydrolytic enzymes of host plants.