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Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
Observations on the Umaria marine bed
10 years of hearing conservation in the Royal Air Force
Chocolate crumb - dairy ingredient for milk chocolate
Effect of daily gelatin ingestion on human scalp hair
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)
The Accraian Series:
The mechanism of the Liebermann-Burchard reaction of sterols and triterpenes and their esters
Cerebrovascular Doppler ultrasound studies (cv-Doppler)
Toria: PT-303 - first national variety
Hair growth promoting activity of tridax procumbens
Productivity of Pekin x Khaki Campbell ducks
A stable cytosolic expression of VH antibody fragment directed against PVY NIa protein in transgenic potato plant confers partial protection against the virus
Solar treatment of wheat loose smut
Swimmers itch in the Lake of Garda
Bactofugation and the Bactotherm process
The effects of prefrontal lobotomy on aggressive behavior in dogs
Visual rating scales for screening whorl-stage corn for resistance to fall armyworm
Breakdown of seamounts at the trench axis, viewed from gravity anomaly
Kooken; pennsylvania's toughest cave
Recovery of new dinosaur and other fossils from the Early Cretaceous Arundel Clay facies (Potomac Group) of central Maryland, U.S.A
Zubor horny (Bison bonasus) v prirodnych podmienkach Slovensku
The extended Widal test in the diagnosis of fevers due to Salmonella infection
Hair of the american mastodon indicates an adaptation to a semi aquatic habitat

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 8078

Chapter 8078 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

A simplified procedure for qualitative analysis of photosynthetic pigments from algal materials
, Japanese Journal of Phycology 42(1): 71-77 (1994)

A simplified procedure for studies of intestinal immunity in rabbits
, Journal of Immunological Methods 194(1): 49-58 (1996)

A simplified procedure for the physical development of the sulphide silver method to reveal synaptic zinc in combination with immunocytochemistry at light and electron microscopy
, Journal of Neuroscience Methods 79(1): 87-96 (1998)

A simplified procedure for the purification of trichosanthin (a type 1 ribosome inactivating protein) from Trichosanthes kirilowii root tubers
, Protein Expression and Purification 7(2): 143-146 (1996)

A simplified procedure of direct calorimetry for bedside monitoring of the resting metabolic rate
, European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology 71(1): 58-64 (1995)

A simplified protocol for pessary management
, Obstetrics and Gynecology 90(6): 990-994 (1997)

A simplified protocol of steroid injection for psoriatic nail dystrophy
, British Journal of Dermatology 138(1): 90-95 (1998)

A simplified quantitative cervical mucus penetration test
, Human Reproduction 12(6): 1184-1187 (1997)

A simplified questionnaire test to evaluate the ability of daily living activity in elderly women
, Japanese Journal of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine 43(2): 175-184 (1994)

A simplified radiochemical technique for measurements of net mercury methylation rates in aquatic systems near goldmining areas, Amazon, Brazil
, Science of the Total Environment 175(2): 151-162 (1995)

A simplified rapid method for restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis after bone marrow transplantation
, Journal of Immunological Methods 168(2): 183-185 (1994)

A simplified sample preparation method from various foods for PCR detection of pathogenic Yersinia enterocolitica: a possible model for other food pathogens
, Molecular and Cellular Probes 12(2): 79-83 (1998)

A simplified sampling procedure for field estimation of food consumption of Arctic charr Salvelinus alpinus using gillnets
, Journal of Fish Biology 44(1): 178-180 (1994)

A simplified schedule to integrate the hepatitis B vaccine into an expanded program of immunization in endemic countries
, Journal of Pediatrics 130(6): 981-986 (1997)

A simplified screening test for identifying people with low vision in developing countries
, Bulletin of the World Health Organization 74(5): 525-532 (1996)

A simplified serum-free method for preparation and cultivation of human granulosa-luteal cells
, Human Reproduction 12(3): 523-531 (1997)

A simplified silver diammine method for the staining of nucleic acids in polyacrylamide gels
, Electrophoresis 17(1): 20-25 (1996)

A simplified solution technique for carbon adsorption model
, Water Research 27(6): 1033-1040 (1993)

A simplified squalene epoxidase assay based on an HPLC separation and time-dependent UV/visible determination of squalene
, Analytical Biochemistry 252(1): 19-23 (1997)

A simplified strong ion model for acid-base equilibria: application to horse plasma
, Journal of Applied Physiology 83(1): 297-311 (1997)

A simplified surfactant dosing procedure in respiratory distress syndrome: The side-hole randomized study
, Acta Paediatrica 86(7): 747-751 (1997)

A simplified surveillance case definition of AIDS derived from empirical clinical data
, Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes 5(12): 1212-1223 (1992)

A simplified system for generating recombinant adenoviruses
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 95(5): 2509-2514 (1998)

A simplified technic for rapid denudation of bovine oocytes
, Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinaria e Zootecnia 49(4): 425-432 (1997)

A simplified technique for decerebrating rats
, Hua Xi Yi Ke da Xue Xue Bao 24(3): 343-345 (1993)

A simplified technique for determining foot progression angle in children 4 to 16 years of age
, Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics 16(5): 570-574 (1996)

A simplified technique for determining the sensitivity of cytomegalovirus strains to ganciclovir
, Journal of Virological Methods 60(1): 59-64 (1996)

A simplified technique for embryo biopsy: use of the same micropipette for zona drilling and blastomere aspiration
, Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics 14(3): 157-161 (1997)

A simplified technique for histologic analysis of central nervous system tissues using glycol-methacrylate plastic coupled with pre-embedding immunocytochemistry
, Journal of Neuroscience Methods 54(1): 23-29 (1994)

A simplified technique for lengthening peritoneal catheters
, British Journal of Neurosurgery 6(5): 475-476 (1992)

A simplified technique for percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy
, Surgical Endoscopy 6(5): 261-262 (1992)

A simplified technique for ureteroneocystostomy in renal transplantation
, World Journal of Urology 14(4): 236-238 (1996)

A simplified technique of distal locking screw fixation of tibial interlocking nail
, Chung-Ang Journal of Medicine 20(1): 43-49 (1995)

A simplified template approach towards the synthesis of a potent beta-3 adrenoceptor agonist at the human receptor
, Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters 7(2): 219-224 (1997)

A simplified testing system to evaluate performance after transplantation of human skin preserved in glycerol or in liquid nitrogen
, Journal of Burn Care and Rehabilitation 14(4): 435-439 (1993)

