The role of calcium ions in realization of cholinergic influences on the tube foot muscle in the starfish asterias rubens l

Babskaya, N.E.

Zhurnal Evolyutsionnoi Biokhimii i Fiziologii 24(4): 533-538


Accession: 007931275

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Using mechanographic recorder, studies have been made of the effect of Ca2+ on the pattern of acetylcholine contracture in the tube foot of the starfish A. rubens. ACh effects were investigated with respect to excess, lack and complete absence of Ca2+ and excess of Mg2+ in the external solution, as well as after substitution of Ca2+ by Sr2+ and in the presence of Co2+ or a blocker of Ca-channels D-600; the effect of different Ca concentrations in artificial sea water in which all Na+ was substituted by Tris-HCl or sucrose was also investigated. The results obtained show that the amplitude of ACh contracture depends on the level of Ca2+ in the external solution. ACh contractures in sodium free solution indicate that Ca2+ is involved not only in the development of muscle contraction, but also in depolarization produced by ACh in the tube foot muscle of the starfish.