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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 7845

Chapter 7845 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Hooper, T.L.; Odom, N.J.; Fetherston, G.J.; Waterhouse, P.; Hilton, C.J.; Dark, J.H., 1988:
Successful use of left ventricular assist device for primary graft failure after heart transplantation

Odom, N.J.; Richens, D.; Glenville, B.E.; Kirk, A.J.; Hilton, C.J.; Dark, J.H., 1990:
Successful use of mechanical assist device for right ventricular failure after orthotopic heart transplantation

al-Sulaiman, M.H.; Dhar, J.M.; al-Khader, A.A., 1990:
Successful use of rifampicin in the treatment of tuberculosis in renal transplant patients immunosuppressed with cyclosporine

Shiau S Y.; Pan, B.S.; Chen, S.; Y.H.L.; Lin S L., 1988:
Successful use of soybean meal with a methionine supplement to replace fish meal in diets fed to milkfish chanos chanos forskal

Fletcher, J.L.; Perez, J.C.; Jones, D.H., 1991:
Successful use of subcutaneous recombinant human erythropoietin before cholecystectomy in an anemic patient with religious objections to transfusion therapy

Ishino, K.; Kawakami, S.; Furutani, S.; Imai, S.; Nakayama, H.; Murakami, T.; Senoo, Y.; Teramoto, S., 1991:
Successful use of the centrifugal ventricular assist device for postcardiotomy cardiogenic shock

Lonchyna, V.A.; Pifarre, R.; Sullivan, H.; Montoya, A.; Bakhos, M.; Grieco, J.; Foy, B.; Blakeman, B.; Altergott, R.; Calandra, D., 1992:
Successful use of the total artificial heart as a bridge to transplantation with no mediastinitis

Rosen, P. , 1989:
Successful whole body hyperthermia for cancer

Miller, L.W.; Wolford, T.; McBride, L.R.; Peigh, P.; Pennington, D.G., 1992:
Successful withdrawal of corticosteroids in heart transplantation

Suzuki, T.; Hori, G.; E.A., 1988:
Successfully resected lung metastasis of a male breast carcinoma

Colmenero, C.; Moñux, A.; Valencia, E.; Castro, A., 1990:
Successfully treated candida sinusitis in an AIDS patient

Vucko, M.; Krznaric, M., 1989:
Successfulness of first conceptions as an indicator of further reproductive performance of the cows

Grootjans, A.P.; Hartog, P.S.; Fresco, L.F.M.; Esselink, H., 1991:
Succession and fluctuation in a wet dune slack in relation to hydrological changes

Waringer Loeschenkohl, A., 1988:
Succession and growth of amphibia larvae in 4 small bodies of water in vienna and lower austria

Matsuda, S., 1989:
Succession and growth rates of encrusting crustose coralline algae rhodophyta cryptonemiales in the upper fore reef environment off ishigaki island ryukyu islands

Zukrigl, K., 1991:
Succession and regeneration in the natural forests in central europe

Kopetz, A.; Koehler, G., 1991:
Succession based changes in arthropod communities on lime dry meadows

Hunter, J.R., 1990 :
Succession following clear cutting in a humid lowland forest in costa rica

Hester, A.J.; Miles, J.; Gimingham, C.H., 1991:
Succession from heather moorland to birch woodland ii. growth and competition between vaccinium myrtillus deschampsia flexuosa and agrostis capillaris

Hester, A.J.; Gimingham, C.H.; Miles, J., 1991:
Succession from heather moorland to birch woodland iii. seed availability germination and early growth

Farrell, T.M., 1989:
Succession in a rocky intertidal community the importance of disturbance size and position within a disturbed patch

Blazkova, D., 1991:
Succession in abandoned mountain meadows in the stuzica nature reserve the bukovske mountains east slovakia

Schwabe, A.; Kratochwil, A.; Bammert, J., 1989:
Succession in abandoned pasture areas of the flueh forest reserve southern black forest west germany 1976 1988 with a comparative examination of statistical methods of analysis

Pysek, P.; Pysek, A., 1991:
Succession in urban habitats an analysis of phytosociological data

Mohren, G.M.J.; Van Hees, A.F.M.; Bartelink, H.H., 1991:
Succession models as an aid for forest management in mixed stands in the netherlands

Hsu C H.; Hwang S C.; Liu J K., 1992:
Succession of bacterial drug resistance as an indicator of antibiotic application in aquaculture

