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Identification of compounds with anti-West Nile Virus activity
Geological age of the Ptilophyllum flora; a critical reassessment
Nira (Co 86032) - a new variety of sugarcane for Maharashtra
Occurrence of Eutrichophilus mexicanus (Rudow, 1866) and Eutrichophilus lobatus (Ewing, 1936) (Phthiraptera: Trichodectidae) on Sphiggurus villosus (Cuvier, 1825) (Rodentia: Erethizontidae) in Rio de
An assessment of water quality of river ganga at garhmukteshwar ghaziabad uttar pradesh india
The identity of the lipstick mold of cultivated mushrooms agaricus bisporus
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)
Studies on feeding of tapioca thippi (tapioca or cassava starch waste) to swine
Effects of drum rolling on yield of summer groundnut
Integrated farming system for gardenland conditions of Coimbatore district - an over view
Influence of a decision analysis model on selection of drug therapy
Comparative performance of West Coast Tall and Lakshadweep Ordinary cultivars of coconut
Evaluation of WCT coconut and Komadan coconut
Cellars as hibernation sites for bats
Donkioporia expansa - A lesser known wood destroyer in buildings
The Bangla adaptation of Mini-Mental State Examination (BAMSE): An instrument to assess cognitive function in illiterate and literate individuals
Enterobacter amnigenus. An unusual human pathogen
'Rajeshwari' - a high-yielding white seeded variety of sesame for Andhra Pradesh
Gymnosperms of Sikkim, India
The great Coalinga cricket invasion
Psoriasis: correlation between severity index (PASI) and quality of life index (DLQI) in patients assessed before and after systemic treatment
Real-time PCR assays for the specific detection of monkeypox virus West African and Congo Basin strain DNA
Classification of fermented foods: worldwide review of household fermentation techniques
The biology of human starvation: some new insights

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 8099

Chapter 8099 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Acquired von Willebrand factor deficiency during high-dose infusion of recombinant factor VIII
, British Journal of Haematology 93(3): 684-687 (1996)

Acquired von Willebrand's disease due to aberrant expression of platelet glycoprotein Ib by marginal zone lymphoma cells
, British Journal of Haematology 96(4): 850-853 (1997)

Acquired von Willebrand's disease following bone marrow transplantation
, Annals of Clinical and Laboratory Science 24(3): 211-215 (1994)

Acquired von Willebrand's disease: A concise review
, American Journal of Hematology 54(2): 139-145 (1997)

Acquired von Willebrand's disease: A rare manifestation of postpartum thyroiditis
, American Journal of Hematology 50(3): 217-219 (1995)

Acquired von Willebrand's syndrome in association with a lupus-like anticoagulant corrected by intravenous immunoglobulin
, American Journal of Hematology 46(2): 141-146 (1994)

Acquired zinc deficiency in an exclusively breast-fed premature baby
, Annales de Dermatologie et de Venereologie 121(9): 635-638 (1994)

Acquiring bimanual skills: contrasting forms of information feedback for interlimb decoupling
, Journal of Experimental Psychology. Learning Memory and Cognition 19(6): 1328-1344 (1993)

Acquiring embryo-derived cell cultures and aseptic metamorphosis of larvae from the colonial protochordate Botryllus schlosseri
, Invertebrate Reproduction and Development 25(1): 59-72 (1994)

Acquisition and amplification of a testis-expressed autosomal gene, SSL, by the Drosophila Y chromosome
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 94(12): 6297-6302 (1997)

Acquisition and analysis of aromagrams of Chardonnay Burgundy wines
, Sciences des Aliments 14(5): 601-608 (1994)

Acquisition and analysis of three-component digital images of soil pore structure: I. Method
, Journal of Soil Science 43(3): 541-549 (1992)

Acquisition and analysis of three-component digital images of soil pore structure: II. Application to seed beds in a fallow management trial
, Journal of Soil Science 43(3): 551-566 (1992)

Acquisition and enhanced expression of the metastatic phenotype following transfections of genomic mouse tumor DNA containing human SCLC gene sequences
, Clinical and Experimental Metastasis 13(3): 203-217 (1995)

Acquisition and extinction of context-specific morphine withdrawal
, Psychobiology 24(3): 219-226 (1996)

Acquisition and extinction of jumping, two-way shuttle-box and bar press avoidance responses in malnourished rats: effects of shock intensity
, Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research 27(10): 2443-2452 (1994)

