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Synthesis of some coumarin derivatives and their antimicrobial activity

Hishmat, O.H.; Miky, J.A.A.; Farrag, A.A.; Fadl Allah, E.M.

Archives of Pharmacal Research 12(3): 181-185


ISSN/ISBN: 0253-6269
DOI: 10.1007/bf02855551
Accession: 007859916

When 3-acetyl coumarin derivatives are treated with bromine, 3-(w-bromoacetyl) coumarin derivatives are obtained. The reaction of 3-(w-bromacetyl) coumarin derivatives with thiourea or with amines for two hours leads to the formation of 2-Amino-4-(3-coumarinyl) thiazole or 3-(w-aminoacetyl) coumarin derivatives, respectively. While 3-(w-bromoacetyl) coumarin derivatives react with amines for 5-8 hours to yield imino derivatives of 3-(w-aminoacetyl) coumarin. The antimicrobial activity of Ia-b, IIa-c, IVc-f, IVh and Vc,f,h,k,m, and q was studied.

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