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The effects of soil mixtures nitrogen levels and ectomycorrhizal inoculation on formation of mycorrhizae and growth of two year old black pine seedlings

O.K.I.; Park, W.S.

Journal of Korean Forestry Society 79(3): 309-315


Accession: 007897357

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This study was carried out to observe the effects of two soil mixtures, various nitrogen levels, and inoculation with mycorrhizal fungi on the growth of 1-year-old Pinus thunbergii seedlings in pots. The seedlings were treated with various combinations of above factors and grown one more year in pots. 1. Number of short roots, mycorrhizal short roots, height growth, and total dry weight were higher in vermiculite than in sandy loam. 2. 2-year-old P. thunbergii seedlings inoculated with Pisolithus tinctorius mycorrhizal fungi showed significant increase in primary lateral roots, short roots, and total dry weight than those of uninoculated seedlings. The growth of 2-year-old P. thunbergii seedlings was affected by infection with mycorrhizal fungi and nitrogen fertilization of previous year.

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