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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 8034

Chapter 8034 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Jago, J.G.; Matthews, L.; Bass, J.J.; Knight, T.W., 1996:
A comparison of two methods of post-pubertal beef cattle and their effect on behaviour, growth and ultimate pH

Gabert, V.M.; Jensen, M.S., 1997:
A comparison of two methods to measure amylase, lipase, trypsin, and chymotrypsin activity and the effect of freezing and thawing on enzyme activities in pancreatic juice

Werdelin, L.; Tullberg, B.S., 1995:
A comparison of two methods to study correlated discrete characters on phylogenetic trees

Roguska, M.A.; Pedersen, J.T.; Henry, A.H.; Searle, S.M.; Roja, C.M.; Avery, B.; Hoffee, M.; Cook, S.; Lambert, J.M.; Blättler, W.A.; Rees, A.R.; Guild, B.C., 1996:
A comparison of two murine monoclonal antibodies humanized by CDR-grafting and variable domain resurfacing

Koziol, J.A.; Frutos, A.; Sipe, J.C.; Romine, J.S.; Beutler, E., 1996:
A comparison of two neurologic scoring instruments for multiple sclerosis

Caffrey, J.M.; Miller, L.G., 1995:
A comparison of two nitrification inhibitors used to measure nitrification rates in estuarine sediments

Bruce, I.N.; Bell, A.L., 1997:
A comparison of two nomenclature systems for primary systemic vasculitis

Kassa, J., 1995:
A comparison of two oximes (HI-6 and obidoxime) for 2-dimethylaminoethyl-(dimethylamido)-phosphonofluoridate poisoning

Grant, C.C.; Tan, D.; Pati, A.; Watson, P.; Lennon, D.R.; Scragg, R., 1997:
A comparison of two pertussis epidemics in Auckland

Korn, E.; Midthune, D.; Chen, T.T.mothy; Rubinstein, L.V.; Christian, M.C.; Simon, R.M., 1994:
A comparison of two phase I trial designs

Ball, M., J.; Muller, N., 1997:
A comparison of two phonological profiles: A tutorial

Kan, M.W.; Wong, T.P.; Young, E.C.; Chan, C.L.; Yu, P.K., 1995:
A comparison of two photon planning algorithms for 8 MV and 25 MV X-ray beams in lung

Tanimura, H.; Yamaue, H.; Aoki, Y.; Takeda, S., 1994:
A comparison of two postoperative adjuvant immunochemotherapies in cases of gastric and colorectal cancer

Dean, M.C.; Barnes, D.M.; Blank, L.W., 1997:
A comparison of two prophylaxis angles: disposable and autoclavable

Ching, C.K.; Lam, S.K., 1995:
A comparison of two prostaglandin analogues (enprostil vs misoprostol) in the treatment of acute duodenal ulcer disease

Cooper, P., J.; Steere, J., 1995:
A comparison of two psychological treatments for bulimia nervosa: Implications for models of maintenance

Pather, S.I.diran; Neau, S.H.; Pather, S., 1995:
A comparison of two quality assessment methods for emulsions

King, M., T.; Dobson, A., J.; Harnett, P., R., 1996:
A comparison of two quality-of-life questionnaires for cancer clinical trials: The Functional Living Index-Cancer (FLIC) and the Quality of Life Questionnaire Core Module (QLQ-C30)

Bastos, A.E.R.; Furlan, G.R.; Tornisielo, V.L.; Tsai, S.M.; Moon, D.H., 1997:
A comparison of two radiometric methods to investigate the biodegradation of phenol by Candida nitrativorans

Brisson, T.A.; Alain, C., 2002:
A Comparison of Two References for Using Knowledge of Performance in Learning a Motor Task

Mwamwenda, Tuntufye, S., 1993:
A comparison of two samples, South Africans and Canadians, on social desirability

Coker, A.O.; Obi, C.L., 1995:
A comparison of two selective media for the isolation of Campylobacter jejuni in Lagos, Nigeria

Marx, F.E.; Taylor, M.B.; Grabow, W.O.K., 1997:
A comparison of two sets of primers for the RT-PCR detection of astroviruses in environmental samples

Parush, S.; Hahn Markowitz, J., 1997:
A comparison of two settings for group treatment in promoting perceptual-motor function of learning disabled children

Bramwell, V.H.; Burgers, M.; Sneath, R.; Souhami, R.; van Oosterom, A.T.; Voûte, P.A.; Rouesse, J.; Spooner, D.; Craft, A.W.; Somers, R., 1992:
A comparison of two short intensive adjuvant chemotherapy regimens in operable osteosarcoma of limbs in children and young adults: the first study of the European Osteosarcoma Intergroup

Buchauer, K., 1998:
A comparison of two simple titration procedures to determine volatile fatty acids influents to waste-water and sludge treatment processes

Muris, P.; Merckelbach, H., 1996:
A comparison of two spider fear questionnaires

Abu Heija, A.T.; Yates, R.W.S.; Barrett, T.; Jamieson, M.E.; Fleming, R.; Coutts, J.R.T., 1995:
A comparison of two starting doses of human menopausal gonadotropin for follicle stimulation in unselected patients for in-vitro fertilization

Levy, B.; Rosenberg, L.; Colasante, D.; Deitch, M., 1993:
A comparison of two structurally distinct types of calcium channel blockers in the treatment of patients with mild to moderate hypertension

O'keeffe, S.T.; Smith, T.; Valacio, R.; Jack, C.I.A.; Playfer, J.R.; Lye, M., 1994:
A comparison of two techniques for ankle jerk assessment in elderly subjects

Maini, M.K.; Wedderburn, L.R.; Hall, F.C.; Wack, A.; Casorati, G.; Beverley, P.C., 1998:
A comparison of two techniques for the molecular tracking of specific T-cell responses; CD4+ human T-cell clones persist in a stable hierarchy but at a lower frequency than clones in the CD8+ population

Weinberger, M.H.; Stegner, J.E.; Fineberg, N.S., 1993:
A comparison of two tests for the assessment of blood pressure responses to sodium

Wille, J.C.; Blusse Van Oud Alblas, A.; Thewessen, E.A.P.M., 1993:
A comparison of two transparent film-type dressings in central venous therapy

Dahlén, G.; Pipattanagovit, P.; Rosling, B.; Möller, A.J., 1993:
A comparison of two transport media for saliva and subgingival samples

Marchese, M.R.; Brinkhurst, R.O., 1996:
A comparison of two tubificid oligochaete species as candidates for sublethal bioassay tests relevant to subtropical and tropical regions

