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Chapter 7,998

Vegetation on the banks of the koronowo reservoir poland during a period of reduced water level

Kepczynski, K.; Ceynowa Gieldon, M.

Acta Universitatis Nicolai Copernici Biologia 29: 25-52


Accession: 007997324

The diversity of plant communities found on the banks of the Koronowo Reservoir in conditions of reduced water level is described. Rare communities, or those generally not found in the observed area in the observed area in the first years after the reservoir's creation, comprise the main group of individuals discussed. This group includes Polygono-bidentetum, Salicetum-triandro-viminalis, S. pentandro-cinereae, and other communities developing in habitats which were until now occupied by rushes. Lesser attention is devoted to the water and rush communities which developed earlier at the reservoir. A few of these, such as Caricetum-acutiformis of the Heleocharis-palustris community, are considered in order to present examples of the changes which have taken place in these communities.

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