The effect of zeolite on the resorption and utilization of synthetic amino acids by the organisms of norway rats

Karlubik, M.; Paska, I.; Michalik, I.

Biologizace a Chemizace Zivocisne Vyroby - Veterinaria 25(2): 179-185


Accession: 007893873

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SPF Norway rats were subjects to metabolic trials to study the effect of zeolite on the resportion and utilization of synthetic amino acids contained in the feed ration. Low- and high-protein diets were tested, and 2% zeolite and the synthetic amino acids lysine, methionine and cysteine were added to the feed. The zeolite supplement had a positive influence on the utilization of the added amino acids. The weight gains increased, feed consumption per 1 g of weight gain decreased, and the effectiveness of feed conversion improved. Larger differences in these traits were recorded in the group where lysine was added to the low-protein feed.