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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 8145

Chapter 8145 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Weissenboeck, W.; Dubey, J.P., 1993:
An epizootic of toxoplasmosis in a fattening pig herd

Lee, A.A.; Delhaas, T.; Waldman, L.K.; MacKenna, D.A.; Villarreal, F.J.; McCulloch, A.D., 1996:
An equibiaxial strain system for cultured cells

Baker, J.D.; Heath, R.R.; Millar, J.G., 1992:
An equilibrium and stability study of DELTA-1-pyrroline

Strasser, R., J.; Eggenberg, P.; Pfister, K.; Govindjee, 1992:
An equilibrium model for electron transfer in photosystem II acceptor complex: An application to Chlamydomonas reinhardtii cells of D1 mutants and those treated with formate

Tawarah, K.M.; Khouri, S.'ib J., 1993:
An equilibrium study of p-methyl red inclusion complexes with alpha- and beta-cyclodextrins

Das, Bina Pani, 1997:
An equipment for the study of behavioral responses of mosquitoes to residual application of synthetic insecticides

Luccioni, R.; Sever, P.S.; D.P.rri, T.; Redon, J.; Laurandin, I.; Brault, Y.; Chastang, C.; Guez, D., 1995:
An equivalence study of the safety and efficacy of a fixed-dose combination of perindopril with indapamide versus fixed-dose combinations of captopril with hydrochlorothiazide and enalapril with hydrochlorothiazide in the treatment of hypertension

Vadash, P.; Bjärngard, B., 1993:
An equivalent-square formula for head-scatter factors

Fonseca, V.; Hinson, J.; Pappas, A.; Waner, M.; Flock, S., 1997:
An erbium:YAG laser to obtain capillary blood samples without a needle for point-of-care laboratory testing

Majski Cesarec, Slavenka, 1995:
An ergonomic approach in vocational guidance and selection

Spielholz, P.; Wiker, S.F.; Silverstein, B., 1998:
An ergonomic characterization of work in concrete form construction

Tatsukawa, S.; Kitsukawa, W., 1996:
An ergonomic study of the felling operation of small thinning trees with chain saws

Chen, Z.Q.; Paoloni, F.J., 1992:
An error study on some linear reconstruction algorithms for electrical impedance tomography

Bialek, G.; Grosse, F., 1993:
An error-correcting proofreading exonuclease-polymerase that copurifies with DNA-polymerase-alpha-primase

Urano, S.; Tokura, Y., 1998:
An erythema multiforme-like eruption caused by exposure to 1-chloromethylnaphthalene

Novgorodtseva, T.P.; Endakova, E.A.; Ivanov, E.M., 1993:
An erythrocytic lipid component in young males at the asymptomatic stages of coronary heart disease

de Matos, A.P.; Paperna, I.; Lainson, R., 1995:
An erythrocytic virus of the Brazilian tree-frog, Phrynohyas venulosa

Bulbarelli, A.; Valentini, A.; DeSilvestris, M.; Cappellini, M.D.; Borgese, N., 1998 :
An erythroid-specific transcript generates the soluble form of NADH-cytochrome b5 reductase in humans

Donadio, S.; McAlpine, J.B.; Sheldon, P.J.; Jackson, M.; Katz, L., 1993:
An erythromycin analog produced by reprogramming of polyketide synthesis

Kuczenski, R.; Segal, D.S., 1997:
An escalating dose/multiple high-dose binge pattern of amphetamine administration results in differential changes in the extracellular dopamine response profiles in caudate-putamen and nucleus accumbens

Castellote Varona, J.I.; Gonzalez Asanza, C.; Menchen, P.; Senent, C.; Cuesta, J.; Hernandez Albujar, A.; Duran, F.G.; Salcedo, M.; Castellanos, D.; Cos, E., 1995:
An esophagotracheal fistula after endoscopic variceal sclerotherapy

Nagatomi, Akira, 1996:
An essay of phylogeny of the orthorhaphous Brachycera (Diptera)

Shcherbukha, A.Ya, 1992:
An essay of the Perca taxonomic structure (Osteichthyes, Percidae)

Horowski, R.; Horowski, L.; Vogel, S.; Poewe, W.; Kielhorn, F.W.; von Humboldt, W., 1995:
An essay on Wilhelm von Humboldt and the shaking palsy: first comprehensive description of Parkinson's disease by a patient

Wedzicha, Elzbieta, 1998:
An essay on estimation of costs related to treatment of morbidity from alcohol consumption and abuse

Juhola, M.; Auramo, Y.; Kentala, E.; Pyykkö, I., 1995:
An essay on power of expert systems versus human expertise