Acquisition and invasiveness of different serotypes of Streptococcus pneumoniae in young children
, Epidemiology and Infection 111(1): 27-39 (1993)

Acquisition and long-term patterning of joystick selection of food-pellet vs social-video reward by bonnet macaques
, Learning and Motivation 26(4): 370-379 (1995)

Acquisition and maintenance costs in the long-term regulation of avian fat reserves
, Oikos 78(2): 331-340 (1997)

Acquisition and maintenance of dental anxiety: The role of conditioning experiences and cognitive factors
, Behaviour Research and Therapy 33(2): 205-210 (1995)

Acquisition and maintenance of intravenous cocaine self-administration in Lewis and Fischer inbred rat strains
, Brain Research 778(2): 418-429,. (1997)

Acquisition and maintenance of the simplest motor skill: investigation of CNS mechanisms
, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 26(12): 1475-1479 (1994)

Acquisition and processing of the radio-frequency signal in echocardiography: A new global approach
, Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology 20(2): 167-176 (1994)

Acquisition and rearrangement of sequence motifs in the evolution of bacteriophage tail fibres
, Molecular Microbiology 12(3): 343-350 (1994)

Acquisition and retention effects of ethylestrenol in a food-search task
, Psychobiology 23(1): 59-62 (1995)

Acquisition and retention of negative patterning in hippocampal-lesioned rats
, Psychobiology 25(1): 10-17 (1997)

Acquisition and retention of visual discrimination learning after ablation of perirhinal cortex in the rat
, Psychobiology 26(1): 36-41 (1998)

Acquisition and synthesis of folates by obligate intracellular bacteria of the genus Chlamydia
, Journal of Clinical Investigation 90(5): 1803-1811 (1992)

Acquisition and transfer of declarative and procedural knowledge by memory-impaired patients: A computer data-entry task
, Neuropsychologia 30(10): 899-910 (1992)

Acquisition and transfer of skilled performance: Are visual discrimination skills stimulus specific?
, Journal of Experimental Psychology Human Perception and Performance 22(5): 1218-1248 (1996)

Acquisition and transfer of visual texture discriminations by pigeons
, Journal of Experimental Psychology Animal Behavior Processes 18(4): 341-353 (1992)

Acquisition and transmission of tool making and use of drinking juice in a group of captive chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes)
, Japanese Psychological Research 39(3): 253-265 (1997)

Acquisition and use of needles and syringes by injecting drug users in Baltimore, Maryland
, Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes and Human Retrovirology: Official Publication of the International Retrovirology Association 10(1): 97-103 (1995)

Acquisition and utilization of transition metal ions by marine organisms
, Science 281(5374): 207-210 (1998)

Acquisition and within-plant allocation of 13C and 15N in CO-2-enriched Quercus robur plants
, Physiologia Plantarum 98(1): 89-96 (1996)

Acquisition by telemetry of a combat aircraft pilot's electrocardiographic activity
, Travaux Scientifiques des Chercheurs du Service de Sante des Armees 1993(14): 229-230 (1993)

Acquisition in the Morris swim task is impaired by a benzodiazepine but not an NMDA antagonist: A new procedure for distinguishing acquisition and performance effects
, Psychobiology 25(3): 217-228 (1997 )

Acquisition of Broodstock of Totoaba macdonaldi: Field handling, decompression, and prophylaxis of an endangered species
, Progressive Fish Culturist 59(3): 246-248 (1997)

Acquisition of CD40 expression during murine B-cell differentiation
, Scandinavian Journal of Immunology 43(1): 47-55 (1996)

Acquisition of Data from On-Line Laser Turbidimeter and Calculation of Some Kinetic Variables in Computer-Coupled Automated Fed-Batch Culture
, Journal of Fermentation and Bioengineering 80(1): 63-70 (1995)

Acquisition of i.v. amphetamine and cocaine self-administration in rats as a function of dose
, Psychopharmacology 129(3): 206-214 (1997)

Acquisition of IgG serum antibodies against two Bordetella antigens (filamentous hemagglutinin and pertactin) in children with no symptoms of pertussis
, Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal 14(6): 517-521 (1995)

Acquisition of Ly49 receptor expression by developing natural killer cells
, Journal of Experimental Medicine 187(4): 609-618 (1998)

