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The effect of some agrotechnical factors on the yield of lucerne and on the productivity of a fodder rotation part ii. selected qualitative features of the yields of lucerne and its mixtures with awnless brome grass

Stupnicka-Rodzynkiewicz, E.; Labza, T.; Scigalska, B.; Kiec, J.; Kozlowska, A.

Acta Agraria et Silvestria Series Agraria 28: 177-188


Accession: 007892273

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The authors investigated the contents of total protein, crude fibre, nitrogen-less extract, and ash, as well as those of potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus in lucerne, awnless brome grass, and weeds occurring in the crops. The separate components of the fodder differed by their chemical composition, and their proportion in the whole harvested yield affected the qualitative features of the fodder. The experimental factors: the date of harvest of the cover plant, the method of growing lucerne, and the level of nitrogen fertilization - did not directly affect the qualitative features of the yields. This effect was only indirect, over a differentiation of the proportion of weeds in the separate objects. The smallest proportion of weeds was found in the fodder from variants fertilized by 60 kg N per ha.

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