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Studies on phosphorus 32 movement in soil columns as affected by phosphorus sources method of phosphorus application soil type calcium carbonate fym and magnesium sulfate

Singh, R.; Khatkar, O.P.; Laura, R.D.; Kuhad, M.S.

International Journal of Tropical Agriculture 7(1-2): 134-141


Accession: 007832925

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The P32 movement was studied in columns of the sandy, sandy loam and clay loam soils in relation to CaCO3, FYM, MgSO4, the P sources and the methods of P application. The downward P movement was maximum in the sandy soil (60 mm) and minimum in the sandy loam (30 mm). Quantitatively, the P movement followed the order: in sandy (67%) > clay loam (56%) > sandy loam (47%). The P applied as sodium pyro-phosphate moved to greater depths and in greater amounts than the P applied as triple superphosphate. Similarly, the movement of surface applied P was more and in greater amounts than when mixed in the four cm surface layer. In all the three soils, the addition of CaCO3 and FYM reduced the P movement significantly, whereas MgSO4 increased it significantly.

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