Trophic roles of co occurring species of drupa gastropoda muricidae at enewetak atoll marshall islands north pacific ocean

Thomas, F.I.M.; Kohn, A.J.

Journal of Molluscan Studies 56(1): 57-62


ISSN/ISBN: 0260-1230
Accession: 007970185

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Diets in nature differed significantly among three species of the gastropod genus Drupa (Muricidae: Thaidinae) on a windward, seaward reef platform at Enewetak Atoll, Marshall Islands. Nereid and eunicid polychaetes and vermetid gastropods were the most important prey organisms. D. morum ate mainly Perinereis, Ceratonereis and eunicids; D. arachnoides ate almost entirely Ceratonereis; D. ricinus ate mainly Ceratonereis is protected sites and Dendropoma near the exposed outer reef edge. Size of Drupa was correlated with that of vermetid but not polychaete prey. The results are compared with data from studies of other predators on the same prey species at Enewetak, and with J. D. Taylor's data on the diets of Drupa species elsewhere in the Indo-Pacific region.