A simplified two-time-point method for measuring whole-body protein synthesis in chicken embryos cultured in vitro: response to fragmented bovine growth hormone
, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Comparative Physiology 106(4): 635-639 (1993)

A simplified vaccinologists' vaccinology and the pursuit of a vaccine against AIDS
, Vaccine 16(8): 778-793 (1998)

A simplified, competitive RT-PCR method for measuring rat IFN-gamma mRNA expression
, Journal of Immunological Methods 195(1-2): 139-148 (1996)

A simplified, single-lead unipolar transvenous cardioversion-defibrillation system
, Circulation 88(2): 543-547 (1993)

A simulated "cocktail party" with up to three sound sources
, Perception and Psychophysics 58(7): 1026-1036 (1996)

A simulated insect diet as a water source for quail: Effects on body mass and reproduction
, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Part A Physiology 111(2): 299-302 (1995)

A simulated post-angioplasty low molecular weight heparin schedule in a non-human primate model
, Thrombosis Research 70(4): 295-306 (1993)

A simulation approach for evaluating management decisions for grassland-based beef production systems in the low-altitude region of Kyushu: Land use, animal density and target liveweight gain
, Grassland Science 43(4): 335-351 (1998)

A simulation approach to the two-point stochastic model of olfactory neurons
, General Physiology and Biophysics 13(5): 341-356 (1994)

A simulation experiment to quantify spatial heterogeneity in categorical maps
, Ecology (tempe). 75(8): 2446-2455 (1994)

A simulation model for Spodoptera litura F. (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) population development on tobacco
, MARDI Research Journal 22(2): 169-178 (1994)

A simulation model for chemical spills in the upper St. Lawrence River
, Journal of Great Lakes Research 21(4): 652-664 (1995)

A simulation model for evaluating seasonal closures in Australia's multispecies northern prawn fishery
, North American Journal of Fisheries Management 17(1): 114-130 (1997)

A simulation model for glucose kinetics and estimates of glucose utilization rate in type 1 diabetic patients
, American Journal of Physiology 268(4 Pt 1): E766-E774 (1995)

A simulation model for the description of the one-dimensional vertical soil water flow in the unsaturated zone
, Ecological Modelling 75-76: 269-278 (1994)

A simulation model for the metabolism of yolk sac larvae of the African catfish, Clarias gariepinus (Brucehll)
, Aquaculture and Fisheries Management 24(3): 431-443 (1993)

A simulation model for the primary drying phase of the freeze-drying cycle
, International Journal Of Pharmaceutics (amsterdam). 114(2): 159-170 (1995)

A simulation model including ovulation rate, potential embryonic viability, and uterine capacity to explain litter size in mice: II. Responses to alternative criteria of selection
, Journal of Animal Science 75(3): 652-656 (1997)

A simulation model of PCB dynamics in the Lake Ontario pelagic food web
, Ecological Modelling 93(1-3): 43-56 (1996)

A simulation model of a deep meiobenthic compartment: A preliminary approach
, Marine Ecology 14(2): 159-173 (1993)

A simulation model of ammonia dynamics in commercial catfish ponds in the southeastern United States
, Aquacultural Engineering 16(1-2): 27-43 (1997)

A simulation model of clustered breast microcalcifications
, Medical Physics 21(12): 1865-1874 (1994)

A simulation model of growth dynamics in a mixed forest (Abies sachalinesis - Quercus mongolica var. grosseserata) in the Shiretoko National Park, Northern Japan
, Japanese Journal of Ecology 46(2): 133-146 (1996)

A simulation model of helicopter disturbance of molting Pacific black brant
, Ecological Modelling 73(3-4): 293-309 (1994)

A simulation model of kenaf for assisting fibre industry planning in northern Australia: IV. Analysis of climatic risk
, Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 44(4): 713-730 (1993)

A simulation model of lagoon algae based on nitrogen competition and internal storage
, Ecological Monographs 64(2): 225-247 (1994)

A simulation model of the cost of the incidence of IDDM in Spain
, Diabetologia 40(3): 311-318 (1997)

A simulation model of the dynamics of HIV transmission in intravenous drug users
, Computers and Biomedical Research An International Journal 29(4): 338-349 (1996)

A simulation model of the epidemiology of urban dengue fever: literature analysis, model development, preliminary validation, and samples of simulation results
, American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 53(5): 489-506 (1995)

A simulation model of tree architecture development based on growth response to local light environment
, Journal of Plant Research 107(1087): 321-330 (1994)

A simulation model to asses the effect of afforestation on ground-water resources in deep sandy soils
, Water S A 18(4): 265-272 (1992)

A simulation model to describe epidemics of rust of Phaseolus beans: I. Development of the model and sensitivity analysis
, Phytopathology 85(6): 715-721 (1995)

A simulation model to describe epidemics of rust of Phaseolus beans: II. Validation
, Phytopathology 85(6): 722-727 (1995)

A simulation of P element horizontal transfer in Drosophila
, Genetica 100(1-3): 295-307 (1997)

A simulation of Wright's shifting-balance process: Migration and the three phases
, Evolution 48(1): 69-80 (1994)

A simulation of emission and transmission noise propagation in cardiac SPECT imaging with nonuniform attenuation correction
, Medical Physics 21(10): 1565-1576 (1994)

A simulation of grouping: An aggregating random walk
, Ecological Modelling 79(1-3): 159-165 (1995)

A simulation of subtractive hybridization
, Nucleic Acids Research 26(6): 1440-1448 (1998)

A simulation of three-dimensional systolic flow dynamics in a spherical ventricle: effects of abnormal wall motion
, Annals of Biomedical Engineering 24(1): 48-57 (1996)

A simulation study comparing tests for the equality of coefficients of variation
, Statistics in Medicine 17(17): 2003-2014 (1998)

A simulation study comparing two approximations for a quasi t-Quantile, used in repeated measures anova
, Statistics in Medicine 13(16): 1657-1663 (1994)

A simulation study of cross-validation for selecting an optimal cutpoint in univariate survival analysis
, Statistics in Medicine 15(20): 2203-2213 (1996)

A simulation study of estimators for rates of change in longitudinal studies with attrition
, Statistics in Medicine 14(3): 283-297 (1995)

A simulation study of external counterpulsation
, Computers in Biology and Medicine 24(2): 145-156 (1994)

