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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 7924

Chapter 7924 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Gurney, W.S.C.; Mccauley, E.; Nisbet, R.M.; Murdoch, W.W., 1990:
The physiological ecology of daphnia a dynamic model of growth and reproduction

Mccauley, E.; Murdoch, W.W.; Nisbet, R.M.; Gurney, W.S.C., 1990:
The physiological ecology of daphnia development of a model of growth and reproduction

Gainey, L.F.Jr; Shumway, S.E., 1991:
The physiological effect of aureococcus anophagefferens brown tide on the lateral cilia of bivalve mollusks

Gan F Y.; Zheng G Z.; Wang S L.; Zhou L G.; X.C., 1992:
The physiological effects of elicitor ginseng oligosaccharides on cell culture of carthamus tinctorius

Richter, A.; Popp, M., 1992:
The physiological importance of accumulation of cyclitols in viscum album l

Tanaka, K.; Inomata, Y.; Kawase, S.; Sekimoto, Y.; Nagamura, K.; Kawakami, C., 1992:
The physiological mechanism of watercore in japanese pear pyrus pyrifolia var culta nakai and its prevention by calcium edta

Burdin, K.S.; Krupina, M.V.; Savel'ev I.B., 1990:
The physiological mechanisms of heavy metal accumulation in sea macroalgae

Sun L T.; Chen G R.; Chang C F., 1992:
The physiological responses of tilapia exposed to low temperatures

Atzorn, R.; Bopp, M.; Merdes, U., 1989:
The physiological role of iaa in the moss funaria hygrometrica hedw. ii. mutants of funaria hygrometrica which exhibit enhanced catabolism of iaa

Truptko, S.M.; Garagulya, A.D.; Kiprianova, E.A.; Akimenko, V.K., 1989:
The physiological role of phenazine pigments synthesized by the bacterium pseudomonas aureofaciens

Trutko, S.M.; Garagulya, A.D.; Kiprianova, E.A.; Akimenko, V.K., 1988:
The physiological role of pyocyanine synthesized by pseudomonas aeruginosa

Kocsard Varo, G., 1991:
The physiological role of the pineal gland as the masterswitch of life turning on at birth breathing and geared to it the function of the autonomic nervous system the cause of sids examined in this context

Tereshina, V.M.; Mikhailova, M.V.; Feofilova, E.P., 1991:
The physiological role of trehalose and an antioxidant in cunninghamella japonica during high temperature stress

Figueiredo Ribeiro, R.C.L.; Isejima, E.M.; Dias Tagliacozzo, G.M.; Carvalho, M.A.M.; Dietrich, S.M.C., 1991:
The physiological significance of fructan accumulation in asteraceae from the cerrado

Guenther, J.E.; Melis, A., 1990:
The physiological significance of photosystem II heterogeneity in chloroplasts

Matsumoto, A.M.; Gross, K.M.; Bremner, W.J., 1991:
The physiological significance of pulsatile lhrh secretion in man gonadotropin responses to physiological doses of pulsatile versus continuous lhrh administration

Hino, S., 1992:
The physiological state of the phytoplankton community of three types of lakes as estimated by its adenylate energy charge

Lou, H.; Kato, T., 1988:
The physiological study on the quality of seedlings in eggplant 1. effects of daylength and light intensity

Pasda, G.; Diepenbrock, W., 1991:
The physiological yield analysis of sunflower helianthus annuus l. part iii. agricultural factors and crop production

Underhill, S.J.R.; Critchley, C., 1992:
The physiology and anatomy of lychee litchi chinensis sonn. pericarp during fruit development

Cresswell, A.; Gordon, A.J.; Mytton, L.R., 1992:
The physiology and biochemistry of cultivar strain interactions in the white clover rhizobium symbiosis

Hekman, W.E.; Van Den Boogert, P.J.H.F.; Zwart, K.B., 1992:
The physiology and ecology of a novel obligate mycophagous flagellate

Morton, B., 1990:
The physiology and feeding behavior of two marine scavenging gastropods in hong kong the subtidal babylonia lutosa lamarck and the intertidal nassarius festivus powys

James, E.K.; Minchin, F.R.; Sprent, J.I., 1992:
The physiology and nitrogen fixing capability of aquatically and terrestrially grown neptunia plena the importance of nodule oxygen supply

Naitoh, T.; Wassersug, R.J.; Leslie, R.A., 1989:
The physiology morphology and ontogeny of emetic behavior in anuran amphibians

Artim, J.; Bridgeman, B., 1989:
The physiology of attention participation of cat striate cortex in behavioral choice

Witt, W.; Mauk, C.S.; Yelenosky, G.; Bausher, M.G.; Mayer, R.T., 1988 :
The physiology of cold hardiness in citrus genotypes effect of cold hardening temperatures and plant growth regulators on glycoprotein and isoenzyme profiles

Mauk, C.S.; Witt, W.; Yelenosky, G.; Bausher, M.G.; Mayer, R.T., 1989:
The physiology of cold hardiness in citrus genotypes response of protein metabolism to cold hardening temperatures and exogenously applied growth regulators