Misra, R.R.; Chiang, S.Y.; Swenberg, J.A., 1994:
A comparison of two ultrasensitive methods for measuring 1,N6-etheno-2'-deoxyadenosine and 3,N4-etheno-2'-deoxycytidine in cellular DNA

Gorfine, H.K.; Forbes, D.A.; Gason, A.S., 1998:
A comparison of two underwater census methods for estimating the abundance of the commercially important blacklip abalone, Haliotis rubra

Voyce, S.J.; Aurigemma, G.P.; Dahlberg, S.; Orsinelli, D.; Pape, L.A.; Sweeney, A.; Cardullo, P.; Recht, L., 1992:
A comparison of two-dimensional echocardiography vs carotid duplex scanning in older patients with cerebral ischemia

Beilamowicz, S.; Berke, G.S.; Gerratt, B.R., 1995:
A comparison of type I thyroplasty and arytenoid adduction

Zhang, J.; Geng, W.; Yang, X., 1997:
A comparison of ultrasonic and MRI examination of neuroblastoma in children

Watt, V.; Pickering, M.; Wales, J.K., 1998:
A comparison of ultrasonic and mechanical stadiometry

Guzman, E.R.; Pisatowski, D.M.; Vintzileos, A.M.; Benito, C.W.; Hanley, M.L.; Ananth, C.V., 1997:
A comparison of ultrasonographically detected cervical changes in response to transfundal pressure, coughing, and standing in predicting cervical incompetence

Pasanen, P.A.; Partanen, K.P.; Pikkarainen, P.H.; Alhava, E.M.; Janatuinen, E.K.; Pirinen, A.E., 1993:
A comparison of ultrasound, computed tomography and endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography in the differential diagnosis of benign and malignant jaundice and cholestasis

Nirmaier, H.-Peter; Fischer, E.; Henze, G., 1998:
A comparison of ultratrace and glassy carbon working electrodes for the amperometric detection of benzo(a)pyrene and its hydroxylated metabolites after HPLC separation

Maher, J.T.; Conti, J.A., 1996 :
A comparison of umbilical cord blood gas values between newborns with and without true knots

Lee, K.S.; Dunn, M.S.; Fenwick, M.; Shennan, A.T., 1998:
A comparison of underwater bubble continuous positive airway pressure with ventilator-derived continuous positive airway pressure in premature neonates ready for extubation

Flores, F.; Moreno, M.T.; Cubero, J.I., 1998:
A comparison of univariate and multivariate methods to analyze G X E interaction

Amos, C.I.; Laing, A.E., 1993:
A comparison of univariate and multivariate tests for genetic linkage

Kearfott, K.J.; Zhu, M., 1996:
A comparison of values of annual limits on intake presented in ICRP 61 and 10 CFR part 20

Nesteruk, Teresa, 1993:
A comparison of values of freshwater Gastrotricha densities determined by various methods

Love, D.R.; Owen, H.; Ilsley, A.H.; Plummer, J.L.; Hawkins, R.M.; Morrison, A., 1996:
A comparison of variable-dose patient-controlled analgesia with fixed-dose patient-controlled analgesia

Campins Falco, P.; Sevillano Cabeza, A.; Gallo Martinez, L.; Bosch Reig, F., 1996:
A comparison of various calibration techniques applied to the ninhydrin-cefoxitin determination

Jones, B.; Teather, D.; Wang, J.; Lewis, J.A., 1998:
A comparison of various estimators of a treatment difference for a multi-centre clinical trial

Gulmez, I.; Ekmekcioglu, O.; Karacagil, M., 1996:
A comparison of various methods to burst Foley catheter balloons and the risk of free-fragment formation

Sagara, M.; Isowaki, S.; Haraguchi, M.; Yoshimura, N., 1996:
A comparison of various ways of cardiac output measurement by thermodilution methods

Carter, J.R.; Lau, M.; Twiggs, L.B., 1995:
A comparison of vascular pulsatility and resistive indices in gynecological tumor detection using transvaginal ultrasound

Cunningham, L.A.; Borison, R.L.; Carman, J.S.; Chouinard, G.; Crowder, J.E.; Diamond, B.I.; Fischer, D.E.; Hearst, E., 1994:
A comparison of venlafaxine, trazodone, and placebo in major depression

Knight, G.R.; Dudell, G.G.; Evans, M.L.; Grimm, P.S., 1996:
A comparison of venovenous and venoarterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in the treatment of neonatal respiratory failure

Leathard, A.D.; Brown, B.H.; Campbell, J.; Zhang, F.; Morice, A.H.; Tayler, D., 1994:
A comparison of ventilatory and cardiac related changes in EIT images of normal human lungs and of lungs with pulmonary emboli

Maeda, S.; Morioka, M.; Yonekawa, Y.; Kanada, K.; Takahashi, Y., 1997:
A comparison of vibrotactile thresholds on the finger obtained with ISO type equipment and Japanese equipment

Raje, N.; Powles, R.; Kulkarni, S.; Milan, S.; Middleton, G.; Singhal, S.; Mehta, J.; Millar, B.; Viner, C.; Raymond, J.; Treleaven, J.; Cunningham, D.; Gore, M., 1997:
A comparison of vincristine and doxorubicin infusional chemotherapy with methylprednisolone (VAMP) with the addition of weekly cyclophosphamide (C-VAMP) as induction treatment followed by autografting in previously untreated myeloma

Loewer, C.; Braun, P., 1996:
A comparison of virulence complexities in Erysiphe graminis f.sp. Hordei on cultivated and wild barley

Hiett, A.K.; Devoe, L.D.; Youssef, A.; Gardner, P.; Black, M., 1993 :
A comparison of visual and automated methods of analyzing fetal heart rate tests

Price, T.V.; Gross, R.; Wey, J.H.; Osborne, C.F., 1993:
A comparison of visual and digital image-processing methods in quantifying the severity of coffee leaf rust (Hemileia vastatrix)

Sitizyo, K.; Suzuki, M.; Takeuchi, T.; Isobe, R.; Saito, T., 1992:
A comparison of visual evoked potentials leading from different electrode placements in guinea pigs

Hietanen, J.K.; Perrett, D.I., 1996:
A comparison of visual responses to object- and ego-motion in the macaque superior temporal polysensory area

Graham, R.B.; Navey, B.R.; Bass, E.W.Jr.; Holsten, R.D.; Means, L.W., 1998:
A comparison of visual- and response-generated cues in a spatial DMTS task for rats