A simulation study of microevolutionary inferences by spatial autocorrelation analysis
, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 60(1): 73-93 (1997)

A simulation study of responses of the northeast China transect to elevated CO-2 and climate change
, Ecological Applications 7(2): 470-483 (1997)

A simulation study of the electromyographic volley at initiation of rapid isometric contractions in the first dorsal interosseous muscle
, Brain Research Bulletin 43(6): 537-542 (1997)

A simulation study of the number of events per variable in logistic regression analysis
, Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 49(12): 1373-1379 (1996)

A simulation study of the spatio-temporal dynamics of the unionid mussels
, Ecological Modelling 95(2-3): 171-180 (1997)

A simulation study of vertical jumping from different starting postures
, Journal of Biomechanics 29(9): 1137-1146 (1996)

A simulation study on designing experiments to measure the K-m of Michaelis-Menten kinetics curves
, Journal of Theoretical Biology 178(3): 239-254 (1996)

A simulation study on magnetic source imaging with a realistic model of the entire human heart
, Biomedizinische Technik. Biomedical Engineering 40(6): 168-174 (1995)

A simulation study on the accumulation of added rare earth elements in aquatic ecosystem
, Huanjing Kexue 17(2): 29-31, 93 (1996)

A simulation study to determine optimal insulin priming during glucose clamp studies
, Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 41(3-4): 231-241 (1994)

A simulation study used to design the sequential monitoring plan for a clinical trial
, Statistics in Medicine 14(20): 2227-2237 (1995)

A simulation test of Smith's "Degrees of freedom" correction for comparative studies
, American Journal of Physical Anthropology 98(3): 355-367 (1995)

A simultaneous (15)N, (1)H- and (13)C, (1)H-HSQC with sensitivity enhancement and a heteronuclear gradient echo
, Journal of Biomolecular NMR 5(1): 97-102 (1995)

A simultaneous assay for acadesine (AICA-riboside) and acadesine 5'-monophosphate using ion-pair reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography
, Journal of Liquid Chromatography 17(11): 2373-2381 (1994)

A simultaneous assay of the differentiating agents, phenylacetic acid and phenylbutyric acid, and one of their metabolites, phenylacetyl-glutamine, by reversed-phase, high performance liquid chromatography
, Journal of Liquid Chromatography 17(13): 2895-2900 (1994)

A simultaneous determination of Honokiol and magnolol in kampo medicines containing Magnolia bark by ion-pair high-performance liquid chromatography
, Yakugaku Zasshi 114(10): 799-802 (1994)

A simultaneous determination of daidzin and puerarin and determination of daidzein in Oriental pharmaceutical decoctions containing puerariae radix by ion-pair high-performance liquid chromatography
, Yakugaku Zasshi: Journal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan 113(12): 881-889 (1993)

A simultaneous determination of evodiamine and rutaecarpine in oriental pharmaceutical decoctions containing Evodia fruit by ion-pair high-performance liquid chromatography
, Yakugaku Zasshi: Journal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan 116(1): 59-64 (1996)

A simultaneous determination of honokiol and magnolol in oriental pharmaceutical decoctions containing magnolia bark by ion-pair high-performance liquid chromatography
, Yakugaku Zasshi: Journal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan 113(2): 155-158 (1993)

A simultaneous determination of main components in oriental pharmaceutical decoction Shigyaku-san by ion-pair high-performance liquid chromatography
, Natural Medicines 51(3): 186-189 (1997)

A simultaneous electrocardiogram is important when electroencephalography is used in the evaluation of loss of consciousness
, Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology 90(3): 246-248 (1994)

A simultaneous evaluation method of purity and apparent stability constant of Ca-chelating agents and selectivity coefficient of Ca-selective electrodes
, Cell Calcium 15(3): 199-208 (1994)

A simultaneous evaluation of 10 commonly used physical activity questionnaires
, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 25(1): 81-91 (1993)

A simultaneous multielement flame atomic absorption study for the removal of lead, zinc, and copper by an algal biomass
, Journal of Environmental Science and Health Part A Environmental Science and Engineering 28(7): 1483-1493 (1993)

A simultaneous negative and positive selection method that can detect chimerism at a frequency of 1 per 10,000 by flow cytometry
, Tissue Antigens 50(2): 197-201 (1997)

A simultaneous study of Doppler-echo and catheterization in noninvasive assessment of the left ventricular dp/dt
, Clinical Cardiology 16(5): 422-428 (1993)

A simultaneous survival rate analysis of dead recovery and live recapture data
, Biometrics 51(4): 1418-1428 (1995)

A simultaneous three-color T cell subsets analysis with single laser flow cytometers using T cell gating protocol. Comparison with conventional two-color immunophenotyping method
, Journal of Immunological Methods 156(2): 151-162 (1992)

A sinapic derivative as an induced defence compound of date palm against Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. albedinis, the agent causing Bayoud disease
, Journal of Phytopathology (Berlin) 145(8-9): 329-333 (1997)

A Sindbis virus mRNA polynucleotide vector achieves prolonged and high level heterologous gene expression in vivo
, Nucleic Acids Research 23(9): 1495-1501 (1995)

A single course of 2-chloro-deoxyadenosine does not eradicate leukemic cells in hairy cell leukemia patients in complete remission
, Leukemia 8(7): 1153-1156 (1994)

A single (3H)thymidine-based limiting dilution analysis to determine HTLp and CTLp frequencies for bone marrow donor selection
, Bone Marrow Transplantation 20(2): 149-155 (1997)

A single 16S ribosomal RNA substitution is responsible for resistance to amikacin and other 2-deoxystreptamine aminoglycosides in Mycobacterium abscessus and Mycobacterium chelonae
, Journal of Infectious Diseases 177(6): 1573-1581 (1998)

A single 210-mumol oral dose of retinol does not enhance the immune response in children with measles
, Journal of Nutrition 124(9): 1604-1614 (1994)

A single 43-bp sopC repeat of plasmid mini-F is sufficient to allow assembly of a functional nucleoprotein partition complex
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 91(17): 8027-8031 (1994)

A single Arabidopsis GF14 isoform possesses biochemical characteristics of diverse 14-3-3 homologues
, Plant molecular biology 25(4): 659-667 (1994)

A single BIR domain of XIAP sufficient for inhibiting caspases
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 273(14): 7787-7790 (1998)

