Studies on tiger beetles lviii. rediscovery specific status and systematic position of cicindela parvimaculata fowler 1912 coleoptera cicindelidae

Cassola, F.

Fragmenta Entomologica 22(1): 61-66


ISSN/ISBN: 0429-288X
Accession: 007836925

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Based on recent material from central Nepal (Chitwan National Park, Terai) the species "Cicindela" parvimaculata Fowler, 1912, known so far from a single .female. of uncertain origin, is re-described, confirmed as a full valid species, and ascribed to genus Lophyra, subgenus Spilodia (nova comb.). The species is especially characterized, among the relatives of L. (S.) striolata (Illiger, 1800), by the occurrence of a penicillum on fourth joint of male antennae, and by the lack of coupling sulci in the female.