He, B.; Bansal, S.; Tsai, A.; Saul, J.P., 1997:
A comparison of volume conductor effects on body surface Laplacian and potential ECGS: A model study

Harridge, S.D.R.; White, M.J., 1993:
A comparison of voluntary and electrically evoked isokinetic plantar flexor torque in males

Ertmer, D.J.; Kirk, K.I.; Sehgal, S.T.; Riley, A.I.; Osberger, M.J., 1997:
A comparison of vowel production by children with multichannel cochlear implants or tactile aids: perceptual evidence

Ludwig, J.P.; Giesy, J.P.; Summer, C.L.; Bowerman, W.; Aulerich, R.; Bursian, S.; Auman, H.J.; Jones, P.D.; Williams, L.L., 1993:
A comparison of water quality criteria for the Great Lakes based on human and wildlife health

Singh, N.; Smith, A.C., 1997:
A comparison of wheat starch, whole wheat meal and oat flour in the extrusion cooking process

Gettel, G.M.; Deegan, L.A.; Harvey, C.J., 1997:
A comparison of whole and thin-sectioned otolith aging techniques and validation of annuli for Arctic grayling

Clark, S.; Cimolai, N.; Cheong, A.C., 1994:
A comparison of whole cell protein profiles for sporadic human isolates of Streptococcus equisimilis and beta-haemolytic group G streptococci

Gosler, A.G.; Greenwood, J.J.D.; Baker, J.K.; King, J.R., 1995:
A comparison of wing length and primary length as size measures for small passerines: A report to the British ringing committee

Nelson, B.R.; Metz, R.D.; Majmudar, G.; Hamilton, T.A.; Gillard, M.O.; Railan, D.; Griffiths, C.E.; Johnson, T.M., 1996:
A comparison of wire brush and diamond fraise superficial dermabrasion for photoaged skin. A clinical, immunohistologic, and biochemical study

Latham, K.; Whitaker, D., 1996:
A comparison of word recognition and reading performance in foveal and peripheral vision

Rader, J.S.; Rest, E.B.; Farmer, E.R.; Rosenshein, N.B., 1992:
A comparison of wound healing after epithelial resection by ultrasonic surgical aspiration and ablation by the carbon dioxide laser

Coppola, R.; Marenco, S.; Jones, D.W.; Berman, K.F.; Weinberger, D.R., 1992:
A comparison of xenon-133 and xenon-127 for the determination of regional cerebral blood flow measured by dynamic SPECT

Rodriguez Belmonte, E.; Freire Picos, M.A.geles; Ramil, E.; Gonzalez Siso, M.I.abel; Rodriguez Torres, A.M.ria; Cerdan, M.E.peranza, 1993:
A comparison of yeast transformation systems applied to Kluyveromyces lactis

Takahashi, M.; Komiya, T.; Fukuda, T.; Nagaoka, Y.; Ishii, R.; Goshima, F.; Arimoto, H.; Kaku, H.; Nakajima, N.; Goshima, T.; Katoh, T., 1997:
A comparison of young and aged populations for the diphtheria and tetanus antitoxin titers in Japan

Benbow, S.J.; Cossins, L.; Bowsher, D., 1996:
A comparison of young and elderly patients attending a regional pain centre

Bekins, B.A.; Warren, E.; Godsy, E.M.chael, 1998:
A comparison of zero-order, first-order, and monod biotransformation models

Fox, Michael, G., 1993:
A comparison of zygote survival of native and non-native walleye stocks in two Georgian Bay rivers

Weeks, D.L.; Hall, A.K.; Anderson, L.P.ul, 1996:
A comparison on imitation strategies in observational learning of action patterns

Huang, M.Y.ng; Shyu, C.Z.n; Lu, M.Y.h, 1996:
A comparison on the ammonia-N and nitrite-N in aquaculture system determined by different methods

Xu, X.C.ang; Zuo, L.P.ng; Zhou, X.C.en, 1994:
A comparison on the heat hardiness of the cutting leaves of 27 species of street trees

Rice, C.; Longabaugh, R.; Stout, R., L., 1997:
A comparison sample validation of Your Workplace: An instrument to measure perceived alcohol support and consequences from the work environment

Nie, Y.; Jiang, W.; Jiang, H., 1998:
A comparison study of 2-DE, surgery and pathological findings of mitral valve prolapse induced by different causes

Aoki, Y.; Katoh, O.; Nakanishi, Y.; Kuroki, S.; Yamada, H., 1994:
A comparison study of IFN-gamma, ADA, and CA125 as the diagnostic parameters in tuberculous pleuritis

Chen, Yong, 1997:
A comparison study of age- and length-structured yield-per-recruit models

Hao Lidan, Zhou Liming, 1997:
A comparison study of left ventricular systolic function by three echocardiographic methods in patients with coronary heart disease

Janaud, A.; Rouffy, J.; Upmalis, D.; Dain, M.P., 1992:
A comparison study of lipid and androgen metabolism with triphasic oral contraceptive formulations containing norgestimate or levonorgestrel

Iida, M.; Shiono, M.; Orime, Y.; Nakata, K.; Hata, M.; Sezai, A.; Yamada, H.; Kashiwazaki, S.; Kinoshita, J.; Nemoto, M.; Kohjima, T.; Sezai, Y.; Saitoh, T., 1996:
A comparison study of pulsatile and nonpulsatile circulation in renal and skin microcirculation: After cardiogenic shock

Warburton, D., W.; Arling, V.; Worobec, S.; Mackenzie, J.; Todd, E., C.D.; Lacasse, P.; Lamontagne, G.; Plante, R.; Shaw, S.; Bowen, B.; Konkle, A., 1994:
A comparison study of the EF-18 agar/Hydrophobic Grid Membrane Filter (HGMF) method and the enzyme linked antibody (ELA)/HGMF method to the HPB standard method in the isolation of Salmonella

Smith, I.E.; Dent, D.Z.; Coles, C.D.; Falek, A., 1992:
A comparison study of treated and untreated pregnant and postpartum cocaine-abusing women

Wang Hao, L.Zhuoren, 1997:
A comparison study on the effect of ouabain and digoxin on blood pressure of rats

Chai Xiuwu, Z.W.nlong; Zeng Haosheng, 1996:
A comparison study on the wood structure property of Eucalyptus from different geographical provenances

Scalia, F.; Eisner, S.; Galoyan, S.M.; Harris, E.; Su, W.; Lettvin, J.Y., 1997:
A compartment-based, asymmetric representation of the retina in an induced projection to the olfactory cortex