Handwerger, S.; Richards, R.G.; Markoff, E., 1992:
The physiology of decidual prolactin and other decidual protein hormones

Major, N.C.; Bull, A.T., 1989:
The physiology of lactate production by Lactobacillus delbreuckii in a chemostat with cell recycle

Clarke, A.; Peck, L.S., 1991:
The physiology of polar marine zooplankton

Berdichevskaya, M.V., 1989:
The physiology of rhodococcus strains from oil wells

A.N.ami J.H.; Saggar, R.A.M.; Abbas, M.F., 1992:
The physiology of ripening of jujube fruit zizyphus spina christi l wild

Zalutsky, R.A.; Miller, R.F., 1990:
The physiology of somatostatin in the rabbit retina

Zinaman, M.; Drobnis, E.Z.; Morales, P.; Brazil, C.; Kiel, M.; Cross, N.L.; Hanson, F.W.; Overstreet, J.W., 1989:
The physiology of sperm recovered from the human cervix: acrosomal status and response to inducers of the acrosome reaction

Zalutsky, R.A.; Miller, R.F., 1990:
The physiology of substance P in the rabbit retina

Shelton, G.; Jones, D.R., 1991:
The physiology of the alligator heart the cardiac cycle

Myren, C.J.; Einer Jensen, N.; Bennett, P., 1989:
The physiology of the testes in the goettingen mini pig

Akhmedova, F.R.; Tereshina, V.M.; Loginova, L.G.; Khovrychev, M.P., 1989:
The physiology of thermus ruber

Florczyk, I.; Latala, A., 1989:
The phytobenthos of the hornsund fiord southwestern spitsbergen norway

Muller, S., 1991:
The phytocenosis with botrychium matricariifolium retz a. br. in the bitcherland northern vosges france application to conservatory management of this species

Park M H.; Chae, Q., 1992:
The phytochrome mediated protein dephosphorylation of the phosphoproteins in oat cells

Birse, E.L., 1988:
The phytocoenonia of gairloch northwest scotland uk

Zemanek, B., 1991:
The phytogeographical division of the polish east carpathians

Zemanek, B., 1989:
The phytogeographical features of the bieszczady niskie mountains and otryt range polish eastern carpathians

Morrison, D.A., 1988:
The phytogeography ecology and conservation status of lechenaultia r.br. goodeniaceae

Argus, G.W., 1992:
The phytogeography of rare vascular plants in ontario and its bearing on plant conservation

Paton, A., 1990:
The phytogeography of scutellaria l

Singer, R., 1988:
The phytogeography of the boletineae basidiomycetes agaricales based on mexican species

Popova, L., 1989:
The phytohormonal properties of jasmonic acid

A.Hilli, M.R., 1988:
The phytomass of submerged communities of the ahwar region southern iraq

Abdul Hussein, M.M.; Mason, C.F., 1988:
The phytoplankton community of an eutrophic reservoir

Revelante, N.; Gilmartin, M., 1991:
The phytoplankton composition and population enrichment in gelatinous macroaggregates in the northern adriatic during the summer of 1989

Andreoli, C.; Tolomio, C., 1988:
The phytoplankton in a fishing valley valle doga of the venice lagoon italy during the period from may 1984 to april 1985

Tolomio, C., 1988:
The phytoplankton in valle di brenta lagoon of venice italy seasonal researches march 1980 march 1982

Endler, Z., 1991:
The phytosociological characterization of spruce associations in puszcza borecka

Kaya, Y., 1991:
The phytosociological investigation of weeds in the wheat fields at pasinler plain and its surroundings

Mooney, E.P.; O'connell M., 1990:
The phytosociology and ecology of the aquatic and wetland plant communities of the lower corrib basin county galway ireland

Bredenkamp, G.J.; Bezuidenhout, H., 1990:
The phytosociology of the faan meintjes nature reserve in the western transvaal grassland south africa

Matthews, W.S.; Bredenkamp, G.J.; Van Rooyen, N., 1992:
The phytosociology of the high altitude hygrophilous vegetation regions of the northeastern mountain sourveld in the transvaal south africa

Kauss, H.; Waldmann, T.; Jeblick, W.; Takemoto, J.Y., 1991:
The phytotoxin syringomycin elicits calcium dependent callose synthesis in suspension cultured cells of catharanthus roseus

Stierle, A.A.; Upadhyay, R.; Hershenhorn, J.; Strobel, G.A.; Molina, G., 1991:
The phytotoxins of mycosphaerella fijiensis the causative agent of black sigatoka disease of bananas and plantains

Raub, M.F.; Cardellina, J.H.II.; Spande, T.F., 1992:
The piclavines antimicrobial indolizidines from the tunicate clavelina picta

Andreoli, C.; Scarabel, L.; Spini, S.; Grassi, C., 1992:
The picoplankton in antarctic lakes of northern victoria land during summer 1989 1990