A single C2 domain from synaptotagmin I is sufficient for high affinity Ca2+/phospholipid binding
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 268(35): 26386-26390 (1993)

A single cis-acting element in a short promoter segment of the gene encoding the interphotoreceptor retinoid-binding protein confers tissue-specific expression
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 270(3): 1289-1294 (1995)

A single EGF-like motif of laminin is responsible for high affinity nidogen binding
, Embo Journal 12(5): 1879-1885 (1993)

A single G to A nucleotide transition in exon IV of the lecithin: cholesterol acyltransferase (LCAT) gene results in an Arg140 to His substitution and causes LCAT-deficiency
, Human Genetics 96(1): 105-109 (1995)

A single G-to-C change causes human centromere TGGAA repeats to fold back into hairpins
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 93(22): 12159-12164 (1996)

A single GAL4 dimer can maximally activate transcription under physiological conditions
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 92(17): 7677-7680 (1995)

A single N-2-acetylaminofluorene adduct alters the footprint of T7 (exo-) DNA polymerase bound to a model primer-template junction
, Mutation Research 407(1): 35-45 (1998)

A single N-linked glycosylation site is implicated in the regulation of ligand recognition by the I-type lectins CD22 and CD33
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 271(31): 18803-18809 (1996)

A single P1 clone bearing three genes from human chromosome 11p15.5: HRC1, HRAS1, and RNH
, Genetic Analysis Techniques and Applications 11(5-6): 165-170 (1994)

A single PCR marker in strong allelic association with the infantile form of neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis facilitates reliable prenatal diagnostics and disease carrier identification
, European journal of human genetics: EJHG 1(2): 125-132 (1993)

A single STAT recruitment module in a chimeric cytokine receptor complex is sufficient for STAT activation
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 272(8): 5269-5274 (1997)

A single Ser-180 mutation desensitizes feedback inhibition of the phenylalanine-sensitive 3-deoxy-D-arabino-heptulosonate 7-phosphate (DAHP) synthetase in Escherichia coli
, Journal of Biochemistry 116(5): 986-990 (1994)

A single Ser259Arg mutation in the gene for lipoprotein lipase causes chylomicronemia in Moroccans of Berber ancestry
, Human Mutation 10(3): 179-185 (1997)

A single T cell receptor recognizes structurally distinct MHC/peptide complexes with high specificity
, Journal of Experimental Medicine 184(3): 1017-1026 (1996)

A single TCR antagonist peptide inhibits experimental allergic encephalomyelitis mediated by a diverse T cell repertoire
, Journal of Immunology 153(7): 3326-3336 (1994)

A single accidental exposure may result in a chemical burn, primary sensitization and allergic contact dermatitis
, Contact Dermatitis 31(4): 229-235 (1994)

A single administration of LFA-1 antibody confers prolonged allograft survival
, Transplantation 55(2): 418-422 (1993)

A single administration of d-amphetamine prior to stimulus pre-exposure and conditioning attenuates latent inhibition
, Psychopharmacology 130(2): 79-84 (1997)

A single administration of ethanol simultaneously increases c-fos mRNA and reduces c-jun mRNA in the hypothalamus and hippocampus
, Brain Research. Molecular Brain Research 24(1-4): 185-191 (1994)

A single administration of tetanus toxoid in biodegradable microspheres elicits T cell and antibody responses similar or superior to those obtained with aluminum hydroxide
, Vaccine 13(7): 683-689 (1995)

A single allele from the polymorphic CCG rich sequence immediately 3' to the unstable CAG trinucleotide in the IT15 cDNA shows almost complete disequilibrium with Huntington's disease chromosomes in the Scottish population
, Human Molecular Genetics 3(1): 173-175 (1994)

A single amino acid can switch the oligomerization state of the alpha-helical coiled-coil domain of cartilage matrix protein
, Embo Journal 16(13): 3767-3777 (1997)

A single amino acid change converts an inhibitory transcription factor into an activator
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 271(20): 11631-11633 (1996)

A single amino acid change determines persistence of a chimeric Theiler's virus
, Journal of Virology 68(5): 3364-3368 (1994)

A single amino acid changes enhances the fusion promotion activity of human parainfluenza virus type 1 hemagglutinin-neuraminidase glycoprotein
, Virology 209(2): 654-657 (1995)

A single amino acid change in AngR, a protein encoded by pJM1-like virulence plasmids, results in hyperproduction of anguibactin
, Infection and Immunity 61(8): 3228-3233 (1993)

A single amino acid change in Escherichia coli glycerol kinase abolishes glucose control of glycerol utilization in vivo
, Journal of Bacteriology 178(10): 2846-2852 (1996)

A single amino acid change in Raf-1 inhibits Ras binding and alters Raf-1 function
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 91(13): 5982-5986 (1994)

A single amino acid change in SNM1-encoded protein leads to thermoconditional deficiency for DNA cross-link repair in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
, Mutation Research 315(3): 275-279 (1994)

A single amino acid change in human O6-alkylguanine-DNA alkyltransferase decreasing sensitivity to inactivation by O6-benzylguanine
, Cancer Research 53(20): 4750-4753 (1993)

A single amino acid change in protein synthesis initiation factor 4G renders cap-dependent translation resistant to picornaviral 2A proteases
, Biochemistry 35(49): 15726-15733 (1996)

A single amino acid change in the E2 spike protein of a virulent strain of Semliki Forest virus attenuates pathogenicity
, Journal of General Virology 75: 663-668 (1994)

A single amino acid change in the acetylcholinesterase-like domain of thyroglobulin causes congenital goiter with hypothyroidism in the cog/cog mouse: A model of human endoplasmic reticulum storage diseases
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 95(17): 9909-9913 (1998)

A single amino acid change in the cytoplasmic domain of the simian immunodeficiency virus transmembrane molecule increases envelope glycoprotein expression on infected cells
, Journal of Virology 69(9): 5217-5227 (1995)

A single amino acid change in the glycoprotein of lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus is associated with the ability to cause growth hormone deficiency syndrome
, Journal of Virology 70(12): 8438-8443 (1996)

A single amino acid change in the hemagglutinin protein of measles virus determines its ability to bind CD46 and reveals another receptor on marmoset B cells
, Journal of Virology 72(4): 2905-2916 (1998)

A single amino acid change in the yeast retrotransposon Ty5 abolishes targeting to silent chromatin
, Molecular Cell 1(7): 1051-1055 (1998)