Acquisition of NFKB1-selective DNA binding by substitution of four amino acid residues from NFKB1 into RelA
, Molecular and Cellular Biology 13(7): 3850-3859 (1993)

Acquisition of Pseudomonas cepacia at summer camps for patients with cystic fibrosis. Summer Camp Study Group
, Journal of Pediatrics 124(5 Pt 1): 694-702 (1994)

Acquisition of US-no US associations in Pavlovian conditioning
, Learning and Motivation 26(3): 264-277 (1995)

Acquisition of a Morris water maze task is impaired during early but not late withdrawal from morphine
, Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior 55(2): 227-235 (1996)

Acquisition of a conditioned reflex in New Zealand white rabbits from three sources
, Laboratory Animals 29(4): 394-399 (1995)

Acquisition of a deliberately introduced phenol degradation operon, pheBA, by different indigenous Pseudomonas species
, Applied and Environmental Microbiology 63(12): 4899-4906 (1997)

Acquisition of a multi-articular kicking task: Jerk analysis demonstrates movements do not become smoother with learning
, Human Movement Science 16(5): 677-701 (1997)

Acquisition of a nose-poke response in rats as an operant
, Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 31(4): 291-294 (1993)

Acquisition of a runway motor learning task is impaired by a beta adrenergic antagonist in F344 rats
, Behavioural Brain Research 78(2): 235-241 (1996)

Acquisition of a spatial conditioned place preference is impaired by amygdala lesions and improved by fornix lesions
, Behavioural Brain Research 55(2): 269-281 (1993)

Acquisition of a spatially defined operant with delayed reinforcement
, Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior 59(2): 373-387 (1993)

Acquisition of apparent DNA slippage structures during extensive evolutionary divergence of pcaD and catD genes encoding identical catalytic activities in Acinetobacter calcoaceticus
, Gene 142(1): 23-29 (1994)

Acquisition of autoimmunity genes by New Zealand mice is associated with natural resistance to infection by mycobacteria
, Journal of Autoimmunity 5(5): 641-651 (1992)

Acquisition of azide-resistance by elevated SecA ATPase activity confers azide-resistance upon cell growth and protein translocation in Bacillus subtilis
, Microbiology 141: 113-121 (1995)

Acquisition of blood, injury, and needle fears and phobias
, Behaviour Research and Therapy 32(8): 817-823 (1994)

Acquisition of breeding coloration depends on badge size in male house sparrows Passer domesticus
, Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 31(4): 271-277 (1992)

Acquisition of cell adhesion and induction of focal adhesion kinase of human colon cancer Colo 201 cells by retinoic acid-induced differentiation
, Differentiation; Research in Biological Diversity 62(5): 249-257 (1998)

Acquisition of certain streptomycin-resistant (str) mutations enhances antibiotic production in bacteria
, Antimicrobial Agents and ChemoTherapy 42(8): 2041-2047 (1998)

Acquisition of chemoresistance in a human ovarian carcinoma cell line is linked to a defect in cell cycle control
, International Journal of Cancer 78(4): 454-463,. 9 (1998)

Acquisition of classically conditioned eyeblink response following bilateral lesions of flocculus and paraflocculus
, Behavioral and Neural Biology 61(1): 102-106 (1994)

Acquisition of cloned bovines of defined sex by repeated cycles of nuclear transfer
, Japanese Journal of Fertility and Sterility 41(2): 178-185 (1996)

Acquisition of cocaine self-administration after social stress: Role of accumbens dopamine
, Psychopharmacology 130(3): 203-212 (1997)

Acquisition of color opponent representation by a three-layered neural network model
, Biological Cybernetics 72(1): 35-41 (1994)

Acquisition of competence for pupal development of the wing disc during the final feeding stage of Bombyx mori
, Journal of Sericultural Science of Japan 64(6): 487-492 (1995)

Acquisition of conditional discriminations in hippocampal lesioned and decorticated rats: evidence for learning that is separate from both simple classical conditioning and configural learning
, Behavioral Neuroscience 108(5): 911-926 (1994)

Acquisition of conditioned inhibition in rats is impaired by ablation of serotoninergic pathways
, European Journal of Neuroscience 8(2): 415-423 (1996)

Acquisition of conditioned reward blocked by intra-accumbens infusion of PD-140548, a CCKA receptor antagonist
, Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior 55(3): 439-444 (1996)