Kraft, M., 1991:
Succession of breeding birds in the marburg hesse germany university area lahnberge 1979 to 1987

Ward, L.K.; Jennings, R.D., 1990:
Succession of disturbed and undisturbed chalk grassland at aston rowant national nature reserve england uk details of changes in species

Ward, L.K.; Jennings, R.D., 1990:
Succession of disturbed and undisturbed chalk grassland at aston rowant national nature reserve england uk dynamics of species changes

Ponge, J.F., 1991:
Succession of fungi and fauna during decomposition of needles in a small area of scots pine litter

Fujita, H., 1989:
Succession of higher fungi in a forest of pinus densiflora

Pandey, R.R., 1990:
Succession of microfungi on leaves of psidium guajava l

Turnau, K.; Rybka, R., 1991:
Succession of microorganisms on the spoil mounds of the cracow soda factory

Termorshuizen, A.J., 1991:
Succession of mycorrhizal fungi in stands of pinus sylvestris in the netherlands

Taoda, H., 1988:
Succession of pinus thunbergii forest on coastal dunes hitotsuba coast kyushu japan

Vizer, L.S., 1991:
Succession of principal zooplankton species in lake tchany west siberia according to the salinity gradient

Hosetti, B.B., 1989:
Succession of protozoa in relation to changes in physio chemical factors and enzymes in sewage oxidation ponds

Hirata, T., 1991:
Succession of sessile organisms on experimental plates immersed in nabeta bay izu peninsula japan iii. temporal changes in community structure

Hirata, T., 1991:
Succession of sessile organisms on experimental plates immersed in nabeta bay izu peninsula japan iv. temporal changes in metabolism biomass and maturity of community

Hirata, T., 1992:
Succession of sessile organisms on experimental plates immersed in nabeta bay izu peninsula japan v. an integrated consideration on the definition and prediction of succession

Sapyehin, L.M., 1991:
Succession of sown hay of polder in the sozh river floodplain belorussian ssr ussr

Renvall, P., 1991:
Succession of wood rotting fungi and threatened decayers

Densmore, R.V., 1992:
Succession on an alaskan tundra disturbance with and without assisted revegetation with grass

Mclendon, T.; Redente, E.F., 1990:
Succession patterns following soil disturbance in a sagebrush steppe community

Marrase, C.; Duarte, C.M.; Vaque, D., 1989:
Succession patterns of phytoplankton blooms directionality and influence of algal cell size

Tkachenko, V.S., 1989:
Succession trend of phytocomplexes in the littoral belt of the black sea reserve ukrainian ssr ussr

Merino, O.; Martin, M.P.; Martin, A.; Merino, J., 1990:
Successional and temporal changes in primary productivity in two mediterranean scrub ecosystems

Phillippi, M.A.; Collins, E.I.; Bruner, J.L.; Tyrl, R.J., 1988:
Successional changes in a salix nigra salicaceae forest in south central oklahoma usa

Arts, G.H.P.; Van Der Velde, G.; Roelofs, J.G.M.; Van Swaay, C.A.M., 1990:
Successional changes in the soft water macrophyte vegetation of subatlantic sandy lowland regions during this century

Sorokina, L.E.; Zenova, G.M.; Kozhevin, P.A., 1991:
Successional changes of the taxonomic composition of actinomycetes of soddy podzolic soil

Kashiwagi, Y., 1991:
Successional development from stands of miscanthus sinensis to stands of pinus densiflora and elements of microclimates the seed germination and seedling establishment conditions of pinus densiflora

Partridge, T.R., 1992:
Successional interactions between bracken and broom on the port hills canterbury new zealand

Obot, E.A.; Mbagwu, I.G., 1988:
Successional patterns of aquatic macrophytes in jebba lake nigeria

Ben Shahar, R., 1991:
Successional patterns of woody plants in catchment areas in a semi arid region

Fujihara, M.; Toyohara, G.; Hada, Y.; Iwatsuki, Z., 1992:
Successional stages and degree of damage of secondary pine forests in hiroshima city western japan

Mojica Guzman, A.; Johansen, R.M., 1990:
Successional study of thrips insecta in lichens and mosses from five localities at the sierra madre oriental from the state of hidalgo mexico

Bezzel, E., 1990:
Successions in bird assemblages on small plots data of a 22 year study