A single amino acid determines differences in ethanol actions on strychnine-sensitive glycine receptors
, Molecular Pharmacology 50(2): 402-406 (1996)

A single amino acid determines the subunit-specific spider toxin block of alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methylisoxazole-4-propionate/kainate receptor channels
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 90(14): 6528-6532 (1993)

A single amino acid difference accounts for the pharmacological distinctions between the rat and human 5-hydroxytryptamine1B receptors
, Journal of Neurochemistry 60(1): 380-383 (1993)

A single amino acid difference between cyclooxygenase-1 (COX-1) and -2 (COX-2) reverses the selectivity of COX-2 specific inhibitors
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 271(26): 15810-15814 (1996)

A single amino acid difference confers major pharmacological variation between human and rodent 5-HT-1B receptors
, Nature (London) 360(6400): 161-163 (1992)

A single amino acid difference is sufficient to elicit vegetative incompatibility in the fungus Podospora anserina
, Genetics 135(1): 45-52 (1993)

A single amino acid difference within the folate transporter encoded by the murine RFC-1 gene selectively alters its interaction with folate analogues. Implications for intrinsic antifolate resistance and directional orientation of the transporter within the plasma membrane of tumor cells
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 273(5): 2526-2531 (1998)

A single amino acid exchange abolishes dimerization of the androgen receptor and causes Reifenstein syndrome
, Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology 111(1): 93-98 (1995)

A single amino acid exchange, Arg-45 to Ala, generates an epidermal growth factor (EGF) mutant with high affinity for the chicken EGF receptor
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 270(38): 22337-22343 (1995)

A single amino acid in the PB2 gene of influenza A virus is a determinant of host range
, Journal of Virology 67(4): 1761-1764 (1993)

A single amino acid in the SH3 domain of Hck determines its high affinity and specificity in binding to HIV-1 Nef protein
, Embo Journal 14(20): 5006-5015 (1995)

A single amino acid mutation enhances the thermal stability of Escherichia coli malate dehydrogenase
, European Journal of Biochemistry 224(1): 249-255 (1994)

A single amino acid mutation in CDR3 of the 3-14-9 L chain abolished expression of the IDA 10-defined idiotope and antigen binding
, Journal of Immunology 149(5): 1605-1612 (1992)

A single amino acid of the cholecystokinin B-gastrin receptor determines specificity for non-peptide antagonists
, Nature (London) 362(6418): 348-350 (1993)

A single amino acid residue can determine the ligand specificity of E-selectin
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 270(23): 14047-14055 (1995)

A single amino acid substitution (G103D) in the type II collagen triple helix produces Kniest dysplasia
, Human Molecular Genetics 3(11): 1999-2003 (1994)

A single amino acid substitution (Glu134 fwdarw Ala) in NhaR1 increases the inducibility by Na+ of the product of nhaA, a Na+/H+ antiporter gene in Escherichia coli
, EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organization) Journal 13(8): 1981-1989 (1994)

A single amino acid substitution (Leu160His) in cytochrome P450 CYP2A6 causes switching from 7-hydroxylation to 3-hydroxylation of coumarin
, Food and Chemical Toxicology: An International Journal Published for the British Industrial Biological Research Association 35(9): 903-907 (1997)

A single amino acid substitution abolishes the heterogeneity of chimeric mouse/human (IgG4) antibody
, Molecular Immunology 30(1): 105-108 (1993)

A single amino acid substitution at N-terminal region of coat protein of turnip mosaic virus alters antigenicity and aphid transmissibility
, Archives of Virology 140(3): 453-467 (1995)

A single amino acid substitution can restore the solubility of aggregated colicin A mutants in Escherichia coli
, Protein Engineering 7(12): 1495-1500 (1994)

A single amino acid substitution in Staphylococcus aureus dihydrofolate reductase determines trimethoprim resistance
, Journal of Molecular Biology 266(1): 23-30 (1997)

A single amino acid substitution in a cytochrome c T cell stimulatory peptide changes the MHC restriction element from one isotype (I-Ak) to another (I-Ek)
, Molecular Immunology 30(6): 569-575 (1993)

A single amino acid substitution in core residues of S-antigen prevents experimental autoimmune uveitis
, Journal of Immunology 152(9): 4699-4705 (1994)

A single amino acid substitution in elongation factor Tu disrupts interaction between the ternary complex and the ribosome
, Journal of Bacteriology 175(1): 240-250 (1993)

A single amino acid substitution in ribonucleolytic toxin restrictocin abolishes its specific substrate recognition activity
, Biochemistry 36(44): 13693-13699 (1997)

A single amino acid substitution in somatostatin receptor subtype 5 increases affinity for somatostatin-14
, Molecular Pharmacology 47(1): 82-87 (1995)