Acquisition of Desiccation Tolerance and Longevity in Seeds of Arabidopsis thaliana (A Comparative Study Using Abscisic Acid-Insensitive abi3 Mutants)
, Plant Physiology 102(4): 1185-1191 (1993)

Acquisition of desiccation tolerance by isolated maize embryos exposed to different conditions: The questionable role of endogenous abscisic acid
, Physiologia Plantarum 91(4): 615-622 (1994)

Acquisition of doxorubicin resistance in human leukemia HL-60 cells is reproducibly associated with 7q21 chromosomal anomalies
, Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics 86(2): 116-119 (1996)

Acquisition of ethanol tolerance by Saccharomyces cerevisiae in the Sake brewing process and the tolerance determinants: Monograph
, Seibutsu-Kogaku Kaishi 76(3): 122-130 (1998)

Acquisition of ethanol tolerance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: The key role of the mitochondrial superoxide dismutase
, Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 300(2): 608-614 (1993)

Acquisition of five high-Mr penicillin-binding protein variants during transfer of high-level beta-lactam resistance from Streptococcus mitis to Streptococcus pneumoniae
, Journal of Bacteriology 180(7): 1831-1840 (1998)

Acquisition of food begging behavior by red foxes in the Shiretoko National Park, Hokkaido, Japan
, Mammal Study 22(1-2): 71-80 (1997)

Acquisition of generic memory in amnesia
, Cortex; a Journal Devoted to the Study of the Nervous System and Behavior 30(2): 293-303 (1994)

Acquisition of heme iron by Neisseria meningitidis does not involve meningococcal transferrin-binding proteins
, Infection and Immunity 62(2): 700-703 (1994)

Acquisition of high embryogenic potential in regenerated plants of Helianthus annuus X H. tuberosus
, Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Culture 51(2): 103-110 (1997)

Acquisition of hormone-independent growth in MCF-7 cells is accompanied by increased expression of estrogen-regulated genes but without detectable DNA amplifications
, Cancer Research 53(2): 283-290 (1993)

Acquisition of immunity in mothers of infants administered trivalent oral poliovirus vaccine
, European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases: Official Publication of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology 13(12): 1029-1032 (1994)

Acquisition of immunogenicity by AKR leukemic cells following DNA-mediated gene transfer is associated with the reduction of constitutive reactive superoxide radicals
, International Journal of Cancer 57(2): 216-223 (1994)

Acquisition of interleukin-3 independence in FDC-P2 cells after transfection with the activated c-H-ras gene using a bovine papillomavirus-based plasmid vector
, Blood 80(12): 3198-3204 (1992)

Acquisition of interleukin-5 secretion by human naive T-helper cells is regulated by distinct signals from both the T-cell receptor/CD3 complex and CD2
, Scandinavian Journal of Immunology 47(5): 436-443 (1998)

Acquisition of invasive phenotype in gallbladder cancer cells via mutual interaction of stromal fibroblasts and cancer cells as mediated by hepatocyte growth factor
, Japanese Journal of Cancer Research: Gann 87(7): 702-710 (1996)

Acquisition of iron bound to low molecular weight chelates by human monocyte-derived macrophages
, Journal of Immunology 153(6): 2691-2703 (1994)

Acquisition of iron by Gardnerella vaginalis
, Infection and Immunity 66(10): 5041-5047 (1998)

Acquisition of iron by the non-siderophore-producing Pseudomonas fragi
, Microbiology 142: 1191-1199 (1996)

Acquisition of iron from host proteins by the group A streptococcus
, Infection and Immunity 64(12): 5428-5429 (1996)

Acquisition of lever-press responding in rats with delayed reinforcement: A comparison of three procedures
, Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior 58(3): 431-443 (1992)

Acquisition of linguistic and cognitive skills by children with cleft palate
, Journal of Speech Language and Hearing Research: Jslhr 41(3): 676-687 (1998)

Acquisition of Magnetic Directional Preference in Hatchling Loggerhead Sea Turtles
, Journal of Experimental Biology 190(1): 1-8 (1994)

Acquisition of manganous ions by mutans group streptococci
, Journal of Bacteriology 175(3): 819-825 (1993)

Acquisition of matching-to-sample performance in rats using visual stimuli on nose keys
, Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior 59(3): 471-482 (1993)

Acquisition of mating territories in the wrasse, Thalassoma lutescens
, Journal of the Faculty of Applied Biological Science, Hiroshima University 34(2): 179-183 (1995)