Liu, J.; Nakagawa, M.; Ogata, K.; Hino, T., 1991:
The pictet spengler reaction of n b hydroxytryptamines and cysteinals ii. temperature effects stereochemistry and mechanism

Mamtseva, V.N., 1989:
The picture of nonepileptic attacks in depressive children

Khachatryan, S.A.; Atadzhanyan, E.M.; Eritsyan, R.A.; Kazaryan, A.A., 1989:
The picture of the peripheral blood and leukocyte phagocytic activity in rats under hyperbaric conditions

Mello, C.C.; Draper, B.W.; Krause, M.; Weintraub, H.; Priess, J.R., 1992:
The pie 1 and mex 1 genes and maternal control of blastomere identity in early caenorhabditis elegans embryos

Schubert, J.; Uciechowski, P.; Delany, P.; Schmidt, R.E., 1990:
The pig anchoring defect on lymphocyte subpopulations in paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria

Hendrick, D.A.; Smith, A.C.; Kratz, J.M.; Crawford, F.A.; Spinale, F.G., 1990:
The pig as a model of tachycardia and dilated cardiomyopathy

Fan, P.C.; Chung, W.C.; Lin, C.Y.; Wu, C.C., 1990:
The pig as an intermediate host for Taiwan Taenia infection

Nalbach, H.O.; Wolf-Oberhollenzer, F.; Kirschfeld, K., 1990:
The pigeon's eye viewed through an ophthalmoscopic microscope orientation of retinal landmarks and significance of eye movements

Dudeja, S.S.; Khurana, A.L., 1989:
The pigeonpea rhizobium symbiosis as affected by high root temperature effect on nodule formation

Wilhelm, C.; Mueller, A.M.; Borstelmann, B.; Schnetter, R., 1991:
The pigment composition of chlorarachnion reptans and of cryptochlora perforans chlorarachniophyta

Rao, R.K.; Riehm, J.P., 1989 :
The pigment dispersing hormone family chemistry structure activity relations and distribution

Goericke, R.; Repeta, D.J., 1992:
The pigments of prochlorococcus marinus the presence of divinylchlorophyll a and b in a marine procaryote

Banerjee, T.C., 1987:
The pilani trap its efficacy with the rothamsted trap for capturing insects in the field

Le, M.G., 1990:
The pill and breast cancer: review of the methodology of epidemiological studies and discussion of several recent publications

Spector, T.D.; Roman, E.; Silman, A.J., 1990:
The pill parity and rheumatoid arthritis

Wilkens, H.; Muenster, W., 1988:
The pillars of rumen in domestic cattle sheep and goats

Sorg, M.; Krueger, K.; Schattenkrichner, M., 1989:
The pincer nail syndrome differential diagnosis of finger and toe nails and involvement of distal interphalangeal joints

Iwuagwu, C.J., 1990:
The pindiga formation nigeria a deepening upward sequence

Mostert, K.; Van Den Berg, J., 1990:
The pine vole pitymys subterraneus on zuid beveland and walcheren netherlands province of zeeland

Cassone, V.M., 1992:
The pineal gland influences rat circadian activity rhythms in constant light

Behrmann, G., 1990:
The pineal organ epiphysis cerebri of the harbor porpoise phocoena phocoena linne 1758

Korf, H.W.; Wicht, H., 1991:
The pineal organ of vertebrates a model for studies of receptor and effector mechanisms in neuronal systems

Cosenza, R.M.; Sousa Neto, J.A.; Machado, A.B., 1990:
The pineal recess of the opossum: a scanning and transmission electron microscope study

Williams, C.E., 1990:
The pines of virginia usa identification distribution and ecology

Manning, R.B.; Felder, D.L., 1989:
The pinnixa cristata complex in the western atlantic with a description of two new species crustacea decapoda pinnotheridae

Okitsu, S., 1991:
The pinus pumila zone during the last glacial age in japan reconstructed from present growth and distribution of pinus pumila

Bernhardt K G., 1990:
The pioneer vegetation of the banks of dredged sand pits in northwestern germany

Cornell, D.G.; Wilson, L.A., 1992:
The PIQ greater than VIQ discrepancy in violent and nonviolent delinquents

Velazquez, D.C.stro Conzalez, A.J.; Alonzo Zarazaga, M.A.; Gurrea Sanz, P., 1989:
The pirapion of sistema central central spain

Annelin, R.B.; Frye, C.L., 1989:
The piscine bioconcentration characteristics of cyclic and linear oligomeric permethylsiloxanes

Kemmerer, E.C.; Wu, R., 1990 :
The Pisum sativum mitochondrial gene encoding cytochrome oxidase subunit I has an unusual transcription pattern

Sarbhoy, R.K.; Sharma, A.; Singh, R.M., 1991:
The pisum test an alternative in environmental studies the relative toxicity of pesticides

Heap, M.A., 1988:
The pit light a new trap for soil dwelling insects

Rodgers, W.A.; Gupta, S., 1989:
The pitcher plant nepenthes khasiana hk.f. sanctuary of jaintia hills meghalaya india lessons for conservation