A single amino acid substitution in the H-2Kb molecule generates a defined allogeneic epitope
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A single amino acid substitution in the V1 loop of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 gp120 alters cellular tropism
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A single amino acid substitution in the capsid protein VP1 of Coxsackievirus B3 (CVB3) alters plaque phenotype in Vero cells but not cardiovirulence in a mouse model
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A single amino acid substitution in the exoplasmic domain of the human growth hormone (GH) receptor confers familial GH resistance (Laron syndrome) with positive GH-binding activity by abolishing receptor homodimerization
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A single amino acid substitution in the human and a bacterial hypoxanthine phosphoribosyltransferase modulates specificity for the binding of guanine
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A single amino acid substitution in the pleckstrin homology domain of phospholipase C delta1 enhances the rate of substrate hydrolysis
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A single amino acid substitution in zinc finger 2 of Adr1p changes its binding specificity at two positions in UAS1
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A single amino acid substitution is sufficient to modify the mitogenic properties of the epidermal growth factor receptor to resemble that of gp185erbB-2
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A single amino acid substitution within the mature sequence of ornithine aminotransferase obstructs mitochondrial entry of the precursor
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A single amino acid switch within the "hinge" region of the tryptophan synthase beta subunit of Escherichia coli that leads to diminished association with alpha subunit and arrested conversion of ESII to product
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A single amino-acid substitution in the EP2 prostaglandin receptor confers responsiveness to prostacyclin analogs
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A single amino-acid substitution in the Ets domain alters core DNA binding specificity of Ets1 to that of the related transcription factors Elf1 and E74
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A single ancestral gene of the human LIM domain oncogene family LMO in Drosophila: characterization of the Drosophila Dlmo gene
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A single and a 1-month repeated subcutaneous dose toxicity study of an injection solutions containing dibucaine hydrochloride and betamethasone sodium phosphate as principle ingredients (HVS-303) in rats
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A single and early migration for the peopling of the Americas supported by mitochondrial DNA sequence data
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A single arginine residue determines species specificity of the human growth hormone receptor
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A single aspartate residue is involved in both intrinsic gating and blockage by Mg2+ of the inward rectifier, IRK1
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A single assay for measuring the rates of phagocytosis and bacterial killing by neutrophils
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A single ataxia telangiectasia gene with a product similar to PI-3 kinase
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A single autophosphorylation site confers oncogenicity to the Neu/ErbB-2 receptor and enables coupling to the MAP kinase pathway
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A single basal application of controlled-release coated urea to rice cultures using pot seedlings in a cool region
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A single base change altered the regulation of the Waxy gene at the posttranscriptional level during the domestication of rice
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A single base mutation in COL5A2 causes Ehlers-Danlos syndrome type II
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A single base pair deletion in the promoter region of the factor IX gene is associated with haemophilia B
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A single base pair polymorphism in the WT1 gene detected by single-strand conformation polymorphism analysis
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A single bifunctional enzyme, PilD, catalyzes cleavage and N-methylation of proteins belonging to the type IV pilin family
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A single binding mode of activated enediyne C1027 generates two types of double-strand DNA lesions: deuterium isotope-induced shuttling between adjacent nucleotide target sites
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A single binding site for dilysine retrieval motifs and p23 within the gamma subunit of coatomer
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A single bone density measurement can predict fractures over 25 years
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A single bout of exercise induces a transient alteration in gene expression of the insulin signaling pathway
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A single bout of exhaustive exercise affects integrated baroreflex function after 16 days of head-down tilt
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A single cDNA, hTFIIA/alpha, encodes both the p35 and p19 subunits of human TFIIA
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A single calcium binding site is crucial for the calcium-dependent thermal stability of thermolysin-like proteases
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A single capsaicin injection partially depletes neuropeptides but does not ameliorate inflammation severity in established feline antigen induced arthritis
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A single cell complementation class is common to several cases of cytochrome c oxidase-defective Leigh's syndrome
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A single cell gel electrophoresis technique for the detection of DNA damage induced by ACNU, an alkylating agent or irradiation in murine glioma cell lines
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A single center experience with renal transplantation in young children
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A single center randomized study comparing the efficacy of sulbactam/cefoperazone plus Amikacin vs Ceftazidime plus Amikacin in febrile neutropenic patients
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A single centre's 10 year experience with isolated limb perfusion in the treatment of recurrent malignant melanoma of the limb
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A single chain 19-kDa fragment from bovine thrombospondin binds to type V collagen and heparin
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A single chain Fv derived from a filamentous phage library has distinct tumor targeting advantages over one derived from a hybridoma
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A single chain Fv fragment of P-glycoprotein-specific monoclonal antibody C219. Design, expression, and crystal structure at 2.4 A resolution
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A single change of histidine to glutamine alters the substrate preference of a stilbene synthase
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A single clonal abnormality of chromosome 1 found in an adenocarcinoma of the uterus
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A single clonal origin of neoplastic B cells in a patient with CD5+B-intermediate lymphocytic lymphoma terminating in plasmacytoid differentiation
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A single copy of apolipoprotein B-48 is present on the human chylomicron remnant
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A single copy of linker H1 genes is enough for proliferation of the DT40 chicken B cell line, and linker H1 variants participate in regulation of gene expression
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A single cyclic p-benzoquinone adduct can destabilize a DNA oligonucleotide duplex
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A single cysteine, Cys-64, is essential for assembly of tenascin-C hexabrachions
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A single dose of 500 mg/d of valproic acid can be effective in juvenile myoclonic epilepsy
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A single dose of antenatal betamethasone enhances isoprenaline and prostaglandin E2-induced relaxation of preterm ovine pulmonary arteries
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A single dose of granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor induces systemic interleukin-8 release and neutrophil activation in healthy volunteers
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A single dose of intravenously injected poloxamine-coated long-circulating particles triggers macrophage clearance of subsequent doses in rats
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A single dose of kainic acid elevates the levels of enkephalins and activator protein-1 transcription factors in the hippocampus for up to 1 year
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A single dose of live oral cholera vaccine CVD 103-HgR is safe and immunogenic in HIV-infected and HIV-noninfected adults in Mali
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A single dose of mifepristone induces ovulation in pseudopregnant rats
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A single dose of morphine sulfate increases the incidence of vomiting after outpatient inguinal surgery in children
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A single dose of nicotine proactively enhances the partial reinforcement extinction effect in the rat
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A single dose of ursodiol does not affect cyclosporine absorption in liver transplant patients
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A single dose toxicity study of mesalazine in rats
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A single drech of virginiamycin to increase safety of feeding grain to sheep
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A single electrode voltage, current- and patch-clamp amplifier with complete stable series resistance compensation
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A single element mediates glucocorticoid hormone response of HPV18 with no functional interactions with AP1 or hbrm
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A single emm gene-specific oligonucleotide probe does not recognise all members of the Streptococcus pyogenes M type 1
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A single endotoxin challenge induces delayed myocardial protection against infarcation
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A single engineered amino acid substitution changes antibody fine specificity
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A single ets-related transcription factor, E1AF, confers invasive phenotype on human cancer cells
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A single exogenous stimulus activates resident rat macrophages for nitric oxide production and tumor cytotoxicity
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A single exposure of solar simulated radiation suppresses contact hypersensitivity responses both locally and systemically in humans: quantitative studies with high-frequency ultrasound
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A single expression site with a conserved leader sequence regulates variation of expression of the Pneumocystis carinii family of major surface glycoprotein genes
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A single expression system for the display, purification and conjugation of single-chain antibodies
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A single fission yeast mitotic cyclin B p34cdc2 kinase promotes both S-phase and mitosis in the absence of G1 cyclins
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A single five minute period of rapid atrial pacing fails to limit infarct size in the in situ rabbit heart
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A single focus of multiple sclerosis in the cervical spinal cord mimicking a radiculopathy
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A single frizzled protein has a dual function in tissue polarity
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A single gamma-tubulin gene and mRNA, but two gamma-tubulin polypeptides differing by their binding to the spindle pole organizing centres
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A single gene encodes two different transcripts for the ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase small subunit from barley (Hordeum vulgare)
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A single genetic origin for a common Caucasian risk factor for venous thrombosis
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A single genetic origin for the common prothrombotic G20210A polymorphism in the prothrombin gene
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A single glucose transporter configuration in normal primate brain endothelium: comparison with resected human brain
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A single heteromeric receptor complex is sufficient to mediate biological effects of transforming growth factor-beta ligands
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A single high affinity binding site for histone H1 in a nucleosome containing the Xenopus borealis 5 S ribosomal RNA gene
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A single histidine is required for activity of cytochrome c peroxidase from Paracoccus denitrificans
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A single homeodomain binding site restricts spatial expression of Wnt-1 in the developing brain
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A single human cell expresses all messenger ribonucleic acids: The arrow of time in a cell
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A single hydrophobic to hydrophobic substitution in the transmembrane domain impairs aspartate receptor function
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A single in vivo administration of bombesin antagonist RC-3095 reduces the levels and mRNA expression of epidermal growth factor receptors in MXT mouse mammary cancers
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A single infusion of bisphosphonate AHPrBP in the treatment of Paget's disease of bone
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A single injection of Staphylococcus aureus enterotoxin B reduces autoimmunity in MRL/lpr mice
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A single injection of a gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) antagonist (Cetrorelix) postpones the luteinizing hormone (LH) surge: further evidence for the role of GnRH during the LH surge
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A single injection of adrenergic agonists enhances pineal melatonin production in Turkish hamsters
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A single injection of amphetamine or methamphetamine induces dynamic alterations in c-fos, zif/268 and preprodynorphin messenger RNA expression in rat forebrain
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A single injection of either flupenthixol decanoate or haloperidol decanoate produces long-term changes in cocaine self-administration in rats
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A single injection of pegylated murine megakaryocyte growth and development factor (MGDF) into mice is sufficient to produce a profound stimulation of megakaryocyte frequency, size, and ploidization
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A single institution experience with weekly intramuscular methotrexate for nonmetastatic gestational trophoblastic disease
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A single intra-articular injection of liposomally conjugated methotrexate suppresses joint inflammation in rat antigen-induced arthritis
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A single intracerebroventricular injection of dexamethasone elevates food intake and plasma insulin and depresses metabolic rates in adrenalectomized obese (ob/ob) mice
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A single intragastric pH electrode does not accurately measure intragastric acidity
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A single intramesencephalic injection of brain-derived neurotrophic factor induces persistent rotational asymmetry in rats
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A single intraportal administration of follistatin accelerates liver regeneration in partially hepatectomized rats
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A single intraseptal injection of nerve growth factor facilitates radial maze performance following damage to the medial septum in rats
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A single intrauterine infusion of sustained recombinant ovine interferon-tau extends corpus luteum lifespan in cyclic ewes
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A single intravenous dose of murine megakaryocyte growth and development factor potently stimulates platelet production, challenging the necessity for daily administration
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A single intravenous high dose of cholic acid to a pregnant ewe does not affect fetal well-being
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A single isoform of the Na+/K(+)-ATPase alpha-subunit in Diptera: evidence from characterization of the first extracellular domain
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A single i.v. dose of ondansetron 8 mg prior to induction of anaesthesia reduces postoperative nausea and vomiting in gynaecological patients
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A single lesion demonstrating features of eccrine poroma and poroid hidradenoma
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A single lineage of r2 retrotransposable elements is an active, evolutionarily stable component of the Drosophila rDNA locus
, Molecular Biology and Evolution 14(12): 1232-1241 (1997)

