Yield and industrial quality of some sugarcane cultivars saccharum officinarum x saccharum spontaneum in the east coast of andalusia

Olalla, L.; Mira, A.; Perez, C.

Investigacion Agraria Produccion y Proteccion Vegetales 5(3): 421-424


Accession: 008008759

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The production and growing behaviour of five sugarcane cultivars has been compared in the coastal area of East Andalucia during a five years period. The results (sugar production and industrial quality) show that the most traditional variety, NCO-310, although still giving good yields (12,3 t/ha of sugar), is inferior, due to its high susceptibility to the mosaic virus, to the more recents cultivars, "CP-65-357" (15.0 t/ha of sugar) and "CP-66-346" (13.6 t/ha). The cv. "CO-1148", although normally giving a lower sugar content (13.0 p. 100), grows very well in heavy or limestone soils, with a good production of sugar (15.1 t/ha of sugar).