Erdakov, L.N.; Maksimov, A.A.; Zolotarev, S.Yu, 1991:
Successions in communities of mouse like rodents in the northern baraba steppe ussr

Gamor, F.D., 1988:
Successions on old fields in the ukrainian carpathians ussr

Fuji, K.; Tanaka, K.; Mizuchi, M.; Hosoi, S., 1991:
Successive 1 4 and 1 2 additions of organometallic reagents to a chiral binaphthyl ester one step synthesis of optically active ketones

Astapovich, N.I.; Grel' M.V.; Ermolitskii, V.N.; Kondrat'eva L.V.; Golovneva, N.A., 1989:
Successive accumulation of some exohydrolases during aspergillus foetidus thom et raper and aspergillus carbonarius bainier thom growth

Langer, T.; L.C.; Echols, H.; Flanagan, J.; Hayer, M.K.; Hartl, F.U., 1992:
Successive action of dnak dnaj and groel along the pathway of chaperone mediated protein folding

Mukherjee, T.; Land, E.J.; Swallow, A.J.; Guyan, P.M.; Bruce, J.M., 1988:
Successive addition of electrons to sodium quinizarin 2 sulfonate and quinizarin 6 sulphonate in aqueous solution

Puskaric, S.; Berger, G.W.; Jorissen, F.J., 1990:
Successive appearance of subfossil phytoplankton species in holocene sediments of the northern adriatic and its relation to the increased eutrophication pressure

Aslanidis, C.; Muiznieks, I.; Schmitt, R., 1990:
Successive binding of raf repressor to adjacent raf operator sites in vitro

Levchenko, V.F.; Starobogatov, Y.I., 1990:
Successive changes and the evolution of ecosystems some issues of evolutionary ecology

Frazier, L.; Clifton, C.Jr, 1989:
Successive cyclicity in the grammar and the parser

Saito, K.; Matsuhisa, Y.; Naruse, A.; Kanehira, T., 1989:
Successive entrapping of red and yellow quinoid chalcones from aqueous extracts of dyers's saffron florets a newly established and practically approved technique

Oliver, J.E., 1988:
Successive generations of child maltreatment. The children

Minuth, W.W.; Gilbert, P.; Rudolph, U.; Spielman, W.S., 1989:
Successive histochemical differentiation steps during postnatal development of the collecting duct in rabbit kidney

White, K.G.; Alsop, B.; McLean, A.P., 1992:
Successive independence and behavioral contrast in a closed economy

Dabas, Y.P.S.; Sud, S.C., 1989:
Successive induction of lactation in cattle

Okada, I.; Matsumori, A.; Tomioka, N.; Kawai, C., 1992:
Successive infection of coxsackievirus B3 and encephalomyocarditis virus: an animal model of chronic myocarditis

Kudela, V.; Rezac, A., 1990:
Successive inoculation of lucerne plants with causal agents of bacterial and verticillium wilt

Ohya, E.; Ikeda, T., 1990:
Successive mass rearing of dacne picta crotch coleoptera erotylidae on dried shiitake mushrooms lentinus edodes henn. sing

Barton, J.R.; Shaver, D.C.; Sibai, B.M., 1992:
Successive pregnancies complicated by idiopathic sideroblastic anemia

Mitsuda, M., 1991:
Successive processing abilities and question aids as determinants of solving arithmetic word problems in mentally handicapped students

Hara, T.; Lee, J.T.; Prana, T.K.; Akamatsu, T.; Fujio, Y.; Ogata, S., 1991:
Successive protoplast transformation of bacillus subtilis by plasmid dna under low concentration of lysozyme

Pirogov, A.I.; Krasnitsky, Y.N., 1992:
Successive radiation and surgical treatment of esophageal cancer

Mosier, H.D.; Jansons, R.A., 1989:
Successive resetting of the set point for target body size

Cerni, C.; Binetruy, B.; Schiller, J.T.; Lowy, D.R.; Meneguzzi, G.; Cuzin, F., 1989:
Successive steps in the process of immortalization identified by transfer of separate bovine papillomavirus genes into rat fibroblasts

Olson, L.D.; Renshaw, C.A.; Shane, S.W.; Barile, M.F., 1991:
Successive synovial Mycoplasma hominis isolates exhibit apparent antigenic variation

