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The genus xiphinema in south africa xxi. description of xiphinema pongolense new species and a parthenogenetic population of xiphinema clavatum heyns 1965 nematoda dorylaimida

Hutsebaut, M.

Phytophylactica 21(4): 343-352


Accession: 007903699

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A parthenogenetic population of X. clavatum Heyns, 1965 is described from Leisure Bay, Natal, the morphometrics of which differ slightly from that of the type population. Uterine spines and a pseudo-Z-organ were observed in the new population and re-examinaton of the type material confirmed the presence of these structures in X. clavatum. Two populations of X. pongolense sp. n. are described frm northern Natal. The new species is close to X. umobae Heyns and Spaull, 1979, but differs in body length, odontostyle length, c' ratio and tail shape, and the presence of uterine spines. New data and distribution records are presented for X. umobae, with the first record from Transvaal.

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