Acquisition of matrilineal rank in captive spotted hyaenas: Emergence of a natural social system in peer-reared animals and their offspring
, Animal Behaviour 50(4): 893-904 (1995)

Acquisition of meiotic competence is related to the functionality of the phosphoinositide/calcium signaling pathway in the mouse oocyte
, Experimental Cell Research 236(1): 193-200 (1997)

Acquisition of multiple copies of a mutant topoisomerase IIalpha allele by chromosome 17 aneuploidy is associated with etoposide resistance in human melanoma cell lines
, Somatic Cell and Molecular Genetics 21(6): 451-471 (1995)

Acquisition of native beta-strand topology during the rapid collapse phase of protein folding
, Biochemistry 36(43): 13396-13405 (1997)

Acquisition of nerve dependence for the formation of a regeneration blastema in amputated hindlimbs of larval Xenopus laevis: the role of limb innervation and that of limb differentiation
, Journal of Experimental Zoology 273(4): 327-341 (1995)

Acquisition of new concepts by two amnesic patients
, Cortex; a Journal Devoted to the Study of the Nervous System and Behavior 30(2): 305-317 (1994)

Acquisition of nicotine self-administration in rats: the effects of dose, feeding schedule, and drug contingency
, Psychopharmacology 136(1): 83-90 (1998)

Acquisition of noise-induced hearing loss by railway workers
, Ear and Hearing 19(2): 120-130 (1998)

Acquisition of nonmaternal Enterobacteriaceae by infants delivered in hospitals
, Journal of Pediatrics 122(1): 120-125 (1993)

Acquisition of oral phencyclidine (PCP) self-administration in rhesus monkeys: Effects of dose and an alternative non-drug reinforcer
, Psychopharmacology 137(2): 132-138 (1998)

Acquisition of peptides by MHC class II polypeptides in the absence of the invariant chain
, Journal of Immunology 154(3): 1048-1056 (1995)

Acquisition of procedural skills from examples
, Journal of Experimental Psychology. Learning Memory and Cognition 20(6): 1322-1340 (1994)

Acquisition of resistance genes by the IncQ plasmid R1162 is limited by its high copy number and lack of a partitioning mechanism
, Journal of Bacteriology 179(18): 5947-5950 (1997)

Acquisition of resistance to 6-azauridine through DNA amplification in neoplastic but not normal osteoblasts
, Anticancer Research 14(3a): 937-942 (1994)

Acquisition of sensitivity of stress-activated protein kinases to the p38 inhibitor, SB 203580, by alteration of one or more amino acids within the ATP binding pocket
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 273(25): 15605-15610 (1998)

Acquisition of serum isotype-specific and G type-specific antirotavirus antibodies among children in day care centers
, Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal 13(10): 890-895 (1994)

Acquisition of services recommended by a multidisciplinary medical diagnostic team for children under three years of age evaluated for developmental delays
, Journal of developmental and behavioral pediatrics: JDBP 17(6): 399-404 (1996)

Acquisition of speech by children who have prolonged cochlear implant experience
, Journal of Speech and Hearing Research 38(2): 327-337 (1995)

Acquisition of surface IgD fails to protect from tolerance-induction. Both surface IgM- and surface IgD-mediated signals induce apoptosis of immature murine B lymphocytes
, Journal of Immunology 156(4): 1328-1332 (1996)

Acquisition of syncytium-inducing HIV-1 strains during therapy with zidovudine alone or combined with alpha interferon or didanosine
, European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases: Official Publication of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology 15(4): 324-327 (1996)

Acquisition of taxol resistance via P-glycoprotein- and non-P-glycoprotein-mediated mechanisms in human ovarian carcinoma cells
, Biochemical Pharmacology 53(4): 461-470 (1997)

Acquisition of telomere repeat sequences by transfected DNA integrated at the site of a chromosome break
, Molecular and Cellular Biology 13(2): 977-983 (1993)

Acquisition of the ability to grow under autotrophic conditions by heterotrophic bacteria through the introduction of DNA fragments from hydrogen-oxidizing bacteria
, Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 57-58: 367-373 (1996)

Acquisition of the ts phenotype by a chemically mutagenized cold-passaged human respiratory syncytial virus vaccine candidate results from the acquisition of a single mutation in the polymerase (L) gene
, Virus Genes 13(3): 269-273 (1996)

