Studies on the productivity of forage sorghum under the cultural different environment 2. effects of cutting times on the growth and yield of sorghum sorghum bicolor l. moench

Kim, Y.D.; Park, H.K.; Suh, S.K.; Chae, J.S.; Shin, M.G.

Research Reports of the Rural Development Administration (Suweon) 30(2 LIVEST): 60-66


Accession: 007836119

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This experiment was conducted to investigate the growth and yield of sorghum under different cutting times at Honam Crops Experiment station field in Iri. Plant height increased linearly from 60 day after seeding and regrowth plant height after first cutting reduced severely at the cutting of 90 day after seeding. Number of tillers per m2 at 75 and 90 jday after seeding were more than at the 60 day and the later first cutting, the less number of tillers per m2. Crude protein and oil contents with development of growth reduced, but NFE and crude fiber contentes increased. Maximum fresh and dry matter yield showed at 82 and 90 day after seeding, respectively, and fresh, dry matter and TDN yield were the highest at first cutting of 75 day after seeding, second cutting of regrowth 45 day and last cutting. TDN contentes were 55 and 49%, respectively, at 45 and 90 day after seeding, and it was greater at the initial stage than at the late stage when regrowth after cutting of 90 day after seeding. Cutting method was considered to suitable when first cutting of 75 day after seeding and second cutting between 45 and 60 day after first cutting for good regrowth and high yield.