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Studies on hybrids between winter soft wheat and aegilops variabilis eig i. cytogenetical analysis of amphidiploid plants of the cross charodeika x aegilops variabilis

Spetsov, P.

Genetika i Selektsiya 22(5): 388-396


Accession: 007832171

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Amphidiploid plants, produced by crossing soft wheat (Triticum aestivum) cv. Charodeika with the wild species Aegilops variabilis (2n=28, CuCuSvSV) were investigated. F1 hybrids (2n=35) were completely sterile. One heteromorphic bivalent (.hivin.x = 1.1) of rod type was found in metaphase I of meiosis. No polyvalent configurations were observed. Thus the possbility for genetic exchange and development of useful translocational wheat lines with the participation of cv. Charodeika was reduced to nothing. Colhicine treatment of the F1 hybrid resulted in a 70-chromosome amphidiploid (AABBDDCuCuSvSv). It was partially fertile (12-13%). When ripe, its spikes became black and broke in the base. A number of disturbances were observed in the course of meiosis. The amphidiploid was cytologically unstable and crossing with wheat was difficult. It was not suitable for growing in the field because of its low field germination and its vulnerability by environmental factors. Following selfpollination the amphidiploid produced progeny with reduced chromosomal number (.hivin.x 66.0). The fertility of the plants obtained varied from complete sterility to partial fertility.

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