Higashi, Y.; Kita, Y.; Kuze, M.; Takeda, T.; Takeuchi, H.; Yoshida, O., 1991:
The pitfall of ESWL

Mansell, M.W., 1988:
The pitfall trap of the australian ant lion callistoleon illustris gerstaecker neuroptera myrmeleontidae an evolutionary advance

Stosic Bogdanovic, N.; Gledic, D.; Radovanovic, A., 1990:
The pituitary cells of infantile rats after thyroxine treatment

Scheithauer, B.W.; Kovacs, K.T.; Young, W.F.Jr; Randall, R.V., 1992:
The pituitary gland in hyperthyroidism

Scheithauer, B.W.; Sano, T.; Kovacs, K.T.; Young, W.F.Jr; Ryan, N.; Randall, R.V., 1990:
The pituitary gland in pregnancy a clinicopathologic and immunohistochemical study of 69 cases

Ingleton, P.M.; Rodgers, G.R.; Faulkner, M.; Parsons, M.A., 1992:
The pituitary in cirrhosis ultrastructure growth hormone and prolactin concentrations

Cotrozzi, G.; Relli, P.; Strazzulla, G.; Guazzelli, R.; Buzzelli, G., 1988:
The pituitary in liver cirrhosis hormonal data

Schaper, N.C.; Verhoeff, A.J.; Roelse, H.; Reitsma, W.D.; Sluiter, W.J.; Doorenbos, H., 1990:
The pituitary response to somatostatin during growth hormone releasing hormone administration in type i diabetes mellitus

Inczedy, J., 1992:
The place and the role of chemical analysis in process control

Georgescu, S.A.; Moisin, L.F., 1989:
The place and value of the computerized tomography in the urgent diagnosis of the aneurysms of the abdominal aorta

Raynor, R.W.; Del Guercio, L.R.M., 1989:
The place for pneumoperitoneum in the repair of massive hernia

Murshidi, M.S., 1988:
The place of abdominal safety line in the treatment of posterior urethral injury

Lafleuriel, M.T.; Vincent-Ballereau, F.; Merville, C.; Lebelle, A.V., 1989:
The place of an hospital pharmacy for establishing an emergency plan of catastrophe in a district's hospital experience of the central pharmacy of angers hospital france

Bassil, S.; L.B.uedec G.; Mage, G.; Pouly, J.L.; Canis, M.; Wattiez, A.; Chapron, C.; Bruhat, M.A., 1991:
The place of anti inflammatory agents in the treatment of acute salpingitis

Marpeau, L.; Rhimi, Z.; Larue, L.; Guettier, X.; Jault, T.; Barrat, J., 1992:
The place of arterial embolisation of the pelvis in the treatment of severe post partum haemorrhage

Oprea, M.; Roman, V.; Pop, G., 1989:
The place of bronchopulmonary cancer in the list of the causes of death in romania in 1986

Touraine J L., 1991:
The place of fetal liver transplantation in the treatment of inborn errors of metabolism

Briche, D.; Dinh Doan, G.; Stricker, M., 1988:
The place of gore tex in cranio maxillo facial surgery

Kostenko, A.G.; Mamkaev-Yu, V., 1990:
The place of green convoluts in the system of acoela turbellaria 1. simsagittifera new genus

Van Der Meche, F.G.A., 1991:
The place of high dose immunoglobulins in the treatment of guillain barre patients based upon the dutch trial

Sheth, S.S., 1989:
The place of laparoscopy in women with ascites

O'doherty M.J.; Page, C.J.; Bradbeer, C.S.; Shahmanesh, M.; Edwards, A.; Barlow, D.; Nunan, T.O.; Bateman, N.T., 1989:
The place of lung technetium 99m dtpa aerosol transfer in the investigation of lung infections in hiv positive patients

Gomez Barreto, D., 1991:
The place of macrolides in the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections

Fernandez, H.; D.Z.egler, D.; Bourget, P.; Feltain, P.; Frydman, R., 1991:
The place of methotrexate in the management of interstitial pregnancy

Dima, I.; Gologan, R., 1988:
The place of native dna antibodies test in the diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus by the indirect immunofluorescence technique

Wihlm, J.M., 1990:
The place of pleuroscopy in the preoperative staging of lung cancer

Fernandez, H.; Durlot, F.; Dubois, C.; Ulmann, A.; Frydman, R., 1990:
The place of progesterone antagonist ru 486 mifepristone for preoperative cervical dilatation during luteal phase a randomized double blind study

Del Mar, C.; Badger, P., 1989:
The place of routine urine testing on admission to hospital

Sun S L.; E.A., 1989:
The place of selective bronchial arterial infusion in the comprehensive treatment of an advanced bronchial carcinoma

Tanyel, F.C.; Buyukpamukcu, N.; Hicsonmez, A., 1989:
The place of steroid antibiotics and early bougienage combination in the treatment of caustic esophageal burns in childhood

