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The viscoelasticity and stability of corn oil in water emulsions stabilized by water soluble meat proteins and monoglycerides and diglycerides

Martinez Mendoza, A.; Sherman, P.

Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology 9(5-6): 537-554


ISSN/ISBN: 0193-2691
Accession: 007945289

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The viscoelastic properties and stability of concentrated corn oil-in-water emulsions stabilised with 2.0% water soluble meat proteins (WSMP) were examined before, and after, partial replacement of WSMP by a blend of mono- and di-glycerides at pH 2.5-7.5. Using protein/glycerides mixtures improvements were observed, the level depending on protein/glycerides ratio, mono-di-glyceride ratio within the glycerides components, and pH. It is suggested that protein and glycerides associate to form a complex at the critical values of the three variables at which maximum improvement was observed.

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