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Afrocamilal stuckenbergi, new genus new species a new African genus and species of Camillidae (Diptera) , with comments on its behaviour and biology

Barraclough, D.A.

Annals of the Natal Museum 33(1): 37-49


Accession: 008117767

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The systematics of the Camillidae is reviewed; this small family of acalpytrate Diptera now includes 4 genera and 15 names species in the Afrotropical and Palaearctic Regions. The Afrotropical fauna (currently three named species) is characterised. Camilla african Bezzi 1908 is transferred from the Camillidae to the Drosophillidae. A key to the four world genera of Camillidae is presented. AFROCAMILLA/gen. n. is described to accommodate Camilla armata Hackman, 1960 and A. stuckenbergi sp. n. both from South Africa. A. stuckenbergi is described as new.

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