A single linkage group comprising 11 polymorphic DNA markers on rat chromosome 3
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A single locus on human chromosome 21 directs the expression of a receptor for adenovirus type 2 in mouse A9 cells
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A single low cadmium dose causes failure of spermiation in the rat
, Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 121(1): 15-21 (1993)

A single major transcript encodes the membrane-bound form of rat immunoglobulin E
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A single major-gene defect underlying cardiac conotruncal malformations interferes with myocardial growth during embryonic development: studies in the CTD line of keeshond dogs
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A single meal elicits regional changes in bombesin-like peptide levels in the gut and brain
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A single measurement of biochemical markers of bone turnover has limited utility in the individual person
, Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation 57(4): 351-359 (1997)

A single metric for quantifying biomechanical stress in repetitive motions and exertions
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A single micropyle in the eggs of the most basal living actinopterygian fish, Polypterus (Actinopterygii, Polypteriformes)
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A single midnight serum cortisol measurement distinguishes Cushing's syndrome from pseudo-Cushing states
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A single missense mutant of Smad3 inhibits activation of both Smad2 and Smad3, and has a dominant negative effect on TGF-beta signals
, Febs Letters 430(3): 201-204 (1998)

A single missense mutation in the BR1 movement protein alters the host range of the squash leaf curl geminivirus
, Virology 196(2): 694-702 (1993)

A single morphogenetic field gives rise to two retina primordia under the influence of the prechordal plate
, Development 124(3): 603-615 (1997)

A single mouse glutathione synthetase gene encodes six mRNAs with different 5' ends
, Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 331(2): 215-224 (1996)

A single mutation converts a novel phosphotyrosine binding domain into a dual-specificity phosphatase
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 270(45): 26782-26785 (1995)

A single mutation disrupts the pH-dependent dimerization of glycinamide ribonucleotide transformylase
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A single mutation in cytochrome P450 BM3 changes substrate orientation in a catalytic intermediate and the regiospecificity of hydroxylation
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A single mutation in the heme 4 environment of Desulfovibrio desulfuricans Norway cytochrome c3 (Mr 26,000) greatly affects the molecule reactivity
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 272(24): 15128-15134 (1997)

A single mutation in the regulatory chain of Escherichia coli aspartate transcarbamoylase results in an extreme T-state structure
, Journal of Molecular Biology 281(1): 121-134 (1998)

A single mutation in uncoupling protein of rat brown adipose tissue mitochondria abolishes GDP sensitivity of H+ transport
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A single mutation at the catalytic site of TF1-alpha3beta3gamma complex switches the kinetics of ATP hydrolysis from negative to positive cooperativity
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A single mutation of the fumarylacetoacetate hydrolase gene in French Canadians with hereditary tyrosinemia type I
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A single mutation of the neurokinin-2 (NK2) receptor prevents agonist-induced desensitization. Divergent conformational requirements for NK2 receptor signaling and agonist-induced desensitization in Xenopus oocytes
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 270(46): 27601-27605 (1995)