Amon, E.O.; Blueford, J.R.; D.W.ver, P.; Zhelezko, V.I., 1997:
An essay on regional geology and stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous deposits of southern Urals territories

Glazkova, E.A., 1996:
An essay on the flora and vegetation of the Hogland Island (the Gulf of Finland)

Kodama, M.; Kodama, T., 1994:
An essay on the nature of hormonal codes involved in the genesis of human neoplasias (review)

Jones, R.M.; Branda, J.; Johnston, K.A.; Polymenis, M.; Gadd, M.; Rustgi, A.; Callanan, L.; Schmidt, E.V., 1996:
An essential E box in the promoter of the gene encoding the mRNA cap-binding protein (eukaryotic initiation factor 4E) is a target for activation by c-myc

Stettler, S.; Mariotte, S.; Riva, M.; Sentenac, A.; Thuriaux, P., 1992:
An essential and specific subunit of RNA polymerase III (C) is encoded by gene RPC34 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

McAllister-Lucas, L.M.; Haik, T.L.; Colbran, J.L.; Sonnenburg, W.K.; Seger, D.; Turko, I.V.; Beavo, J.A.; Francis, S.H.; Corbin, J.D., 1995:
An essential aspartic acid at each of two allosteric cGMP-binding sites of a cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase

Samarsky, D.A.; Schneider, G.S.; Fournier, M.J., 1996:
An essential domain in Saccharomyces cerevisiae U14 snoRNA is absent in vertebrates, but conserved in other yeasts

Brough, D.E.; Hofmann, T.J.; Ellwood, K.B.; Townley, R.A.; Cole, M.D., 1995:
An essential domain of the c-myc protein interacts with a nuclear factor that is also required for E1A-mediated transformation

Zhou, Z.; Deutscher, M.P., 1997:
An essential function for the phosphate-dependent exoribonucleases RNase PH and polynucleotide phosphorylase

Flick, J.S.; Thorner, J., 1998:
An essential function of a phosphoinositide-specific phospholipase C is relieved by inhibition of a cyclin-dependent protein kinase in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Harata, M.; Karwan, A.; Wintersberger, U., 1994:
An essential gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae coding for an actin-related protein

Kato, R.; Ogawa, H., 1994:
An essential gene, ESR1, is required for mitotic cell growth, DNA repair and meiotic recombination in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Kan, M.; Wang, F.; Xu, J.; Crabb, J.W.; Hou, J.; McKeehan, W.L., 1993:
An essential heparin-binding domain in the fibroblast growth factor receptor kinase

Ferri, S.R.; Meighen, E.A., 1994:
An essential histidine residue required for fatty acylation and acyl transfer by myristoyltransferase from luminescent bacteria

Rarick, H.M.; Opgenorth, T.J.; von Geldern, T.W.; Wu-Wong, J.R.; Solaro, R.J., 1996:
An essential myosin light chain peptide induces supramaximal stimulation of cardiac myofibrillar ATPase activity

Walczak, R.; Carbon, P.; Krol, A., 1998:
An essential non-Watson-Crick base pair motif in 3'UTR to mediate selenoprotein translation

Watanabe, H.; Takahashi, R.; Zhang, X.X.a; Goto, Y.; Hayashi, H.; Ando, J.; Isshiki, M.; Seto, M.; Hidaka, H.; Niki, I.; Ohno, R., 1998:
An essential of myosin light-chain kinase in the regulation of agonist- and fluid flow-stimulated Ca2+ influx in endothelial cells

Sterneck, E.; Tessarollo, L.; Johnson, P.F., 1997:
An essential role for C/EBPbeta in female reproduction

Metheringham, R.; Griffiths, L.; Crooke, H.; Forsythe, S.; Cole, J., 1995:
An essential role for DsbA in cytochrome c synthesis and formate-dependent nitrite reduction by Escherichia coli K-12

Beg, A.A.; Baltimore, D., 1996:
An essential role for NF-kappaB in preventing TNF-alpha-induced cell death

Wiedemann, C.; Schäfer, T.; Burger, M.M.; Sihra, T.S., 1998:
An essential role for a small synaptic vesicle-associated phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase in neurotransmitter release

Feng, X.; Hannun, Y.A., 1998:
An essential role for autophosphorylation in the dissociation of activated protein kinase C from the plasma membrane

Yang, J.; Mitsuyama, M., 1997:
An essential role for endogenous interferon-gamma in the generation of protective T cells against Mycobacterium bovis BCG in mice

Lander, H.M., 1997:
An essential role for free radicals and derived species in signal transduction

Way, S.S.; Borczuk, A.C.; Dominitz, R.; Goldberg, M.B., 1998:
An essential role for gamma interferon in innate resistance to Shigella flexneri infection