TambuttÉ; Allemand; Mueller; Jaubert, 1996:
A compartmental approach to the mechanism of calcification in hermatypic corals

Sorek, S.; Yakirevich, A.; Feinsod, M., 1996:
A compartmental brain model for chemical transport and CO2 controlled blood flow

Krishnamurti, C.R.; Ramberg, C.F.; Shariff, M.A.; Boston, R.C., 1997:
A compartmental model depicting short-term kinetic changes in selenium metabolism in ewes fed hay containing normal or inadequate levels of selenium

Kotzerke, J.; van den Hoff, J.; Burchert, W.; Wagner, T.F.; Emter, M.; Hundeshagen, H., 1996:
A compartmental model for alveolar clearance of pertechnegas

Oh, C.; Saville, B.A.; Cheng, Y.L.ng; Rootman, D.S., 1995:
A compartmental model for the ocular pharmacokinetics of cyclosporine in rabbits

Rathmacher, J.A.; Flakoll, P.J.; Nissen, S.L., 1995:
A compartmental model of 3-methylhistidine metabolism in humans

Gogerly, R.L.; Coghlan, J.P.; Morgenroth, P.; McDougall, J.G., 1993:
A compartmental model of acute stimulation of aldosterone secretion in vivo by potassium and ANG II

Duchateau Nguyen, G.; Weisbuch, G.; Peliti, L., 1995:
A compartmental model of endosymbiosis

Artzrouni, M.; Gouteux, J.P.ul, 1996:
A compartmental model of sleeping sickness in Central Africa

Sharma, N.; Hess, C.T.; Thrall, K.D., 1997:
A compartmental model of water radon contamination in the human body

Lowe, N.M.; Shames, D.M.; Woodhouse, L.R.; Matel, J.S.; Roehl, R.; Saccomani, M.P.; Toffolo, G.; Cobelli, C.; King, J.C., 1997:
A compartmental model of zinc metabolism in healthy women using oral and intravenous stable isotope tracers

Garris, P.A.; Ben Jonathan, N., 1993:
A compartmentalized chamber for studying dopamine neurons in an hypothalamo-pituitary explant

Bagyan, I.; Hobot, J.; Cutting, S., 1996:
A compartmentalized regulator of developmental gene expression in Bacillus subtilis

Labandeira, Conrad, C., 1994:
A compendium of fossil insect families

Decraemer, W.; Coomans, A., 1994:
A compendium of our knowledge of the free-living nematofauna of ancient lakes

Campbell, E.A.; Choi, S.Y.ng; Masure, H.R.bert, 1998:
A competence regulon in Streptococcus pneumoniae revealed by genomic analysis

Cole, D., A.; Martin, J., M.; Powers, B., 1997:
A competency-based model of child depression: A longitudinal study of peer, parent, teacher, and self-evaluations

Fusaro, R.E.; Bacchetti, P.; Jewell, N.P., 1996:
A competing risks analysis of presenting AIDS diagnoses trends

Rombaut, B.; Jore, J.; Boeye, A., 1994:
A competition immunoprecipitation assay of unlabeled poliovirus antigens

Dannemiller, J.L., 1998:
A competition model of exogenous orienting in 3.5-month-old infants

Zhou, N.M.; Matthys, P.; Polacek, C.; Fiten, P.; Sato, A.; Billiau, A.; Froyen, G., 1997:
A competitive RT-PCR method for the quantitative analysis of cytokine mRNAs in mouse tissues

Tarassishin, L.A.; Russell, W.C., 1994:
A competitive avidin-biotin ECL dot-blot assay for epitope mapping of monoclonal antibodies

Jordan, T.; Walus, L.; Velickovic, A.; Last, T.; Doctrow, S.; Liu, H., 1996:
A competitive chemiluminescent enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the determination of RMP-7 in human blood

Ogbonna, G.; Caines, P.S.; Catomeris, P.; Thibert, R.J.; Adeli, K., 1995:
A competitive chemiluminescent immunoassay for the sensitive measurement of apolipoprotein B100

Rettenberger, P.; Wilhelm, O.; Oi, H.; Weidle, U.H.; Goretzki, L.; Koppitz, M.; Lottspeich, F.; König, B.; Pessara, U.; Kramer, M.D., 1995:
A competitive chromogenic assay to study the functional interaction of urokinase-type plasminogen activator with its receptor

Parkkila, A.K.isa; Parkkila, S.; Serlo, W.; Reunanen, M.; Vierjoki, T.; Rajniemi, H., 1994:
A competitive dual-label time-resolved immunofluorometric assay for simultaneous detection of carbonic anhydrase I and II in cerebrospinal fluid

Deverre, J.R.; Boutet, V.; Boquet, D.; Ezan, E.; Grassi, J.; Grognet, J.M., 1997:
A competitive enzyme hybridization assay for plasma determination of phosphodiester and phosphorothioate antisense oligonucleotides

Watanabe, H.; Miyamoto, A.; Fukui, Y., 1997:
A competitive enzyme immunoassay for follicle-stimulating hormone in ovine plasma using biotin-streptavidin amplification

Wang, C.-Jin; Tian, Z.; Byrnes, K.; Lin, C.-Chung, 1992:
A competitive enzyme immunoassay for the direct determination of mometasone furoate (SCH 32088) in human plasma

Maranon, F.; Casanovas, M.; Berrens, L.; Olles, J.M.; Dieguez, M.A., 1994:
A competitive enzyme immunoassay subclass for the determination of total IgG-subclass levels in human serum

Wong, P.; Leyland-Jones, B.; Wainer, I., W., 1995:
A competitive enzyme linked immunosorbent assay for the determination of N-acetyltransferase (NAT2) phenotypes

Smith, D.S.; Kitts, D.D., 1994:
A competitive enzyme-linked immunoassay for domoic acid determination in human body fluids

Flesch, B.K.; Landmann, K.; Oschlies, I.; Wunderlich, M.; Neppert, J., 1997:
A competitive enzyme-linked immunoassay for the quantitation of soluble human immunoglobulin G and albumin in nanogram amounts

Anguita, G.; Martín, R.; García, T.; Morales, P.; Haza, A.I.; González, I.; Sanz, B.; Hernández, P.E., 1997:
A competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of bovine milk in ovine and caprine milk and cheese using a monoclonal antibody against bovine beta-casein

Mariani, M.; Luzzi, E.; Proietti, D.; Mancianti, S.; Casini, D.; Costantino, P.; van Gageldonk, P.; Berbers, G., 1998:
A competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for measuring the levels of serum antibody to Haemophilus influenzae type b