Quentin, Y., 1989:
Successive waves of fixation of B1 variants in rodent lineage history

Gullans, S.R.; Kone, B.C.; Avison, M.J.; Giebisch, G., 1988:
Succinate alters respiration membrane potential and intracellular potassium in proximal tubule

Tajima, S.; Kimura, I.; Kouzai, K.; Kasai, T., 1990:
Succinate degradation through the citric acid cycle in bradyrhizobium japonicum j501 bacteroids under low oxygen concentrations

Zufarov, K.A.; Sadriddinov, A.F.; Tukhtaev, K.R., 1991:
Succinate dehydrogenase activity in hepatocyte mitochondria in experimental cholestasis

Nakashima, T.; Uemura, T.; Maehara, Y.; Sugimachi, K., 1989:
Succinate dehydrogenase inhibition test for evaluating head and neck tumors

Rustin, P.; Neuburger, M.; Douce, R., 1989:
Succinate driven reverse electron transport in plant mitochondria the effect of added nad positive and the potential role of external malate dehydrogenase

Urban, J.E.; Nelke, M., 1988:
Succinate induced swelling in a variety of rhizobia

Shugaev, A.G.; Byskrebentseva, E.I., 1988:
Succinate monopolizes the respiratory chain of mitochondria in growing sugar beet roots

Yorifuji, T.; Inagaki, N.; Shimizu, E.; Nagashima, T., 1991:
Succinate semialdehyde dehydrogenase for l arginine and putrescine degradation in brevibacterium helvolum

McNamara, B.C.; Jefcoate, C.R., 1991:
Succinate stimulation of isocitrate supported deoxycorticosterone metabolism in rat adrenal mitochondria by a synergistic mechanism

Hornez J P.; E.G.ezzar M.; Derieux J C., 1989:
Succinate transport in rhizobium meliloti characteristics and impact on symbiosis

Rumbach, L.; Cremel, G.; Marescaux, C.; Warter J M.; Waksman, A., 1989:
Succinate transport inhibition by valproate in rat renal mitochondria

Eshchenko, N.D.; Vilkova, V.A.; Zakharova, L.I., 1989:
Succinic acid metabolism under the influence of high doses of thyroxine

Moustafa, F.A., 1989:
Succinic dehydrogenase and cholinesterase activities in the skeletal muscles of the desert rat and the albino rat

Rejon, E.; Robert, D., 1988:
Succinic dehydrogenase and cytochrome c oxidase activities in the sperm cell of the fern scolopendrium vulgare

Chambliss, K.L.; Gibson, K.M., 1992:
Succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase from mammalian brain subunit analysis using polyclonal antiserum

Singh, P.; Hingorani, L.L.; Trivedi, G.K., 1990:
Succinimide esters and glycine amides of non steroidal antiinflammatory drugs

Stephenson, R.C.; Clarke, S., 1989:
Succinimide formation from aspartyl and asparaginyl peptides as a model for the spontaneous degradation of proteins

Roth, K.S.; Carter, B.E.; Higgins, E.S., 1991:
Succinylacetone effects on renal tubular phosphate metabolism: a model for experimental renal Fanconi syndrome

Slinkin, M.A.; Klibanov, A.L.; Khaw, B.A.; Torchilin, V.P., 1990:
Succinylated polylysine as a possible link between an antibody molecule and deferoxamine

Pineiro, M.; Hernandez, F.; Palacian, E., 1992:
Succinylation of histone amino groups facilitates transcription of nucleosomal cores

Barrington, K.J.; Finer, N.N.; Etches, P.C., 1989 :
Succinylcholine and atropine for premedication of the newborn infant before nasotracheal intubation: a randomized, controlled trial

Manninen, P.H.; Mahendran, B.; Gelb, A.W.; Merchant, R.N., 1990:
Succinylcholine does not increase serum potassium levels in patients with acutely ruptured cerebral aneurysms

Kaise, A.; Weinmann, G.G.; Levitt, R.C.; Hirshman, C.A., 1990:
Succinylcholine potentiates responses to intravenous acetylcholine in the canine lung periphery

Lotti, T.; Mirone, V.; Imbimbo, C.; Mastrantoni, M., 1989:
Succinylnorfloxacin in urinary tract infections

Ignatiev, I.A.; Meyen, S.V., 1989:
Suchoviella new genus from the permian of angaraland ussr and a review of the systematics of cordaitanthales

