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Studies on growth yield and yield components of sixteen genotypes of sweet pepper capsicum annuum collected from three ecological zones of nigeria

Ado, S.G.; Gupta, U.S.

Samaru Journal of Agricultural Research 7: 133-138


Accession: 007832090

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Sixteen promising genotypes, four from each of the four states (Kano, Sokoto, Kaduna and Oyo) falling in three ecological zones of Nigeria were collected and grown for two years at the experimental farm of the Institute for Agricultural Research, Samaru, Nigeria. The ecological zones from where the genotypes were collected are Sudan savanna, Guinea savanna and Forest zone. Observations on growth, yield and yield components were made. In general, genotypes from the drier ecological Sudan savanna zone are tall, those from Guinea savanna zone are either tall or of intermediate height and those from the wet forest zone are short. While twelve genotypes reached 50% flowering at the same time (85 days after sowing), two were early (74 and 78 days after sowing) and two were late (92 and 93 days after sowing). The genotypes originating from the drier zone reached maturity earlier than those from the wet zone. Results from combined analysis of variance indicate significant interaction between genotypes and year in all characters except plant height, number of branches and days to 50% flowering.

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