Section 8
Chapter 7,909

The influence of 17 beta estradiol 17 beta acetate on adenylyl cyclase activity and aminoacyl transfer rna synthetase phosphatase activity in ovariectomized nmri mice

Berg, B.H.

Biochemistry International 24(3): 527-534


ISSN/ISBN: 0158-5231
Accession: 007908177

Adenylyl cyclase activity in the uterus of ovariectomized NMRI mice showed an increase of 87% four minutes after intraperitoneal administration of 17-.beta.-estradiol 17-.beta.-acetate in water solution, while in the liver of the same animals activity had decreased by 57%. At the same time, the activity of the 51 kDa form of the aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase phosphatase in the uterus showed an increase of 400%, while in the liver a decrease of 60% was observed. Sixty minutes after hormone injection the adenylyl cyclase activities showed no difference from controls.

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