Koteja, J., 1988:
Sucinikermes kulickae new genus new species homoptera coccinea from baltic amber

Pandya, B.N.; Patel, R.; Kothari, I.L., 1990:
Sucker control in tobacco by fatty alcohol

Wassmann, R., 1990:
Sucking as a drinking method in the golden oriole oriolus oriolus

Choi, B.H.; Kleinheinz, J.; Joos, U.; Komposch, G., 1991:
Sucking efficiency of early orthopedic plate and teats in infants with cleft lip and palate

Quiroga, D.; Arretz, P.; Araya, J.E., 1991:
Sucking insects damaging jojoba simmondsia chinensis link schneider and their natural enemies in the north central and central regions of chile

Hoy, S.; Puppe, B.; Tober, O.; Lindemann, R.; Wolf, P., 1991:
Sucking order of piglets effects on live weight development and morbidity from birth to slaughter

Mathew, O.P.; Belan, M.; Thoppil, C.K., 1992:
Sucking patterns of neonates during bottle feeding: comparison of different nipple units

Gomendio, M., 1989:
Suckling behavior and fertility in rhesus macaques macaca mulatta

Hughes, P.M.; Speakman, J.R.; Jones, G.; Racey, P.A., 1989:
Suckling behavior in the pipistrelle bat pipistrellus pipistrellus

Tanida, H.; Saito, T.; Tanaka, T.; Yoshimoto, T., 1992:
Suckling behavior of piglets in a family pen system

Cronin, G.M.; Smith, J.A., 1992:
Suckling behaviour of sows in farrowing crates and straw bedded pens

Zalesky, D.D.; Forrest, D.W.; Mcarthur, N.H.; Wilson, J.M.; Morris, D.L.; Harms, P.G., 1990:
Suckling inhibits release of lhrh from the bovine median eminence following ovariectomy

Diaz, A.M.O.; Dellepiane, N.; Palomo, L.F., 1989:
Suckling mouse brain rabies vaccine antigenic composition and immunogenic capacity

Hill, J.B.; Ramsdell, J.S.; Frawley, L.S., 1992:
Suckling reverses mammotrope responsiveness to TRH

Ishihara, Y.; Seo, H.; Suganuma, N.; Oguri, H.; Chihara, K.; Matsui, N.; Tomoda, Y., 1991:
Suckling stimulates the expression of vasoactive intestinal polypeptide gene in rats

Garland, M.; Svare, B., 1988:
Suckling stimulation modulates the maintenance of postpartum aggression in mice

Del Favero, G.; Meggiato, T.; Scalon, P.; Basso, D.; Battaglia, G.; Vianello, F.; Pilotto, A.; Caroli, A.; D.M.rio F., 1992:
Sucralfate and cisapride in the treatment of duodenogastric reflux and dyspepsia a randomized study

Van Bijsterveld, O.P.; Van Hemel, O.L.H., 1992:
Sucralfate and sodium sucrose sulphate in the treatment of superficial corneal disease in keratoconjunctivitis sicca

Moss, S.F.; Thomas, D.M.; Ayesu, K.; Levi, S.; Calam, J.C., 1992:
Sucralfate diminishes basal acid output without affecting gastrin helicobacter pylori or gastritis in duodenal ulcer patients

D.M.rio F.; Dotto, P.; Battaglia, G.; Grassi, S.A.; Germana, B.; Vianello, F., 1992:
Sucralfate for preventing gastric ulcer relapse a controlled prospective study

Mandelli, C.; Bodini, P.; Conte, D.; Cesana, M.; Brunelli, L.; Fraquelli, M.; Penagini, R.; Bianchi, P.A., 1990:
Sucralfate gel versus sucralfate granules in the treatment of upper gastrointestinal lesions a randomized controlled study

Cohen, M.M.; Bowdler, R.; Gervais, P.; Morris, G.P.; Wang, H.R., 1989:
Sucralfate protection of human gastric mucosa against acute ethanol injury

Parpia, S.H.; Nix, D.E.; Hejmanowski, L.G.; Goldstein, H.R.; Wilton, J.H.; Schentag, J.J., 1989:
Sucralfate reduces the gastrointestinal absorption of norfloxacin

Zargar, S.A.; Khuroo, M.S.; Mahajan, R., 1991:
Sucralfate retention enemas in solitary rectal ulcer

