Section 9
Chapter 8,003

Volume related configurational changes in the aetiology of pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction

De Campo, J.; Fowler, R.

Australasian Radiology 33(1): 60-63


ISSN/ISBN: 0004-8461
PMID: 2712790
Accession: 008002654

The aetiology of pelivi-ureteric junction (PUJ) obstruction is controversial. We present four patients who had normal or equivocal intravenous pyelograms and non-obstructive Whitter tests in whom complete pelvi-ureteric obstruction was precipitated by more rapid distension of the renal pelvis. We speculate that in vivo physiological urine flow rates and temporary kinking of PUJ produces a critical increase in pelvic volume and subsequent valvular kinking of hte upper ureter, which cannot be usually achieved by maximal urine flow rates alone. Co-existence of vesico-ureteric reflux (VUR) may be a contributory factor to critical pelivic distension and tortuous PUJ. Volume related configurational changes of this type are probably a more frequent cause of PUJ obstruction than is generally recognised.

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