Studies on neonatal diarrhea in buffalo calves with special reference to epizootiology and fluid therapy

Mohan, S.R.; Rao, R.; Raghavan, R.S.; Gaffar, A.A.

Indian Veterinary Journal 67(11): 1057-1059


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-6479
Accession: 007832684

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Incidence of diarrhoea in neonatal buffalo calves in relation to epizootiological factors such as parity of dam, season of birth, age, sex and birth weight were studied. Calves born in winter season, calves from first calving mothers, calves of lower age, calves of lesser birth weight and more of female calves showed greater incidence of diarrhoea. And for therapeutic rehydration, both oral and parenteral routes of fluid administration were found to be equally efficacious.