Coman, C.; Scurei, A.; Micu, V.; Coman, B.C.; Dimitriu, M., 1988:
The place of surgery in pulmonary tuberculosis within the context of inefficient chemotherapy

Sutherland, A.M., 1990:
The place of surgery in the treatment of gynecological tuberculosis

Millard, A.V., 1990:
The place of the clock in pediatric advice rationales cultural themes and impediments to breastfeeding

Larchet, M.; Schiller, P.; Amram, D.; Dupaigne, D.; Lesbros, D.; Mares, P.; Bourgeois, J.M., 1989:
The place of ultrasound in screening for congenital dislocation of the hip in maternity departments ultrasounds of hips carried out in maternity departments

Schellnack, K.; Buettner Janz, K.; Niemer, K., 1988 :
The place value of cement free endoprosthetics in alloarthroplasty of the hip joint a preliminary empirical report

Dunphy, B.C.; Kay, R.; Robinson, J.N.; Cooke, I.D., 1990:
The placebo response of subfertile couples to attending a tertiary referral center

Zide, M.F.; W.J., 1990:
The placement of screws above the zygomaticofrontal suture

Van-Der-Merwe, N.J.; Rautenbach, I.L., 1988:
The placenta and fetal membranes of the lesser yellow house bat scotophilus borbonicus e. geoffroy 1803 chiroptera vespertilionidae

Jauniaux, E.; Vamos, E.; Hustin, J.; Elkhazen, N.; Rodesch, F.; Wilkin, P., 1989:
The placenta in pregnancies with fetal malformations

Thorburn, G.D., 1991:
The placenta, prostaglandins and parturition: a review

Tadano, K.; Yuzuriha, T.; Miyake, Y., 1989:
The placental and mammary transport of carbon 14 menaquinone 4 in rats

Freemark, M.; Keen, A.; Fowlkes, J.; Mularoni, T.; Comer, M.; Grandis, A.; Kodack, L., 1992:
The placental lactogen receptor in maternal and fetal sheep liver: regulation by glucose and role in the pathogenesis of fasting during pregnancy

Janvier, P.; Thanh, T.D.; Gerrienne, P., 1989:
The placoderms arthropods and lycophytes from the devonian do son sandstones haiphong vietnam

Czorny, A.; Yettou, H.; Forlodou, P.; Issenuth, J.; Hazeaux, C.; Stricker, M., 1988:
The plagiocephaly cranio facial asymmetry with variable rolling up

Simunkovic, L., 1990:
The plague in the venetian proclamations

Ratcliffe, J.F.; Fong, S.; Cheong, I.; O'connell P., 1992:
The plain abdominal film in intussusception the accuracy and incidence of radiographic signs

Timoney, A.G.; Payne, S.R.; Davies, L.A.L.; Abercrombie, G.F., 1989:
The plain film bladder shadow in outflow obstruction as accurate a discriminant of residual urine as ultrasound

Scott, J.A.; Strang, R.; Saunders, W.P., 1992:
The plane of fracture and shear bond strength of three composite inlay systems

Saure, C., 1988:
The planipennia of tuebingen west germany insecta neuroptera

Munawar, M.; Munawar, I.F.; Sprules, W.G., 1991:
The plankton ecology of lake st. clair 1984

Laybourn Parry, J.; Marchant, H.J.; Brown, P., 1991:
The plankton of a large oligotrophic freshwater antarctic lake

Smith, B.B.; Reif, C.B., 1990:
The plankton of harveys lake pennsylvania usa 1984 through 1988

Negoro K I.; Aoki, K., 1991:
The planktonic blue green algae of lake mikata and lake kitagata in summer and autumn of 1987

Neumann Leitao, S.; Paranagua, M.N.; Valentin, J.L., 1992:
The planktonic rotifers of the estuarine lagunar complex of suape pernambuco brazil

Murphy, S.B.; Kijewski, P.K.; Millis, M.B.; Hall, J.E.; Simon, S.R.; Chandler, H.P., 1988:
The planning of orthopaedic reconstructive surgery using computer-aided simulation and design

Mosca, P.J.; Dijkwel, P.A.; Hamlin, J.L., 1992:
The plant amino acid mimosine may inhibit initiation at origins of replication in Chinese hamster cells

Batista, W.B.; Leon, R.J.C.; Perelman, S.B., 1988:
The plant communities in a natural pasture in the laprida region province of buenos aires argentina

Schaminee, J.H.J.; Westhoff, V.; Arts, G.H.P., 1992:
The plant communities of the class littorelletea in the netherlands considered in a european context

Sauerwein, B., 1988:
The plant communities of the henschel dump in kassel west germany

Kooij, M.S.; Bredenkamp, G.J.; Theron, G.K., 1990:
The plant communities of the hills and ridges in the north western orange free state south africa

Bornkamm, R.; Kehl, H., 1990:
The plant communities of the western desert of egypt

Prentice, H.C.; Cramer, W., 1990:
The plant community as a niche bioassay environmental correlates of local variation in gypsophila fastigiata