Garrelts, J.C.; Godley, P.J.; Peterie, J.D.; Gerlach, E.H.; Yakshe, C.C., 1990:
Sucralfate significantly reduces ciprofloxacin concentrations in serum

Brailski Kh; Mendizova, A.; Matov, V.; Dimitrov, B., 1991:
Sucralfate therapy of peptic ulcer

Herrera, J.L.; Shay, S.S.; McCabe, M.; Peura, D.A.; Johnson, L.F., 1990:
Sucralfate used as adjunctive therapy in patients with severe erosive peptic esophagitis resulting from gastroesophageal reflux

Tryba, M., 1991:
Sucralfate versus antacids or h 2 antagonists for stress ulcer prophylaxis a meta analysis of efficacy and pneumonia rate

Karjalainen, S.; Hannula, P., 1990:
Sucrase activity in relation to other salivary factors and DMFS values of dental students

Chel'tsova L.P., 1988:
Sucrose accumulation by cereal mitochondria

Gans, D.A.; Harper, A.E.; Bachorowski, J.A.; Newman, J.P.; Shrago, E.S.; Taylor, S.L., 1990:
Sucrose and delinquency: oral sucrose tolerance test and nutritional assessment

Hamilton, D.A.; Davis, P.J., 1988:
Sucrose and malic acid as the compounds exported to the apical bud of pea following carbon 14 carbon dioxide labelling of the fruit no evidence for a senescence factor

Salyaev, R.K.; Katkov, B.B., 1988:
Sucrose and proton symport and antiport the rough plasmalemma and tonoplast as a universal principle of the functioning of a carrier associated with its protonation and deprotonation

Beech, S.A.; Elliott, R.; Batterham, E.S., 1991:
Sucrose as an energy source for growing pigs a comparison of the effects of sucrose starch and glucose on energy and protein retention

Beech, S.A.; Elliott, R.; Batterham, E.S., 1990:
Sucrose as an energy source for growing pigs digestible energy content and energy utilization

Beech, S.A.; Elliott, R.; Batterham, E.S., 1991:
Sucrose as an energy source for growing pigs energy utilization for protein deposition

Brugger, K.E.; Nelms, C.O., 1991:
Sucrose avoidance by american robins turdus migratorius implications for control of bird damage in fruit crops

Badel, A.; Descotes, G.; Mentech, J., 1990:
Sucrose chemistry vii. periodate oxidation of sucrose derivatives

Koutsilieris, M.; Grondin, F.; Carmel, M.; Elhilali, M.; Lehoux, J.G., 1989:
Sucrose density gradient and exchange high performance liquid chromatography characteristics of rat prostate androgen receptor forms

Walters, F.S.; Mullin, C.A., 1988:
Sucrose dependent increase in oligosaccharide production and associated glycosidase activities in the potato aphid macrosiphum euphorbiae thomas

Slone, J.H.; Buckhout, T.J., 1991:
Sucrose dependent proton transport in plasma membrane vesicles isolated from sugar beet leaves beta vulgaris l. evidence in support of the proton symport model for sucrose transport

Ikeda, M.; Choi, W.K.; Yamada, Y., 1991:
Sucrose fatty acid esters enhance efficiency of foliar applied urea nitrogen to soybeans

Sato, N.; Shimizu, H.; Shimomura, Y.; Uehara, Y.; Takahashi, M.; Negishi, M., 1991:
Sucrose feeding at weaning alters the preference for sucrose in adolescence

Rupp, H.; Elimban, V.; Dhalla, N.S., 1988:
Sucrose feeding prevents changes in myosin isoenzymes and sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium pump atpase in pressure loaded rat heart

Muralidhara, D.V.; Shetty, P.S., 1990:
Sucrose feeding stimulates basal metabolism and nonshivering thermogenesis in undernourished rats

Thompson, J.; Nguyen, N.Y.; Robrish, S.A., 1992:
Sucrose fermentation by Fusobacterium mortiferum ATCC 25557: transport, catabolism, and products

Basra, A.S.; Sarlach, R.S.; Nayyar, H.; Malik, C.P., 1990:
Sucrose hydrolysis in relation to development of cotton gossypium spp fibers

Ferreira, V.F.; Nakamura, T.; Nakamura, L.M.K.; Ferreira, C.M., 1990:
Sucrose hydrolysis without external acid catalyst