Karez, R.; Chapman, A.R.O., 1998:
A competitive hierarchy model integrating roles of physiological competence and competitive ability does not provide a mechanistic explanation for the zonation of three intertidal Fucus species in Europe

Poppe, F.; Rubach, K., 1997:
A competitive immunoassay for the determination of the herbicide fluazifop in drinking water and groundwater

Wilson, A.B.; McHugh, S.M.; Deighton, J.; Ewan, P.W.; Lachmann, P.J., 1993:
A competitive inhibition ELISA for the quantification of human interferon-gamma

Fang, J.L.ng; Rong, K.T.i; Liu, Y.Y.ng, 1992:
A competitive inhibition enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for trinitrotoluene-hemoglobin adducts

Zharova, T., V.; Vinogradov, A., D., 1997:
A competitive inhibition of the mitochondrial NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase (Complex I) by ADP-ribose

Breese, K.; Friedrich, T.; Figge, J., 1993:
A competitive inhibitor assay for SV40 T/pRB complex formation employing extracts of SV40-transformed human lung cells

Fisher, A.B.; Dodia, C.; Chander, A.; Jain, M., 1992:
A competitive inhibitor of a phospholipase A-2 decreases surfactant phosphatidylcholine degradation by the rat lung

Martin, K., A.; Gualberto, A.; Kolman, M., F.; Lowry, J.; Walsh, K., 1997:
A competitive mechanism of CArG element regulation by YY1 and SRF: Implications for assessment of Phox1/MHox transcription factor interactions at CArG elements

Aldsworth, T.G.; Sharman, R.L.; Dodd, C.E.; Stewart, G.S., 1998:
A competitive microflora increases the resistance of Salmonella typhimurium to inimical processes: evidence for a suicide response

Lichtinghagen, R.; Glaubitz, R., 1995:
A competitive polymerase chain reaction assay for reliable identification of Bordetella pertussis in nasopharyngeal swabs

Lanzillo, J.J.; Maloney, E.K.; White, A.C.; Stevens, J.; Fanburg, B., 1996:
A competitive quantitative polymerase chain reaction assay for bovine transforming growth factor-B1 mRNA

Rexin, M.; Feussner, G., 1998:
A competitive reverse transcription-PCR to study apolipoprotein epsilon gene expression

Hutchinson, M.; Faulkner, K.L.; Turner, P.J.; Haworth, S.J.; Sheikh, W.; Nadler, H.; Pitkin, D.H., 1995:
A compilation of meropenem tissue distribution data

Brasseur, G.; Saribas, A.S.mi; Daldal, F., 1996:
A compilation of mutations located in the cytochrome b subunit of the bacterial and mitochondrial bc-1 complex

Embey Isztin, A.; Dobosi, G.; James, D.; Downes, H.; Poultidis, C.; Scharbert, H.G., 1993:
A compilation of new major, trace element and isotope geochemical analyses of the young alkali basalts from the Pannonian basin

Matsuki, Y.; Nakashima, M.; Amizuka, N.; Warshawsky, H.; Goltzman, D.; Yamada, K.M.; Yamada, Y., 1995:
A compilation of partial sequences of randomly selected cDNA clones from the rat incisor

Schulz, M.; Schmoldt, A., 1994:
A compilation of therapeutic and toxic plasma drug concentrations

Fernandez, E.; Cuenca, N.; De-Juan, J., 1993:
A compiled BASIC program for analysis of spatial point patterns: Application to retinal studies

Kwok, S.F.; Piekos, B.; Misera, S.; Deng, X.W., 1996:
A complement of ten essential and pleiotropic arabidopsis COP/DET/FUS genes is necessary for repression of photomorphogenesis in darkness

Kuhn, H.-Monika; Brade, L.; Brade, H., 1992:
A complement-dependent enzyme immunoassay (C-EIA) with increased sensitivity for IgM-rich rabbit sera

Gilbert, D.; Courville, P.; Brard, F.; Joly, P.; Petit, S.; Bernardi, E.; Schoofs, A.R.; Lauret, P.; Tron, F., 1997:
A complementarity-determining region peptide of an anti-desmosome autoantibody may interact with the desmosomal plaque through molecular mimicry with a cytoplasmic desmoglein 1 sequence

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A complex between replication factor A (SSB) and DNA helicase stimulates DNA synthesis of DNA polymerase alpha on double-stranded DNA

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A complex consisting of human replication factor C p40, p37, and p36 subunits is a DNA-dependent ATPase and an intermediate in the assembly of the holoenzyme

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A complex consisting of pp60c-src/pp60c-srcN and a 38 kDa protein is highly enriched in growth cones from differentiated SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells

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A complex intronic splicing enhancer from the c-src pre-mRNA activates inclusion of a heterologous exon

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A complex of Cdc4p, Skp1p, and Cdc53p/Cullin catalyzes ubiquitination of the phosphorylated CDK inhibitor Sic1p

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A complex of NuMA an cytoplasmic dynein is essential for mitotic spindle assembly

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A complex of RAG-1 and RAG-2 proteins persists on DNA after single-strand cleavage at V(D)J recombination signal sequences

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A complex of methods for early diagnosis of premorbid states of the bronchopulmonary system and main forms of chronic unspecific lung diseases in those individuals having taken part in the elimination of the effects of Chernobyl accident

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A complex of rab3A, SNAP-25, VAMP/synaptobrevin-2 and syntaxins in brain presynaptic terminals

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A complex of the signal sequence binding protein and the SRP RNA promotes translocation of nascent proteins

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A complex of the soluble interleukin-6 receptor and interleukin-6 is internalized via the signal transducer gp130

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A complex patterns of traveling stripes is produced by swimming cells of Bacillus subtilis

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A complex regulatory element from the yeast gene ENO2 modulates GCR1-dependent transcriptional activation

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A complex structure in the mRNA of Tf1 is recognized and cleaved to generate the primer of reverse transcription

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A complex that contains proteins binding to the PSE and TATA sites in a human U6 small nuclear RNA promoter

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A complex twintron is excised as four individual introns

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A complex-valued associative memory for storing patterns as oscillatory states

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A complexity measure for selective matching of signals by the brain

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A complication of indoor pistol shooting

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A complication of percutaneous tracheostomy whilst using the Combitube for airway control

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A component of 5-HT-evoked depolarization of the rat isolated vagus nerve is mediated by a putative 5-HT-4 receptor

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A component of DNA double-strand break repair is dependent on the spatial orientation of the lesions within the higher-order structures of chromatin

