Utilization of urea nitrogen by lactating cows depending on rate frequency of urea intake

Aleksiev A.; Kr"steva E.; Ilchev A.; Zu Gon Hun

Zhivotnov"dni Nauki 26(6): 51-57


Accession: 007991157

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Two experiments were conducted according to the method of the successive periods with six high producing lactating cows of the Black and White breed to establish the effect of rate frequency of urea intake on utilization of nitrogen. During the two experiments cows were fed diets of the same composition with the only differences in feeding.sbd.the rate frequency of urea intake. In experiment 1 cows were fed urea 12 times a day at intervals of two hours, and in experiment 2 two times a day at intervals of 12 hours. It was shown that: Urea could be employed successfully for feeding lactating cows having a daily milk yield of 25 kg. Moreover, it enhanced diet protein level by ca. 3.0-3.5 percentage units (from 12.0-13.0% to 15.0-16.5% on dry matter basis). Daily urea rations should be fed in small portions together with added minerals. It was found that in feeding cows 180-210 g per day in 12 instead of two portions urea-N was utilized on the average by ca. 49% better. Urea-N fed 12 times a day was utilized as feed-N i.e. 33%. Repeated urea and mineral supplement intake by cows increased nutrient digestibility that contributed to the energy nutritive value of diet.