Donald, R.G.; Schindler, U.; Batschauer, A.; Cashmore, A.R., 1990:
The plant G box promoter sequence activates transcription in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and is bound in vitro by a yeast activity similar to GBF, the plant G box binding factor

Estelle, M., 1992 :
The plant hormone auxin: insight in sight

Kepczynski, K.; Zaluski, T., 1987:
The plant life of the szumny zdroj reserve poland

Lonsdale, D.M.; Brears, T.; Hodge, T.P.; Melville, S.E.; Rottmann, W.H., 1988:
The plant mitochondrial genome homologous recombination as a mechanism for generating heterogeneity

Zhukova, L.A.; Zaugol'nova L.B.; Michurin, V.G.; Onipchenko, V.G.; Toropova, N.A.; Chistyakova, A.A., 1989:
The plant population monitoring program and methodological approaches to it

Langenfeld, M., 1989:
The plantar pulps in chinchilla

Simpson, S.L.; Hertzog, M.S.; Barja, R.H., 1991:
The plantaris tendon graft: an ultrasound study

Wilson, M.R., 1989:
The planthopper family achilixiidae homoptera fulgoroidea a synopsis with a revision of the genus achilixius

Heady, S.E.; Wilson, S.W., 1990:
The planthopper genus prokelisia homoptera delphacidae morphology of female genitalia and copulatory behavior

Vlasova, L.V., 1988:
The planting of forest belts in accordance with topography

Kiem, J., 1990:
The plants in the reed belt of kalter lake austria

Jentsch, H.; Goecke, R.; Beetke, E., 1991:
The plaque wet weight of patients with different caries experience

Gjessing, H.J.; Reinholdt, B.; Pedersen, O., 1989:
The plasma c peptide and insulin responses to stimulation with intravenous glucagon and a mixed meal in well controlled type 2 non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus dependency on acutely established hyperglycemia

Joachim, F.; Barber, P.; Newman, H.N.; Osborn, J., 1990:
The plasma cell at the advancing front of the lesion in chronic periodontitis

Gertz, M.A.; Kyle, R.A.; Greipp, P.R., 1989:
The plasma cell labeling index: a valuable tool in primary systemic amyloidosis

Sears, J.W.; Eschenbach, R.C.; Hill, R.A., 1990:
The plasma centrifugal furnace a method for stabilization and decomposition of toxic and radioactive wastes

Allison, B.A.; Pritchard, P.H.; Richter, A.M.; Levy, J.G., 1990:
The plasma distribution of benzoporphyrin derivative and the effects of plasma lipoproteins on its biodistribution

Y.Y.; S.Z.; Ding, W., 1988:
The plasma fibronectin level in pediatric open heart surgery

Someya, T.; Shibasaki, M.; Takahashi, S., 1989:
The plasma levels of haloperidol and reduced haloperidol in Japanese psychiatric patients

Ali Melkkila, T.M.; Kaila, T.; Kanto, J., 1990:
The plasma levels of intravenous glycopyrrolate and the oculocardiac reflex

Izumo, A.; Tanabe, K.; Kato, M., 1988:
The plasma membrane and mitochondrial membrane potentials of Plasmodium yoelii

Gimmler, H.; Schneider, L.; Kaaden, R., 1989:
The plasma membrane atpase of dunaliella parva

Rasi Caldogno, F.; Pugliarello, M.C.; Olivari, C.; D.M.chelis M.I.; Gambarini, G.; Colombo, P.; Tosi, G., 1990:
The plasma membrane calcium ion pump of plant cells a radiation inactivation study

Lesuisse, E.; Horion, B.; Labbe, P.; Hilger, F., 1991:
The plasma membrane ferrireductase activity of Saccharomyces cerevisiae is partially controlled by cyclic AMP

Illinger, D.; Poindron, P.; Glasser, N.; Modollel, M.; Kuhry J G., 1990:
The plasma membrane internalization and recycling is enhanced in macrophages upon activation with gamma interferon and lipopolysaccharide a study using the fluorescent probe trimethylaminodiphenylhexatriene

Espinosa-Cantellano, M.; Martínez-Palomo, A., 1991:
The plasma membrane of Entamoeba histolytica: structure and dynamics

Desportes-Livage, I.; Nicolas, G., 1990:
The plasma membrane of myxosporidian valve cells: freeze fracture data

Bernardini, G.; Zanmarchi, G.; Belgiojoso, P., 1989:
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The 'poor man's' Landers lens

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The poor statistical properties of the iron plot

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The population mean predicts the number of deviant individuals

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The position of mandibular and mental foramina in Kenyan African mandibles

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The position of presumed crustacea from the upper cambrian in the phylogenetic system of the mandibulata arthropoda

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The position of the dentition in the mandible and its possible relation to orthodontic abnormalities

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The position of the hybrid zone between the house sparrow passer domesticus domesticus and the italian sparrow passer domesticus italiae in the maritimes

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The position of thickening and the shape of thickened tissues in radish plants with elongated hypocotyls