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A component of the 26S proteasome binds an orphan member of the nuclear hormone receptor superfamily

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A component of the catecholamine secretory response in the bovine adrenal gland is resistant to dihydropyridines and omega-conotoxin

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A component of the chloroplast protein import apparatus functions in bacteria

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A composite DNA element in the promoter of the polymeric immunoglobulin receptor regulates its constitutive expression

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A composite element binding the vitamin D receptor, retinoid X receptor alpha, and a member of the CTF/NF-1 family of transcription factors mediates the vitamin D responsiveness of the c-fos promoter

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A composite estimate of primate phylogeny

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A composite model for establishing the microtubule arrays of the neuron

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A composite randomization procedure for measuring spectral shape discrimination

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A composite rating of trophic status of certain ponds of Gujarat, India

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A composite regulatory element in the first intron of the estrogen-responsive very low density apolipoprotein II gene

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A composite view of cardiac rupture in the United States National Registry of Myocardial Infarction

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A compositional map of the cen-q21 region of human chromosome 21

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A compound heterozygote patient with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome type VI has a deletion in one allele and a splicing defect in the other allele of the lysyl hydroxylase gene

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A comprehensive appraisal of 241Am in soils around Rocky Flats, Colorado

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A comprehensive approach for typing the alleles of the HLA-B locus by automated sequencing

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A comprehensive conservation strategy for Georgia's greenways

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A comprehensive definition of the major antibody specificities in polyclonal rabbit antithymocyte globulin

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A comprehensive electrophysiological study of vertebrate retinae irradiated by low power infrared laser light did not reveal biostimulative effects

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A computer program for application in epidemiological analysis

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A computer program for assessing interexaminer agreement when multiple ratings are made on a single subjects

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A computer program for calculation of LD-50

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A computer program for calculation of sample size

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A computer program for comprehensive ST-segment depression/heart rate analysis of the exercise ECG test

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A computer program for constructing multivariate reference models

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A computer program for construction of circular restriction maps

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A computer program for correlating dental plaque pH values, cH+, plaque titration, critical pH, resting pH and the solubility of enamel apatite

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A computer program for designing clinical trials with arbitrary survival curves and group sequential testing

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A computer program for designing oblique muscle surgery

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A computer program for estimating individualized probabilities of breast cancer

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A computer program for estimating the influence of the body bicarbonate pool during CO-2 breath tests

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A computer program for non-parametric analysis of incomplete repeated measures from two samples

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A computer program for non-parametric receiver operating characteristic analysis

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A computer program for predicting possible cytotoxic T lymphocyte epitopes based on HLA class I peptide-binding motifs

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A computer program for quantification of SH groups generated after reduction of monoclonal antibodies

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A computer program for regression analysis of repeated measures using generalized estimating equations

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A computer program for sample size and power calculations in the design of multi-arm and factorial clinical trials with survival time endpoints

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A computer program for simulating the performance of thick bed diffusive samplers

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A computer program for the algebraic determination of control coefficients in Metabolic Control Analysis

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A computer program for the analysis of biogeographic data

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A computer program for the analysis of chromatograms used in pharmacokinetic studies

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A computer program for the analysis of over-dispersed counts and proportions

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A computer program for the analysis of protein complex formation

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A computer program for the determination of most probable number and its confidence limits

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A computer program for the estimation of time of death

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A computer program for the life-tables

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A computer program for the statistical analysis of repeated event data using a mixed effects regression model

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A computer program for the study of synaptic transmission at the neuromuscular junction

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A computer program in QuickBasic for the selection of tests for the identification of Helicobacter pylori

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A computer program linking physiologically based pharmacokinetic model with cancer risk assessment for breast-fed infants

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A computer program relating solute potential to solution composition for five solutes

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A computer program that periodically monitors the ability to interpret the antinuclear antibody test

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A computer program to aid in calculating similarity indexes from DNA fingerprints

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A computer program to aid in visual concept development in dentistry

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A computer program to aid the sequencing of peptides in collision-activated decomposition experiments

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A computer program to assist with sampling design in the comparison of natural and constructed wetlands

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A computer program to calculate superoxide dismutase activity in crude extracts

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A computer program to determine the amino acid sequence of proteins by utilizing data obtained from peptide mixtures

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A computer program to estimate linkage between quantitative traits and restriction fragment length polymorphisms

Abell, M.T.; Kennedy, E.R., 1997:
A computer program to promote understanding of the monitoring method evaluation guidelines used at NIOSH

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A computer program to study the area perception of squares and rectangles

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A computer program using BALF-analysis results as a diagnostic tool in interstitial lung diseases

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A computer program using disposition decomposition analysis in pharmacodynamics

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A computer simulated test for the long-time change of heterozygote. Analysis of possibility on preserving the heterozygote for long-time in population

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A computer simulation evaluation of the role of mutations in finite populations on the response to directional selection: The generations required to attain maximum genetic variance

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A computer simulation for demonstrating and modelling predator-prey oscillations

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A computer simulation model for analysis of rise in skin temperature following irradiation with the GaAlAs diode laser

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A computer simulation model for predicting rates and scales of movement of demersal fish on the European continental shelf

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A computer simulation model for the spread of nosocomial infections caused by multidrug-resistant pathogens

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A computer simulation of free-volume distributions and related structural properties in a model lipid bilayer

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A computer simulation of intramolecular bond ordering of cis-octadecene chains

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A computer simulation of pulmonary perfusion in three dimensions

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A computer simulation of the blood flow at the aortic bifurcation with flexible walls

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A computer simulation of the dynamics of bubble growth and shrinkage during extrudate expansion

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A computer simulation of the haemodynamic effects of intracranial arteriovenous malformation occlusion

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A computer simulation of the impact of the Cordova Bridge traffic delays on the environment

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A computer simulation of the non-Newtonian blood flow at the aortic bifurcation

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A computer simulation of the plasma leakage through a vascular prosthesis made of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene

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A computer simulation of the static magnetic field distribution in the human head

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A computer simulation program for MR imaging: Application to RF and static magnetic field imperfections

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A computer simulation program for evaluation of the continuous heat treatment of particulate food products: Part 1. Design

Skjoldebrand, C.; Ohlsson, T., 1993:
A computer simulation program for evaluation of the continuous heat treatment of particulate food products: Part 2. Utilisation

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A computer simulation study of normal and abnormal hip joint contact pressure

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A computer simulation study on the effects of input function measurement noise in tracer kinetic modeling with positron emission tomography (PET)