Hattori, T.; Fukumoto, H.; Nakagawa, S.; Nakamura, K., 1991:
Sucrose induced expression of genes coding for the tuberous root storage protein sporamin of sweet potato in leaves and petioles

Kotowski, J.; Tien, H.T., 1989:
Sucrose influence on lecithin and polypyrrole lecithin bilayer membranes

Carroll, A.L.; Quiring, D.T., 1992:
Sucrose ingestion by zeiraphera canadensis mut and free. lepidoptera tortricidae increases longevity and lifetime fecundity but not oviposition rate

Lejeune, P.; Bernier, G.; Kinet J M., 1991:
Sucrose levels in leaf exudate as a function of floral induction in the long day plant sinapis alba

Mahajan, R.; Singh, R., 1990:
Sucrose metabolism in developing endosperm of immature wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) grain

Nandakumar, S., 1989:
Sucrose metabolism in orobanche and cuscuta

Preziosi, L.; Michel, G.P.F.; Baratti, J., 1990:
Sucrose metabolism in zymomonas mobilis production and localization of sucrase and levansucrase activities

Tetlow, I.J.; Farrar, J.F., 1992:
Sucrose metabolizing enzymes from leaves of barley infected with brown rust puccinia hordei otth

Gannon, K.S.; Whitney, G., 1989:
Sucrose octaacetate tasting in a heterogeneous population of CFW mice

Colquhoun, I.J.; Haines, A.H.; Konowicz, P.A.; Jones, H.F., 1990:
Sucrose octabenzoate assignment of carbon 13 and proton resonances of the sucrose moiety and the carbon 13 resonances of the carbonyl carbons use of carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy for the study of selective deacylation

Salerno, G.L.; Crespi, M.D.; Zabaleta, E.J.; Pontis, H.G., 1991:
Sucrose phosphate synthase from wheat characterization of peptides by immunoblotting analysis

Poisson, D.M.; Rakotondrazaka, M.; Thual, M.C.; Canon, N., 1988:
Sucrose positive salmonella agona problems with its isolation and identification

Andreev, I.M.; Koren'kov V.D.; Orlova, M.S., 1990:
Sucrose proton antiport across the tonoplast and possible role of vacuolar proton atpase in the turgor related control of sucrose transport in sugar beet root cells

Cooper, S.J.; Rusk, I.N.; Barber, D.J., 1989:
Sucrose sham feeding in the rat after administration of the selective dopamine d 2 receptor agonist n 0437 dextro amphetamine or cocaine

Khalili, H.; Huhtanen, P., 1991:
Sucrose supplements in cattle given grass silage based diet 1. digestion of organic matter and nitrogen

Khalili, H.; Huhtanen, P., 1991:
Sucrose supplements in cattle given grass silage based diet 2. digestion of cell wall carbohydrates

Huhtanen, P.; Khalili, H., 1991:
Sucrose supplements in cattle given grass silage based diet 3. rumen pool size and digestion kinetics

Keller, F.; Frehner, M.; Wiemken, A., 1988:
Sucrose Synthase, a Cytosolic Enzyme in Protoplasts of Jerusalem Artichoke Tubers (Helianthus tuberosus L.)

Ackroff, K.; Sclafani, A., 1991:
Sucrose to polycose preference shifts in rats: the role of taste, osmolality and the fructose moiety

Cardemil, L.; Lozada, R.; Cortes, M., 1990:
Sucrose uptake and anatomical studies in relation with sucrose uptake of araucaria araucana cotyledons

Sakr, S.; Delrot, S.; Lemoine, R., 1992:
Sucrose uptake by plasma membrane vesicles purified from sugar beet beta vulgaris l. leaves submitted to ageing

Salzer, P.; Hager, A., 1991:
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Sudden Death During Basketball Games

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Suggestion of the tube tympanography

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Suitability of flexible packaging materials for storage of pickled quail eggs

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Suitability of the shaking flask for oxygen supply to microbiological cultures

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Suitable approach perches affect female phonotaxis in an arboreal frog

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Suitable form and level of phosphorus for mass production of the va mycorrhizal fungus glomus fasciculatum

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Suitable methods for the detection of virus diseases in the selection of the grapevine vitis vinifera l

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Suitable source and level of nitrogen for mass production of the va mycorrhizal fungus glomus fasciculatum

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