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Studies on improvement of cheju native cattle by three breed crossing 2. heterosis effects of two and three way crossbreds of cheju native cattle with brahaman santa gertrudis charolais holstein

Kim, D.C.; Lee, H.S.; Kim, H.S.; Kim, J.K.

Research Reports of the Rural Development Administration 33(2 LIVEST): 6-10


Accession: 007832214

The primary objective of this study was to estimate the heterosis effect on the pre-weaning body weight to Two-and Thred-way crossbreds of Cheju Native Cattle with Brahman, Santa Gertrudis, Charolais and Holstein, Heterosis values on the pre-weaning weight in two-breed crossing of Brahman .times. Cheju Native Cattle and Santa G .times. Cheju Native Cattle were generally negative effects. On the other hand, the average heterosis effects in three-breed crossing of Charolais .times. BK, Charolais .times. SK, Holstein .times. BK and Holstein .times. SK were 5.8% at birth, 14.1% at 3 months and 23.8% at 6 months of age. All of the heterosis effects relative to pre-weaning growth on the three-way crossbreds wire positive.

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