Feng, D.; Wang, X.; Yan, H., 1994:
A computer simulation study on the input function sampling schedules in tracer kinetic modeling with positron emission tomography (PET)

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A computer software application for managing occupational exposure data

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A computer software for frequential analysis of slow intracranial pressure waves

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A computer system for analysis and integrated description of regulation of the molecular-genetic system of interferon induction and action

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A computer system for catchment management: Background, concepts and development

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A computer system for skeletal growth measurement

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A computer system to retrieve forensic medical data using the Internet

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A computer tool for constructing and integrating inferences into text representations

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A computer touch-screen apparatus for training visual discriminations in rats

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A computer vision based technique for 3-D sequence-independent structural comparison of proteins

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A computer vision system for diagnosing scoliosis using Moire images

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A computer-administered telephone interview to identify mental disorders

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A computer-aided 3-D geometry of acute and chronic zonal necrosis: three-D tangent counting applied in an attempt to re-examine the structure of the human liver

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A computer-aided procedure for measuring Hebb-Williams maze performance

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A computer-aided selection of oligonucleotide primer for polymerase chain reaction

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A computer-assisted molecular epidemiologic approach to confronting the reemergence of tuberculosis

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A computer-assisted operation for congenital aural malformations

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A computer-assisted quality-assurance model for burn intensive care applications

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A computer-assisted telephone interview technique for assessment of asthma morbidity and drug use in adult asthma

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A computer-assisted test for the electrophysiological and psychophysical measurement of dynamic visual function based on motion contrast

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A computer-assisted validation system for laboratory data in haematology: Valab-haemato

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A computer-based book on medical helminthology

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A computer-based development of the Biological Monitoring Working Party score system incorporating abundance rating, site type and indicator value

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A computer-based expert system designs and analyzes a 2(k-p) fractional factorial design for the formulation optimization of novel multicomponent liposomes

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A computer-based expert system for selecting strategies of treating stomach bleeding in cancer patients

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A computer-based flowcharting system for clinical protocols

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A computer-based multimedia instruction program for woody plant identification

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A computer-based ordering system for supplied in national tuberculosis programs

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A computer-based protocol for semiautomated assignments and 3D structure determination of proteins

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A computer-based reappraisal of the biological monitoring working party scores using a data from the 1990 river quality survey of England and Wales

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A computer-based servo system for controlling isotonic contractions of muscle

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A computer-based statistical pattern recognition for Doppler spectral waveforms of intracranial blood flow

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A computer-based system for the measurement of membrane capacitance to monitor exocytosis in secretory cells

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A computer-based tool for introducing turfgrass species

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A computer-controlled aortic and mitral valve occluder

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A computer-controlled apparatus for measuring and analysing myoclonic jerk activity in guinea pigs

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A computer-controlled conformal radiotherapy system. II: Sequence processor

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A computer-controlled conformal radiotherapy system. III: Graphical simulation and monitoring of treatment delivery

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A computer-controlled conformal radiotherapy system. IV: Electronic chart

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A computer-controlled electrogustometer for the estimation of evoked taste thresholds

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A computer-controlled experimental set-up enabling the quantification of motor performance in man, applied to mastication

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A computer-controlled maze environment for testing visual memory in the rat

Steinmeyer, J., 1997:
A computer-controlled mechanical culture system for biological testing of articular cartilage explants

White, H.D.; Walker, M.L.; Trinick, J., 1998:
A computer-controlled spraying-freezing apparatus for millisecond time-resolution electron cryomicroscopy

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A computer-controlled system for measuring dark adaptation and other psychophysical functions

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A computer-controlled system for post-stimulus time histogram and wind-up studies

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A computer-controlled temperature recording system and a new computation system for flexible heating stability experiments

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A computer-controlled ventilator weaning system. A clinical trial

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A computer-controlled, continuously circulating, hot irrigating system for endometrial ablation

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A computer-generated (Q-BASIC) program to construct Maucha diagrams

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A computer-interfaced falling ball viscometer

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A computer-stimulated restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of bacterial small-subunit rRNA genes: Efficacy of selected tetrameric restriction enzymes for studies of microbial diversity in nature

Krakau, C.E.T.; Lindberg, S.; Havelius, U., 1998 :
A computerised adaptometer

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A computerised bronchoscopy database providing reporting and auditing facilities

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A computerised cancer registry data and validation system in India: Its implications for developing countries

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A computerised equipment for thermoluminescence investigations

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A computerized acquisition technique for the Wingate anaerobic test

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A computerized adaptive testing system for speech discrimination measurement: the Speech Sound Pattern Discrimination Test

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A computerized analysis of intrinsic forces in the skin

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A computerized analysis of phrenic nerve discharge signal

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A computerized analysis system for vigilance studies

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A computerized artificial stomach model to assess sodium alginate-induced pH gradient

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A computerized autofluorescence and diffuse reflectance spectroanalyser system for in vivo skin studies

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A computerized battery of tests for memory assessment inspired by the cognitive approach

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A computerized connectivity approach for analyzing the structural basis of mutagenicity in Salmonella and its relationship with rodent carcinogenicity

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A computerized data base of mail order garments: A contribution toward estimating the frequency of fibre types found in clothing. Part 1. The system and its operations

Biermann, T.W.; Grieve, M.C., 1996:
A computerized data base of mail order garments: A contribution toward estimating the frequency of fibre types found in clothing. Part 2: The content of the data bank and its statistical evaluation

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A computerized diagnostic system for the interpretation of umbilical artery blood flow velocity waveforms

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A computerized graphic modelling method for the study of corals and coral reefs: A preliminary study

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A computerized grid walking system for evaluating the accuracy of locomotion in rats

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A computerized image analysis system for estimating Tanner-Whitehouse 2 bone age

Rossi, R.A.; Every, N.R., 1997 :
A computerized intervention to decrease the use of calcium channel blockers in hypertension

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A computerized method for detecting episodes of wakefulness during sleep based on the alpha slow-wave index (ASI)

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A computerized method for evaluating balance of occlusal load

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A computerized method of somatosensory evoked potentials (SEPs) monitoring: I. some characteristics of the model in healthy and diabetic rodents

Bjegovic, M.; Isgum, V.; Slijepcevic, M., 1996:
A computerized method of somatosensory evoked potentials monitoring. II. Advantage of the model for neuropathy studies in experimental diabetes

Bjegovic, M.; Isgum, V.; Slijepcevic, M., 1996:
A computerized method of somatosensory evoked potentials monitoring: III. Waveform shapes before and during glucose tolerance test in healthy male and female rats of advanced age

