The reproduction of chaetodon austriacus chaetodon fasciatus and chaetodon paucifasciatus chaetodontidae perciformes in the jordan gulf of aqaba

Gharaibeh, B.M.; Hulings, N.C.

Environmental Biology of Fishes 29(1): 67-72


ISSN/ISBN: 0378-1909
Accession: 007929816

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Aspects of the reproduction of three sympatric and endemic chaetodontids, Chaetodon austriacus, C. fasciatus and C. paucifasciatus, from the Jordan Gulf of Aqaba were investigated. Chaetodon fasciatus had a higher fecundity than the other species which, in turn, had similar fecundities. The major egg release of C. austriacus and C. paucifasciatus began in August, that of C. fasciatus in September. Based on the gonadosomatic index of both sexes, the spawning period of C. austriacus was from July through October, that of C. paucifasciatus from August through October and that of C. fasciatus from September through December. The maturity length of the three chaetodontids is given and reproductive isolation among the sympatric species is discussed.