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The incompatibility of ice core carbon dioxide data with reconstructions of biotic carbon dioxide sources ii. the influence of carbon dioxide fertilised growth

Enting, I.G.

Tellus Series B Chemical and Physical Meteorology 44(1): 23-32


ISSN/ISBN: 0280-6509
Accession: 007907850

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The compatibility of ice-core CO2 data with direct estimates of biotic CO2 release is tested using a response function analysis that, apart from stationarity, leaves the oceanic uptake of CO2 largely unconstrained. The role of CO2-enhanced growth (which had not been considered in an earlier study of this type) is examined explicity. It is found that allowing for CO2-enhanced growth increases the discrepancy between the source estimates and the ice-core data. The proposed explanation is that some of the early increase in CO2 concentrations reflects a recovery from a perturbation associated with the litte ice-age.

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