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Chapter 7,833

Studies on immunoregulation and hypersensitivity of secretary otitis media

Liu, X.; Long, R.

Hua Xi Yi Ke da Xue Xue Bao 21(4): 424-426


ISSN/ISBN: 0257-7712
PMID: 2094643
Accession: 007832208

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Sixty patients with secretary otitis media (SOM) and 50 control cases were studied for their cellular immunity and hypersensitivity. Most of patients revealed that total T or T cell subpopulations were below those of the control. Eighty percent of patients had high serum IgE level and 81.2% as Ponsitive in intradermal skin tests on inhalant allergy, but only 51.7% of patients had clinical symptoms of allergy. It was found immunologically that SOM occurred more frequently in allergic patients and most of them had abnormality of immunoregulation, and that there was a subclinical allergy for some of the patients. Allergy might play a significant role in the etiology of this disease. Authors suggest that it is necessary for patients with SOM to have some tests and treatment of immunology.

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