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The abundance of spring spawning baltic herring larvae in the seas around finland in 1982 and 1983 zooplankton abundance and the herring year class strength

Parmanne, R.; Sjoblom, V.

Finnish Fisheries Research 7: 1-11


Accession: 007870335

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In May-August 1982 and 1983, weekly samples were taken with the modified Gulf V samplet at seven permanent field stations. In both years the greatest abundance of herring larvae was recorded in the Archipelago Sea (ICES subdivision 29, Kustavi) and the lowest abundance in the Bothnian Bay (31, Kalajoki). In all assessment units off the coast of Finland there is a statistically significant positive correlation between the abundance of copepod nauplii in June and the amount of 0-year-old herring. Thus the first estimate of the herring year class strength in the Northern Baltic Sea can be made on the basis of the copepod nauplii abundance in June.

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