The influence of soil oxygen availability on soybean yield and nutrient uptake part ii. the content and uptake of nitrogen phosphorus potassium calcium magnesium and sodium

Stepniewski, W.; Przywara, G.

Polish Journal of Soil Science 23(1): 11-16


ISSN/ISBN: 0079-2985
Accession: 007910560

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The aim of the present paper was to establish the influence of the oxygen stresses lasting for 2 weeks, and applied during three different development stages of soybean (cv. Progres) on the contents and uptake to N, P, K, Ca, Mg and Na during the stage of full ripeness. A decrease of Mg content in the soybean vegetative parts at the ODR below 15 .mu.g m-2 s-1, a decrease of N, K, Ca, and Mg uptake at the ODR below 20 .mu.g m-2 s-1, as well as a decrease of the phosphorus uptake at the ODR below 35 .mu.g m-2 s-1 was found.