Toxicity of malathion to red tilapia hybrid tilapia mossambica x tilapia nilotica behavioral histopathological and anti cholinesterase studies

Sulaiman, A.H.; Abullah, A.R.; Ahmad, S.H.

Malaysian Applied Biology 18(2): 163-170


ISSN/ISBN: 0126-8643
Accession: 007957812

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The acute toxicity of malathion to red tilapia (hybrid Tilapia mossambica .times. Tilapia nilotica) was examined for several aspects. The 96-h LC50 was determined to be 5.88 ppm and significant changes in behaviour were observed when fish were exposed to malathion. Histopathological studies by light microscopy of the gill, liver and gut of malathion exposed fish indicated abnormalities such as hyperplasia, hypertrophy and degeneration of hepatocytes. Furthermore, acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity of samples of the gut, liver, brain and muscle were depressed significantly in the exposed fish. Upon transfer to pesticide-free environment, the activity increased, but complete recovery was not attained even after 6 days of test period.