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The positional behavior and substrate use of squirrel monkeys ecological implications

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The positions of the disulfide bonds in exogastrula inducing peptide d egip d purified from embryos of the sea urchin anthocidaris crassispina

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The positive effect of accurate noninvasive studies in decreasing the number of normal radiographic studies

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The positive known association design: a quality assurance method for occupational health surveillance data

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The positive negative reference in pattern electroretinogram recording

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The positive predictive value of the pap smear on diagnosis of gardnerella vaginalis vaginitis

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The possibilities of amplitude time and speed indices of initial and final parts of the ventricular complex of ecg in the estimation of the degree of the severity of crush syndrome

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The possibilities of chemical weed control of poppy in budding stage

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The possibilities of clinical application of physostigmine

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The possibilities of enteral nutrition of patients after extensive surgeries of the proximal portion of the alimentary tract

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The possibilities of in vitro diagnosis of contact and drug allergy part iv. observation of contact hypersensitivity to novozir by the method of leukocyte migration inhibition lif

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The possibilities of mathematical expression of blood alcohol levels

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The possibilities of recognizing fear by the analysis of children's drawings

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The possibilities of suicides from medicolegal aspects

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The possibilities of the determination of the nutritive diced potatoes humidity based on their dielectric characteristics

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The possibilities of the soft ionization mass spectrometry in the molecular biological studies

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The possibilities of using biophysical methods of investigation superweak spontaneous radiation of tissues in the orl region

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The possibilities to influence piglet production by intramuscular administration of zinc to sows during gestation

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The possibilities to use bootstrap method for processing to data of greenhouse experiment

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The possibility of 2 4 6 trinitrotoluene deep destruction by bacteria

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The possibility of a healthy progeny in patients after acute lymphoblastic leukemia

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The possibility of a natural cure for death

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The possibility of auxin biosynthesis in wheat rhizosphere by associated nitrogen fixing bacteria

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The possibility of collecting insects using artificial light in the day time

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The possibility of elaborating positive and inhibitory conditioned reflexes in response to an alternating magnetic field in rats

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The possibility of estimation of pigs classification by their mean slaughter weight

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The possibility of evaluating the quantity of waste products formed as result of radiation sterilization and pasteurization of drugs

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The possibility of hereditary factors in the susceptibility to diabetic nephropathy in NIDDM

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The possibility of increasing human resistance to acute hypoxia after adaptation to alpine conditions and short term high altitude training

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The possibility of indicating the state of vegetative cover according to measurements in the middle ir region of the spectrum

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The possibility of inducible defense in subarctic trees in response to feeding damage by phyllophagous insects

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The possibility of inducing labor using acupuncture

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The possibility of intensifying endogenous nitrogen reutilization in protein deprivation by parenteral administration of small doses of methionine and threonine

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The possibility of lice allergy among Egyptian patients with asthmatic bronchitis

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The possibility of participation of different protein kinases in the regulation of degradation of glp 6 iodine 125 labeled tyr 8sp 6 11 with different endopeptidases in subcellular fractions of rat brain

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The possibility of peripheral cholinolytic effect of some psychostimulant

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The possibility of predicting the development of bronchial asthma

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The possibility of preventing myocardial infarction

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The possibility of recurrent selection to increase the oil content in soybeans using genetic male sterility and nmr spectroscopy

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The possibility of regulating the activity of the polyenzyme acremonium chrysogenum protease system by metal ions

del Torto, U., 1990:
The possibility of repair in joints deprived of hyaline cartilage

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The possibility of stimulation of ureters by hexoprenaline following abdominal radical hysterectomy for cervical cancer

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The possibility of the diagnosis of pseudomonas aeruginosa infection by means of the enzyme immunoassay eia with pyoimmunogen used as antigen

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The possibility of the indirect selection for ovulation rate based on testis size in golden hamsters

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The possibility of the long term prognosis of influenza a pandemics

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The possibility of tissue regeneration intensification by an increase in the degree of differentiation of cell elements and conditions of tissue defect

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The possibility of use of xylocaine in the diagnosis of tinnitus

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The possibility of using celiac trunk branches as coronary artery bypass grafts

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The possibility of using egyptian bentonitic deposits for sandy soils reclamation and planting

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The possibility of using ethrel to identify plants relatively tolerant to salinity i. tomato lycopersicon esculentum

El-Saeid, H.M.; Abou-Hadid, A.F.; El-Beltagy, A.S., 1988:
The possibility of using ethrel to identify plants relatively tolerant to salinity ii. cowpea vigna sinensis l

El-Saeid, H.M., 1990:
The possibility of using ethrel to identify plants relatively tolerant to salinity iii. bean phaseolus vulgaris l

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The possibility of using hydroxy acids as an antiseptic for the protection of wood from decay and termite damage

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The possibility of using liposomes to attach foreign genetic material to spermatozoa

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The possibility of using present day palynomorphological data to study the palynology of the quaternary

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The possibility of using subsoil of oxisol mixed with stable manure as a growing medium of sengon albizia falcataria l. fosberg seedlings

