The search for indicator species for determining organochlorine pesticide pollution in aquatic ecosystems

Shebunina, N.A.

Gidrobiologicheskii Zhurnal 26(2): 74-78


Accession: 007934451

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Numerous facts (1750 samples analyzed by the gas chromatography method) have revealed indicator species of the ecosystem pollution with organo-chloric pesticides from the Dnieper-Bug liman. Coefficients of accumulation (Cn) of DDT and hexachlorane in the abiotic medium and biote giving a pattern of the distribution and migration of these substances in the ecosystem of water body are presented. As to the indicator species the coefficients of interlayer accumulation (Cmn) of toxicants in links of the trophic chains which permit accelerating the bioindication process are calculated. Indicator species, coefficients Cn, Cmn are suggested to be used in complex in estimation of the ecological-toxicological situation as well as in monitoring of pollution of the ecosystem in the water body.