Acquisition of viable-like surface properties of sperm cells by adsorption of seminal plasma proteins revealed by centrifugal countercurrent distribution
, Biology of the Cell 82(1): 75-78 (1994)

Acquisition of vowel contrasts in Dutch
, Journal of Speech and Hearing Research 37(1): 83-89 (1994)

Acquisition versus loss of Helicobacter pylori infection in Japan: results from an 8-year birth cohort study
, Journal of Infectious Diseases 178(3): 717-721 (1998)

Acquisition, carriage, and transmission of pneumococci with decreased antibiotic susceptibility in young children attending a day care facility in southern Israel
, Journal of Infectious Diseases 177(4): 1003-1012 (1998)

Acquisition, extinction, and reacquisition of responding with delayed and immediate reinforcement
, Behavioural Processes 43(1): 97-101 (1998)

Acquisition, initiation and maintenance of sperm motility in the shark, Triakis scyllia
, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A 113(4): 387-392 (1996)

Acquisition, maintenance, and generalization of a categorization strategy by children with autism
, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 24(1): 39-51 (1994)

Acquisition, reorganization, and merger of genes: Novel management of the beta-ketoadipate pathway in Agrobacterium tumefaciens
, FEMS Microbiology Letters 146(1): 3-12 (1997)

Acquisition, retention, and extinction of operant discriminations in rats with nucleus basalis magnocellularis lesions
, Behavioral Neuroscience 109(4): 699-713 (1995)

acrB mutation located at carboxyl-terminal region of gyrase B subunit reduces DNA binding of DNA gyrase
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 272(20): 13302-13308 (1997)

Acraea kaduna new species of the anacreon group, from Nigeria (Lepidoptera Nymphalidae)
, Bulletin de la Societe Entomologique de France 98(3): 287-290 (1993)

Acraea terpsicore (L.), nomenclatural problems and biological data (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae)
, Bulletin de la Societe Entomologique de France 102(5): 405-412 (1997)

Acraeidae from the Comoro Islands and Madagascar (Lepidoptera Rhopalocera)
, Entomologiste 48(6): 351-363 (1992)

Acral Darier's disease: report of a case complicated by Kaposi's varicelliform eruption
, Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 30(5 Pt 2): 860-862 (1994)

Acral dysostosis dyserythropoiesis syndrome
, European Journal of Pediatrics 154(5): 384-388 (1995)

Acral ichthyosiform mucinosis in association with Sjögren's syndrome: a peculiar form of pretibial myxedema?
, Journal of Dermatology 20(11): 715-718 (1993)

Acral lentiginous melanoma (including in situ melanoma) arising in association with naevocellular naevi
, Melanoma Research 6(3): 241-246 (1996)

Acral lentiginous nevus
, Journal of Dermatology 25(1): 23-27 (1998)

Acral melanocytic neoplasms: a histologic analysis of 158 lesions
, Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 31(5 Pt 1): 740-745 (1994)

Acral myxoinflammatory fibroblastic sarcoma: a low-grade tumor of the hands and feet
, American Journal of Surgical Pathology 22(8): 911-924 (1998)

Acral persistent papular mucinosis in two sisters
, Clinical and Experimental Dermatology 20(5): 431-433 ( 1995)

Acral psoriasiform hemispherical papulosis, a new entity?
, Dermatology 189(2): 159-161 (1994)

Acral-lentiginous naevus of plantar skin
, Histopathology (oxford). 27(6): 549-555 (1995)

Acraman, South Australia: Australia's largest meteorite impact structure
, Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria 106: 105-127 (1994)

Acrania: a manifestation of the Adams-Oliver syndrome
, American Journal of Medical Genetics 44(5): 562-566 (1992)

Acrania: report of the first surviving case
, Pediatric Neurosurgery 24(1): 52-54 (1996)

Acremonium alcalophilum new species, a new alkalophilic cellulolytic hyphomycete
, Transactions of the Mycological Society of Japan 34(2): 171-185 (1993)

Acremonium in fescue and ryegrass: boon or bane? A review
, Journal of Animal Science 73(3): 881-888 (1995)

Acremonium kiliense peritonitis complicating continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis: report of two cases
, Mycopathologia 131(2): 83-85 (1995)

Acremonium section Lichenoidea section nov. and Pronectria oligospora species nov
, Mycotaxon 53: 81-95 (1995)

