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Studies on the biology and control of cophoprora sp in cinnamomum cassia

Peng S.; Jiang Z.; Li J.; Liu Z.; Liu J.; Wang C.

Forest Research 5(1): 82-88


ISSN/ISBN: 1001-1498
Accession: 007833927

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This paper described some main biological characteristics of Cophoprora sp. and introduced a simple method of prediction of a short time. Both biological and chemical methods of prophylaxis and treatment were presented here. From the eggs of the pest in the Cinnamomum cassia Presl, Trichogramma chilonis Tshii was found. After artificial multiplication, a large number of T. chilonis was released on 53.3 ha of Cinnamomum forest belonging separately to eleven forestry center of Xijiang State Forest Bureau. Two years later, a marvellous result was obtained that the eggs were parasitized by T. chilonis in the experimental area enhancing 60.49% .apprx. 92.54% more than that of control area and the die back of Cinnamomum is 24.43% 7s 90.55% less thant that of control area. It was found that the effective protection of the new shoots is spraying the solution of 50% Cartap (1:100 0) or dusting 2% Cartap powder 37.5 kg per ha when the new shoot grows to 2 cm high.

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