A new Frullania species (Trachycolea) from Portugal and Macaronesia, Frullania azorica sp. nov

Sim-Sim, M.; Sergio, C.; Mues, R.; Kraut, L.

Cryptogamie Bryologie et Lichenologie 16(2): 111-123


Accession: 008050355

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Observations on the morphology combined with computer-assisted analyses of phenetics (principal component analysis) as well as chemical detection and isolation of flavonoid and terpenoid compounds, have confirmed the existence of a new species, Frullania azorica. Frullania azorica is maintained within the subgenus Trachycolea, where it is possibly closely related to F. eboracensis though not easily separated from sterile forms of F. dilatata. The species occurs in Portugal and the Atlantic Islands (Azores, Madeira and Canaries).