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The possibility of utilizing sewage sludge for the reparation of beds for tomato growing in a green house

Jankovic-Zagorcic, A.; Palic, D., 1988:
The possibility of x ray diagnostics for the detection of disturbed ossification of the skeleton in rabbits under intensive production conditions i. macroradiographic studies of rachitic changes in the skeletal system of rabbits in the period of their intensive growth

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The possibility on the early diagnosis of freemartin by the sex chromatin in neutrophil leukocytes of cattle

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The possible application of the cold test in patients with unstable angina pectoris

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The possible causes of variation in water quality in mahi river gujarat india

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The possible central role of gaba in thermoregulation in the sheep

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The possible conformations of milk proteins adsorbed on oil water interfaces

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The possible contribution of intracellular electric fields to oriented assemblage of microtubules

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The possible correlation between certain asexual and sexual reproductive bodies in saprolegniaceae

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The possible final localization of gus beta glucuronidase reporter gene product in transgenic plants is vacuole

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The possible function and convergence of wagging behavior in birds

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The possible haematological effects of glycol monomethyl ether in a frame factory

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The possible impact of climatic change on the avian community of dune ecosystems

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The possible inflow of bacterial genome fragments into the nucleus of the dysentery amoeba trophozoite

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The possible influence of antibiotics on results of bacillus calmette guerin intravesical therapy for superficial bladder cancer

Sanjaume, E.; Pardo, J., 1991:
The possible influence of sea level rise on the precarious dunes of devesa del saler beach valencia spain

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The possible influence of testosterone on calcium ion transport (investigated) in guinea pig uterus

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The possible interaction of Harderian material and saliva for thermoregulation in the Mongolian gerbil, Meriones unguiculatus

Mcfadden, N.A.; Spencer, A.N., 1992:
The possible involvement of arg phe amide immunoreactive neurons during tentacle development and regeneration in the hydromedusa polyorchis penicillatus

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The possible involvement of cytokinins in the pathogenicity of helminthosporium maydis

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The possible involvement of free radical scavenging properties in the actions of cytokines

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The possible involvement of immune complexes in pulmonary granuloma formation in experimental hypersensitivity pneumonitis

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The possible involvement of lipoxygenase in downy mildew resistance in pearl millet

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The possible mechanism of action of ethanol on rat thymus

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The possible mechanism of binding interaction of insulin molecule with its receptor

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The possible mechanism of interaction between xanthines and quinolone

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The possible mechanism of naphthalene cataract in rat and its prevention by an aldose reductase inhibitor al01576

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The possible mode of escape of adult t cell leukemia cells from antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity

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The possible nature and species specificity of the protein factor from the thymocytes of irradiated animals that facilitates chromatin solubilization

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The possible origin of the sardinian corsican mouflon studied by the adult hemoglobin phenotype

Omholt, S.W.; Crailsheim, K., 1991:
The possible prediction of the degree of infestation of honeybee colonies apis mellifera by varroa jacobsoni oud. by means of its natural death rate a dynamic model approach

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The possible regulation of fibroblast growth by mast cell derived factors

Lauer, K.; Firnhaber, W., 1990:
The possible risk of vaccinations for the first manifestation of multiple sclerosis

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The possible role of brain serotonin in seasonal dispersal behavior of the boll weevil

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The possible role of corticosteroid therapy for pneumocystis pneumonia in the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)

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The possible role of endothelial cells in hypertensive disorders during pregnancy

Jalvingh, A.W., 1992:
The possible role of existing models in on farm decision support in dairy cattle and swine production

Joseph, M.; Nagaraj, R., 1992:
The possible role of fatty acylation in proteins

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The possible role of fungal infections in AIDS

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The possible role of glycolytic enzyme binding in the control of glycolysis in patella caerulea foot muscle during stimulation

Koenig, W.; Ernst, E., 1992:
The possible role of hemorheology in atherothrombogenesis

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The possible role of herpes viruses in multifocal choroiditis and panuveitis

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The possible role of iron iii sulfur iv complexes in the catalyzed autoxidation of sulfur iv oxides a mechanistic investigation

Wareham, C.N.; Wiseman, J.; Cole, D.J.A.; Craigon, J., 1991:
The possible role of methionine in the detoxification of faba bean vicia faba l. tannins in chick diets

Petracci, M.; Pannini, S.; Nuti, A., 1990:
The possible role of myopia in juvenile retinal detachment

Trautmann, I.A.; Visser, J.H., 1991:
The possible role of phenolic substances in the establishment of suspension cultures of guayule parthenium argentatum gray

Yang, M.; Taber, L.A., 1991:
The possible role of poroelasticity in the apparent viscoelastic behavior of passive cardiac muscle

Renner, H.W.; Muenzer, R., 1991:
The possible role of probiotics as dietary antimutagens

Spiliotis, J.; Saint Aubert, B.; Joyeux, H., 1991:
The possible role of sex and gut hormones in gastrointestinal cancers

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