Zooplankton distribution in relation to the hydrological conditions in the benguela upwelling zone

Timonin, A.G.

Okeanologiya 31(2): 265-271


Accession: 008009897

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On the basis net plankton samples collected by layers down to 1000 m off Namibia (25.degree.S) during different hydrological conditions in 1985, 1986, 1988 years the zooplankton distribution was analyzed. Zooplankton abundance, its horizontal and vertical dstribution inside 100-miles nearshore zone are closely connected with various phases of upwelling. Among dominant zooplankters several ecologically different patterns are established and each of its have special stable reaction to hydrologcal regime and productivity of nearshore waters. Proportion these components of zooplankton intotal zooplankton biomass is closely associated with abiotic and biotic changes of biotope.