Rozemuller, E.H.; Tilanus, M.G.J., 1996:
A computerized method to predict the discriminatory properties for class II sequencing based typing

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A computerized modification of Sternberg memory test with additional perceptual distraction

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A computerized nationwide network for nosocomial infection surveillance in Belgium

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A computerized neural network method for pattern recognition of cocaine signatures

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A computerized procedure for developing and administering time perception protocols: Application to a sample of adults and adolescents

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A computerized system for acquisition and evaluation of polysomnographic recordings

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A computerized system for localization of diabetic lesions from fundus images

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A computerized system for morphometric analysis of digitized images of histologically prepared arterial cross sections

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A computerized system for radiographical evaluation in total hip arthroplasty

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A computerized system for sequential analysis of aggregation of erythrocytes under dynamic conditions

Badiani, A.; Mundl, W.J.; Cabilio, S., 1995:
A computerized system for the continuous recording and analysis of feeding, drinking, diuresis, and locomotor activity

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A computerized system for the simultaneous monitoring of place conditioning and locomotor activity in rats

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A computerized system to evaluate volumetric infusion pumps

Zimmerman, C.R.; Smolarek, R.T.; Stevenson, J.G., 1995:
A computerized system to improve documentation and reporting of pharmacists' clinical interventions, cost savings, and workload activities

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A computerized technique for analyzing lateral bending behavior of subjects with normal and impaired lumbar spine. A pilot study

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A computerized technique for vertebral morphometry

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A computerized three-dimensional atlas of the human skull and brain

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A computerized voiding diary

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A concatenated form of Epstein-Barr viral DNA in lymphoblastoid cell lines induced by transfection with BZLF1

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A concave tray with divergent block for desired dose distribution around shielded region in megavoltage radiation therapy

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A concealed penis mimicking penile agenesis in an infant with trisomy 13

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A concentrating two-phase partitioning: its application to isolation of plasma membrane from maize roots

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A concentration gradient of glucose from liver to plasma

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A concentration gradient of retinoids in the early Xenopus laevis embryo

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A concentration of Quails Coturnix coturnix at Hoeksche Waard in 1997

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A concentration of small Canada geese in an urban setting at Lubbock, Texas

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A concept for an integrative consideration of the drinking water and wastewater/sewage management

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A concept for treatment, rehabilitation and care of neurological and neurosurgical patients in Germany

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A concept of biological reserve

Rasnitsyn, S.P., 1996:
A concept of medical entomology: Evaluation of the effect of arthropods on human health

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A concept of postoperative pain reduction after herniorrhaphy

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A concept of the development of the mammalian rhombencephalon based on physical rotational forces

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A concept-coordinated escape reflex in the Mongolian gerbil

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A conception of setting-up a uniform state information system of transplantation in Ukraine

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A conceptual CSO emission model: SEWSIM

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A conceptual and quantitative analysis of 178 historical cases of dysmorphophobia

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A conceptual approach for evaluating the storage and release of contaminants derived from process based land degradation studies: An example from the Guadalentin basin, southeast Spain

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A conceptual approach of modelling an eel stock dynamics within a watershed: Interest and adaptation of a yield per recruit model

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A conceptual approach to the magical number 7

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A conceptual framework for analyzing axial patterning in regenerating urodele limbs

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A conceptual framework for enhancing and studying recruitment of marine fish stocks

Heather, N., 1998:
A conceptual framework for explaining drug addiction

Small, N., C.; Sledge, C., B.; Katz, J., N., 1994:
A conceptual framework for outcomes research in arthroscopic meniscectomy: Results of a nominal group process

Murphy Berman, Virginia, 1994:
A conceptual framework for thinking about risk assessment and case management in child protective service

Confer, D.R.; Logan, B.E., 1998:
A conceptual model describing macromolecules degradation by suspended cultures and biofilms

Jorissen, F.J.; D.S.igter, H.C.; Widmark, J.G.V., 1995:
A conceptual model explaining benthic foraminiferal microhabitats

Klee, George, 1997:
A conceptual model for establishing tolerance limits for analytic bias and imprecision based on variations in population test distributions

Newman, R.M., 1993:
A conceptual model for examining density dependence in the growth of stream trout

Bergstrom, D.M.; Tweedie, C.E., 1998:
A conceptual model for integrative studies for epiphytes: Nitrogen utilisation, a case study

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A conceptual model for work-related neck and upper-limb musculoskeletal disorders

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A conceptual model of distribution of capelin in the Barents Sea

Sharma, K.D.; Murthy, J.S.R., 1996:
A conceptual sediment transport model for arid regions

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A conceptual view of floc structure in the sweep floc domain

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A concerted effort to prevent shunt infection

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A concerted tryptophanyl-adenylate-dependent conformational change in Bacillus subtilis tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetase revealed by the fluorescence of Trp92

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A concertedly evolving region in Chironomus, unique within the telomere

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A concise access to a new class of selective anti-inflammatory steroid derivatives

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A concise account of Selaginella in Fiji

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A concise and stereoselective synthesis of threo-gamma-hydroxy-L-beta-lysine lactone

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A concise enantioselective synthesis of trans-olefin dipeptide isosteres

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A concise enantiospecific synthesis of analogues of monocerin

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A concise methodology for the stereoselective synthesis of O-glycosylated amino acid building blocks: complete 1H NMR assignments and their application in solid-phase glycopeptide synthesis

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A concise regioselective synthesis of hydroxyazaisoindolinones and their conversion into pyridopyridazinones

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A concise review of forest flora of Kerala

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A concise route to isocanthin-6-one

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A concise synthesis of aza-dipeptide isosteres

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A concise synthesis of either enantiomer of azatyrosine

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A concise synthesis of piperazine-2-carboxylic acids via beta-lactam-derived alpha-amino acid N-carboxy anhydrides

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A concise synthesis of the methyl esters of (10S)-hepoxilin B-3 and (10S)-trioxilin B-3

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A concise synthesis of the sex pheromone of Phtheochroa cranaodes (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

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A concise synthesis of thyroxine (T-4) and 3,5,3'-triiodo-L-thyronine (T-3)

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A concise synthetic approach to optically active taxol C-ring fragment

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A concise synthetic entry to substituted 2-aminothieno(2,3-d)pyrimidines via a Gewald precursor

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A concise, regio and stereoselective route to fluorinated protoberberines via tandem addition-cyclisation reactions of phthalide anions with 3,4-dihydroisoquinolines

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A concise, scaleable synthesis of narwedine

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