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Transrectal ultrasound to measure bladder volumes in men

Haylen, B.T.; Parys, B.T.; West, C.R.

Journal of Urology 143(4): 687-689


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-5347
PMID: 2179580
Accession: 007964602

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Transrectal linear array ultrasound is described as a method in men to measure bladder volumes 5 to 200 ml. overcoming the limitations of abdominal ultrasound at these smaller, although clinically important volumes. The mean error to a preliminary series with known volumes of 10 to 175 ml. was 18%. Statistical analysis of these data shows that an unknown bladder volume in milliliters can be calculated from the measurement of 2 sagittal bladder diameters, the height and depth, by the formula volume (ml.) = 5.3 .times. (height .times. depth)-21. This equation when applied to measurements of a series of unknown bladder volumes had a mean error of 16%. Transrectal ultrasonic measurement of residual urine volumes (mostly those less than 175 ml.) provides a useful complement to visualization of the prostate by transrectal ultrasound.

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