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Studies on improvement of cheju native cattle by three breed crossing 1. genetic and environmental effects on pre weaning growth of cheju native cattle brahman santa gertrudis charolais holstein and their two and three way crossbreds

Kim, D.C.; Lee, H.S.; Paik, Y.K.; Jin, S.H.; Kim, H.S.

Research Reports of the Rural Development Administration 33(2 LIVEST): 1-5


Accession: 007832213

The primary objectives of this studies were to evaluate genetic and environmental effects on the pre-weaning growth of Cheju Native Cattle, Brahman, Santa Gertrudis, Charolais, Holstein and their two- and three-way crossbreds. Animals were fed low quality forages during the pre-weaning period with their cows at the Cheju Experiment Station. Followings are the main results obtained. Breeds average body weight was 30.8kg at birth, 91.0kg at 3 months and 131.0kg at 6 months of age. The body weight of Cheju Native Cattle and Brahman was the lightest and Charolais and Holstein was the heaviest among the straightbreds. In crossbreds, the pre-weaning growing performance of two-breed crossing of Cheju Native Cattle .times. Brahman and Cheju Native Cattle .times. Santa G. but those of three-bred crossing of Charolais .times. BK, Charolais .times. SK, Holstein .times. BK and Holstein .times. SK were positive effects compared with overall breeds mean (P < 0.01). Average mean of withers height, body length and chest girth at 6 months were 94.3cm, 100.3cm, and 118.5cm, respectively.

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