Acremonium-like submerged conidiation in Paecilomyces notocoides and P. lilacinus
, Mycoscience 36(3): 345-351 (1995)

Acridine orange as an indicator of bacterial susceptibility to gentamicin
, Fems Microbiology Letters 153(1): 199-204 (1997)

Acridine orange as an indicator of the cytoplasmic ribosome state
, Cytometry 29(3): 215-221 (1997)

Acridine orange fluorescence in renal proximal tubules: Effects of ammonia/ammonium and cell volume
, Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry 3(1): 28-33 (1993)

Acridine orange staining as a replacement for subculturing of false-positive blood cultures with the BACTEC NR 660
, Journal of Clinical Microbiology 31(2): 465-466 (1993)

Acridine orange staining of decapod crustacean cuticle
, Invertebrate Biology 114(1): 79-82 (1995)

Acridine orange-mediated photodamage to cultured cells
, Apmis: Acta Pathologica Microbiologica et Immunologica Scandinavica 101(2): 127-132 (1993)

Acridine-orange leucocyte cytospin (AOLC) test as an in-situ method for the diagnosis of central venous catheter (CVC)-related sepsis in adult risk patients
, Zentralblatt für Bakteriologie: International Journal of Medical Microbiology 287(1-2): 117-123 (1998)

Acridinium chemiluminescence detection with capillary electrophoresis
, Analytical Chemistry 64(22): 2758-2762 (1992)

Acridoids from NW Argentina: VII. Bioecological studies of Haroldgrantia lignosa Carbonell, Ronderos and Mesa (Acrididae: Leptysminae: Tetraeniini): A new report about endophytic oviposition
, Acta Zoologica Lilloana 43(1): 99-103 (1995)

Acridoids from NW of Argentina: VIII. Contribution to the bioecology and distribution of Cornops Stal: Cornops paraguayense (Br.) (Acrididae: Leptysminae: Tetrataeniini)
, Acta Zoologica Lilloana 43(2): 427-432 (1996)

Acridone synthesis for biological studies
, Acta Farmaceutica Bonaerense 17(2): 121-130 (1998)

Acridones: A chemically new group of protonophores
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 93(9): 3876-3880 (1996)

Acritarchs of the Monograptus sedgwickii Zone (Zelkovice Formation, Llandoverian) from Hyskov, Barrandian, Bohemian Massif
, Acta Universitatis Carolinae Geologica 1990(1): 75-104 (1990)

Acrivastine, terfenadine and diphenhydramine effects on driving performance as a function of dose and time after dosing
, European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 47(3): 261-266 (1994)

Acro-angiodermatitis: review of the literature and report of a case
, Acta Dermato-Venereologica 75(6): 475-478 (1995)

Acro-osteolysis (Hajdu-Cheney) syndrome: Report of a case with abnormal tooth structure
, Oral Surgery Oral Medicine Oral Pathology Oral Radiology and Endodontics 80(6): 666-668 (1995)

Acro-pectoro-renal field defect with contralateral ureteropelvic junction obstruction
, Clinical Genetics 47(4): 210-213 (1995)

Acrobeads test as a predictor of fertilization in vitro
, American Journal of Reproductive Immunology 37(4): 291-299 (1997)

Acrobeads test using monoclonal antibody-coated immunobeads: clinical application
, Archives of Andrology 34(1): 1-7 (1995)

Acrobeads test: a new diagnostic test for assessment of the fertilizing capacity of human spermatozoa
, Fertility and Sterility 63(3): 625-630 (1995)

Acrocallosal syndrome in an Algerian boy born to consanguineous parents: review of the literature and further delineation of the syndrome
, American Journal of Medical Genetics 69(1): 17-22 (1997)

Acrocentric chromosome association in recurrent miscarriages
, Medical Science Research 25(7): 473-475 (1997)

Acrocrinid sea-lilies (Camerata) from the Carboniferous of the Moscow area
, Paleontologicheskii Zhurnal 1995(2): 63-74 (1995)

Acrocyanosis induced by interferon alpha(2a)
, Dermatology 196(3): 361-363 (1998)

Acrodermatitis enteropathica, zinc metabolism, copper status, and immune function
, Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine 148(9): 980-985 (1994)

Acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans in an 11-year-old girl
, British Journal of Dermatology 135(4): 609-612 (1996)

Acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans: A case report and review of the literature
, British Journal of Dermatology 131(5): 687-693 (1994)

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