Foy, T.M.; Page, D.M.; Waldschmidt, T.J.; Schoneveld, A.; Laman, J.D.; Masters, S.R.; Tygrett, L.; Ledbetter, J.A.; Aruffo, A.; Claassen, E.; Xu, J.C.; Flavell, R.A.; Oehen, S.; Hedrick, S.M.; Noelle, R.J., 1995:
An essential role for gp39, the ligand for CD40, in thymic selection

Flynn, J.L.; Chan, J.; Triebold, K.J.; Dalton, D.K.; Stewart, T.A.; Bloom, B.R., 1993:
An essential role for interferon gamma in resistance to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection

Hall, L.R.; Mehlotra, R.K.; Higgins, A.W.; Haxhiu, M.A.; Pearlman, E., 1998:
An essential role for interleukin-5 and eosinophils in helminth-induced airway hyperresponsiveness

Yuan, Y.; Jackson, S.P.; Newnham, H.H.; Mitchell, C.A.; Salem, H.H., 1995:
An essential role for lysophosphatidylcholine in the inhibition of platelet aggregation by secretory phospholipase A2

Bernhagen, J.; Bacher, M.; Calandra, T.; Metz, C.N.; Doty, S.B.; Donnelly, T.; Bucala, R., 1996:
An essential role for macrophage migration inhibitory factor in the tuberculin delayed-type hypersensitivity reaction

Mulkey, R.M.; Herron, C.E.; Malenka, R.C., 1993:
An essential role for protein phosphatases in hippocampal long-term depression

Blumberg, B.; Bolado, J.; Moreno, T.A.; Kintner, C.; Evans, R.M.; Papalopulu, N., 1997:
An essential role for retinoid signaling in anteroposterior neural patterning

Rockabrand, D.; Arthur, T.; Korinek, G.; Livers, K.; Blum, P., 1995:
An essential role for the Escherichia coli DnaK protein in starvation-induced thermotolerance, H2O2 resistance, and reductive division

Lutsenko, S.; Kaplan, J.H., 1993:
An essential role for the extracellular domain of the sodium, potassium-ATPase beta-subunit in cation occlusion

Dowthwaite, G.P.; Edwards, J.C.; Pitsillides, A.A., 1998:
An essential role for the interaction between hyaluronan and hyaluronan binding proteins during joint development

Tishon, A.; Lewicki, H.; Rall, G.; Von Herrath, M.; Oldstone, M.B., 1995:
An essential role for type 1 interferon-gamma in terminating persistent viral infection

Maulik, N.; Sato, M.; Price, B.D.; Das, D.K., 1998:
An essential role of NFkappaB in tyrosine kinase signaling of p38 MAP kinase regulation of myocardial adaptation to ischemia

Hu, Z.Q.; Asano, K.; Seki, H.; Shimamura, T., 1995:
An essential role of prostaglandin E on mouse mast cell induction

Withee, J.L.; Mulholland, J.; Jeng, R.; Cyert, M.S., 1997:
An essential role of the yeast pheromone-induced Ca2+ signal is to activate calcineurin

Hecht, G.B.; Lane, T.; Ohta, N.; Sommer, J.M.; Newton, A., 1995:
An essential single domain response regulator required for normal cell division and differentiation in Caulobacter crescentus

Frank, D.; Guthrie, C., 1992:
An essential splicing factor, SLU7, mediates 3' splice site choice in yeast

Brigati, C.; Kurtz, S.; Balderes, D.; Vidali, G.; Shore, D., 1993:
An essential yeast gene encoding a TTAGGG repeat-binding protein

Kenna, M.; Stevens, A.; McCammon, M.; Douglas, M.G., 1993:
An essential yeast gene with homology to the exonuclease-encoding XRN1/KEM1 gene also encodes a protein with exoribonuclease activity

Kanaya, S.; Koyanagi, T.; Kanaya, E., 1998:
An esterase from Escherichia coli with a sequence similarity to hormone-sensitive lipase

McGuire, S.O.; James-Kracke, M.R.; Sun, G.Y.; Fritsche, K.L., 1997:
An esterification protocol for cis-parinaric acid-determined lipid peroxidation in immune cells

Svanum, S.; McGrew, J., 1996:
An estimate and comparison of MMPI and MMPI-2 concurrent validity. Predicting DSM-III-R diagnoses among college students

Musolino, S.V.; Greenhouse, N.A.thony; Hull, A.P., 1997:
An estimate by two methods for thyroid absorbed doses due to BRAVO fallout in several Northern Marshall Islands

