Throughfall stemflow and rainfall interception in a cacao plantation in south western nigeria

Opakunle, J.S.

Tropical Ecology 30(2): 244-252


ISSN/ISBN: 0564-3295
Accession: 007951078

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Rainfall, throughfall and stemflow were measured in a mature cacao plantation Ibadan, Nigeria. The annual rainfall at the experimental site was 1318 mm. Throughfall varied between 5.9% to about 95.9% rainfall with an annual mean of 73.7%. The monthly stemflow also varied from 0.2% to about 4.02% of rainfall with an annual mean of 1.99% while on daily basis, it ranged from 0.2% to 8.8%. Significant positive correlations were found between rainfall and throughfall; rainfall and stemflow, and also between throughfall and stemflow. Maximum interception of rainfall occurred during the driest part of the year. Interception ranged between 1.4 and 92.9 percent of rainfall with an annual mean of 24.3%.