A single mutation that results in an Asp to His substitution and partial exon skipping in a family with congenital contractural arachnodactyly
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A single negative charge within the pore region of a cGMP-gated channel controls rectification, Ca2+ blockage, and ionic selectivity
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A single nine-amino acid peptide induces virus-specific, CD8+ human cytotoxic T lymphocyte clones of heterogeneous serotype specificities
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A single non-L-, non-N-type Ca2+ channel in rat insulin-secreting RINm5F cells
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A single nuclear locus is involved in both chloroplast RNA trans-splicing and 3' end processing
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A single nucleotide change in the c-myc internal ribosome entry segment leads to enhanced binding of a group of protein factors
, Nucleic Acids Research 26(13): 3097-3103 (1998)

A single nucleotide deletion in the skeletal muscle-specific calcium channel transcript of muscular dysgenesis (mdg) mice
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 267(36): 25636-25639 (1992)

A single nucleotide insertion in codon 317 of the CD36 gene leads to CD36 deficiency
, Arteriosclerosis Thrombosis and Vascular Biology 16(8): 1026-1032 (1996)

A single nucleotide is a sufficient 5' untranslated region for translation in an eukaryotic in vitro system
, FEBS Letters 414(1): 19-22 (1997)

A single nucleotide substitution in the transcription start signal of the M2 gene of respiratory syncytial virus vaccine candidate cpts248/404 is the major determinant of the temperature-sensitive and attenuation phenotypes
, Virology 247(2): 232-239 (1998)

A single order-disorder transition generates tension during the Huxley-Simmons phase 2 in muscle
, Biophysical Journal 65(5): 1886-1898 (1993)

A single origin for the most frequent mutation causing late infantile metachromatic leucodystrophy
, Journal of Medical Genetics 31(9): 672-674 (1994)

A single p34cdc2 protein kinase (encoded by nim Xcdc2) is required at G1 and G2 in Aspergillus nidulans
, Journal of Cell Science 107: 1519-1528 (1994)

A single parameter, oxygenated hemoglobin, can be used to quantify experimental irritant-induced inflammation
, Journal of Investigative Dermatology 104(3): 421-424 (1995)

A single partitioning step in aqueous polymer two-phase systems reduces hypotonized rat erythrocyte heterogeneity
, Journal of Chromatography. B Biomedical Applications 680(1-2): 183-188 (1996)

A single peripheral CD8+ T cell can give rise to progeny expressing type 1 and/or type 2 cytokine genes and can retain its multipotentiality through many cell divisions
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 94(15): 8070-8075 (1997)

A single phosphotyrosine residue of Stat91 required for gene activation by interferon-gamma
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A single photon emission computed tomography scan study of striatal dopamine D2 receptor binding with 123I-epidepride in patients with schizophrenia and controls
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A single photon emission computed tomography study of cerebral regional perfusion changes induced by a learning task in subjects with mild memory impairment
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A single photon emission computerised tomography study of regional brain function in elderly patients with major depression and with Alzheimer-type dementia
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A single photon emission computerised tomography study of regional brain function underlying verbal memory in patients with Alzheimer-type dementia
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A single plasmid vector (pSTAR) mediating efficient tetracycline-induced gene expression
, Analytical Biochemistry 259(2): 187-194 (1998)

A single point mutation (E166Q) prevents dicyclohexylcarbodiimide binding to the photosystem II subunit CP29
, FEBS Letters 402(2-3): 151-156 (1997)

A single point mutation in CTP synthetase of Chlamydia trachomatis confers resistance to cyclopentenyl cytosine
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A single point mutation in epsilon-COP results in temperature-sensitive, lethal defects in membrane transport in a Chinese hamster ovary cell mutant
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A single point mutation in the DNA gyrase A protein greatly reduces binding of fluoroquinolones to the gyrase-DNA complex
, Antimicrobial Agents and ChemoTherapy 37(1): 126-127 (1993)

A single point mutation in the embB gene is responsible for resistance to ethambutol in Mycobacterium smegmatis
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A single point mutation leading to loss of catalytic activity in human thiopurine S-methyltransferase
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 92(4): 949-953 (1995)

A single point mutation of hamster aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase causes apoptosis by deprivation of cognate amino acid residue
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A single point mutation switches the specificity of group III Src homology (SH) 2 domains to that of group I SH2 domains
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 270(44): 26029-26032 (1995)

A single point mutation in the splice donor site of the low-density-lipoprotein-receptor gene produces intron read-through, exon-skipped and cryptic-site-utilized transcripts
, European Journal of Biochemistry 232(3): 700-705 (1995)

A single position in the third transmembrane domains of the human B1 and B2 bradykinin receptors is adjacent to and discriminates between the C-terminal residues of subtype-selective ligands
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 273(20): 12210-12218 (1998)

A single positive prostate biopsy in six does not predict a low-volume prostate tumour
, British Journal of Urology 77(5): 724-728 (1996)

A single pre-training glucose injection induces memory facilitation in rodents performing various tasks: Contribution of acidic fibroblast growth factor
, Neuroscience 85(3): 785-794 (1998)

A single precursor approach to new DNA cleaving and crosslinking agents
, Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters 5(11): 1191-1196 (1995)

A single predominantly expressed polymorphic immunoglobulin VH gene family, related to mammalian group, I, clan, II, is identified in cattle
, Molecular Immunology 34(8-9): 641-651 (1997)

A single preexposure produces sensitization to the locomotor effects of cocaine in mice
, Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior 45(3): 733-735 (1993)

A single preoperative dose of cefazolin versus postoperative amoxicillin and gentamycin combination in prophylaxis of orthopaedic and traumatologic surgery
, Materia Medica Polona. Polish Journal of Medicine and Pharmacy 24(1): 24-27 (1992)

A single pretreatment with 8-OH-DPAT reduces behavioral indices of serotonin 1A receptor activation in ovariectomized rats
, Neuropharmacology 36(11-12): 1725-1732,.-. (1997)

A single promoter directs both housekeeping and erythroid preferential expression of the human ferrochelatase gene
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 269(49): 30789-30797 (1994)

A single protein catalyzes both N-deacetylation and N-sulfation during the biosynthesis of heparan sulfate
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 90(9): 3885-3888 (1993)

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