Transrenal ureteral occlusion with Gianturco coils and gelatin sponge

Gaylord, G.M.; Johnsrude, I.S.

Radiology 172(3 Pt 2): 1047-1048


ISSN/ISBN: 0033-8419
PMID: 2772209
DOI: 10.1148/172.3.1047
Accession: 007964604

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The authors report the use of Gianturco coils and gelatin sponge plugs to achieve complete occlusion of nine ureters in five patients with advanced pelvic malignancies and lower urinary tract fistulas. The method is simple to apply, is readily available, and to date has been associated with no significant complications. These results suggest that, before more elaborate methods of ureteral occlusion are applied, the use of coils and gelatin sponge should be considered as the primary method of ureteral occlusion. Further work is needed to elaborate the exact mechanism by which these materials cause occlusion.