Section 8
Chapter 7,834

Studies on the biological properties of a chemical vaccine prepared from antigenic fractions of vibrio cholerae

Yang Y.

Zhonghua Weishengwuxue He Mianyixue Zazhi 8(3): 188-192


Accession: 007833926

As stand in the previous paper, the chemical vaccine was prepared by mixing equal amounts of the antigenic fractions I, II and IV. Animal experiments revealed that the vaccine could induce more or less the same or higher degree of immunity as that of the whole cell vaccine or the whole cell+toxoid vaccine with high titres of vibriocidal power agglutinin and neutralizing antibody. There was a remarkable increase of IgG content in the serum of immunized animals and also an enhancement of intestinal colonization. The maximum number of LD50 tolerable in mice was greater than 71.947. The authors conclude that this vaccine is a promising candidate for use in human immunization.

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