Nojiri, Yukihiro; Kusakabe, Minoru; Tietze, Klaus; Hirabayashi, Jun Ichi; Sato, Hiroaki; Sano, Yuji; Shinohara, Hiroshi; Njine, Thomas; Tanyileke, Greg, 1993:
An estimate of carbon dioxide flux in Lake Nyos, Cameroon

Ursem, N.T.; Kempski, M.H.; de Ridder, M.A.; Clark, E.B.; Wladimiroff, J.W., 1998:
An estimate of fetal autonomic state by spectral analysis of human umbilical artery flow velocity waveforms

Sudhakaran, M.V.; Vijayavalli, B., 1998:
An estimate of genetic load disclosed by inbreeding among the Muslims of Alappuzha, Kerala

Sudhakaran, M.V.; Vijayavalli, B., 1997:
An estimate of genetic load in the Nayars of Alappuzha, Kerala

Zeldis, J.R.; Francis, R.I.C.ris; Clark, M.R.; Ingerson, J.K.V.; Grimes, P.J.; Vignaux, M., 1997:
An estimate of orange roughy, Hoplostethus atlanticus, biomass using the daily fecundity reduction method

Adetunji, A.; Toriola, T.O., 1996:
An estimate of preventable blood loss associated with elective canine splenectomy

Wang, Y.; Wu, Y.; Zhou, G.; Xu, C.; Xiao, K., 1996:
An estimate of recurrence risk for neural tube defects in China

Lilliendahl, K.; Solmundsson, J., 1997:
An estimate of summer food consumption of six seabird species in Iceland

Van-Der-Bank, F.H.; Van-Der-Bank, M., 1995:
An estimate of the amount of genetic variation in a population of bulldog Marcusenius macrolepidotus (Mormyridae)

Collins, J.A.; Bustillo, M.; Visscher, R.D.; Lawrence, L.D., 1995:
An estimate of the cost of in vitro fertilization services in the United States in 1995

Dzik Jurasz, A.S.K.; Farwell, J., 1997:
An estimate of the maximal doses incurred by persons accompanying patients in the waiting area of a nuclear medicine department

Yamaguchi, J., 1996:
An estimate of the photosynthate pool size from the equilibration of 14CO-2

Crain, E.F.; Weiss, K.B.; Bijur, P.E.; Hersh, M.; Westbrook, L.; Stein, R.E., 1994:
An estimate of the prevalence of asthma and wheezing among inner-city children

Airey, D.K.; Wong, J.C.; Fleming, R.A.; Meldrum, L.R., 1997:
An estimate of the total UV-B exposure for outdoor workers during a south-east Queensland summer

Jarboui, O.; De-Clerck, R., 1992:
An estimate of the total biomass of dab (Limanda limanda, L.) in the south part of the North Sea

Gayoso Rodriguez, M.A.; Lozano Blazquez, A.; Santiago Freijanes, M.C.; Jerez Rojas, J.; Mendez Castrillon Rodriguez, J., 1998:
An estimate on the application of the protocol for pain in a general hospital

Livansky, K.; Doucha, J., 1994:
An estimation method for CO-2/O-2 photosynthetic rates and for CO-2/O-2 mass transfer coefficients in outdoor algal culture units

Matsuishi, Takashi, 1993:
An estimation method of population abundance using purse seine fishery catch-effort data

Schmid, S., 1993:
An estimation of average NO-x contamination of southern Bavaria by regional emitters

Steahr, Thomas E., 1996:
An estimation of foodborne illness in populations with HIV/AIDS infection, United States, 1987-93

Perepelyatnikova, L.V.; Prister, B.S.; Omel'yanenko, N.P.; Bukovskaya, V.S., 1994:
An estimation of the Ukrainian Polissya efficiency for the radioactive level in plant products

Bublikova, L.I., 1997:
An estimation of the epidemiological role of malaria vectoring mosquitoes (Culicidae: Anopheles) in the north of the Tien Shan

Hering, E.R.; Kotze, T.J.V.n W.; Maree, G.J., 1998:
An estimation of the genetically significance dose from diagnostic radiology for the South African population, 1990-1991

Baracca, E.; Brunazzi, M.C.; Pasqualini, M.; Cavazzini, D.; Scorzoni, D.; Vaccari, M.; Barbaresi, F.; Longhini, C., 1995:
An estimation of the left ventricular diastolic function from the spectral analysis of the fourth heart sound. A Doppler validated study in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Suárez-López, P.; Ortín, J., 1994:
An estimation of the nucleotide substitution rate at defined positions in the influenza virus haemagglutinin gene

FitzPatrick, D.; Farrall, M., 1993:
An estimation of the number of susceptibility loci for isolated cleft palate

Tilikidis, A.; Lind, B.; Näfstadius, P.; Brahme, A., 1996:
An estimation of the relative biological effectiveness of 50 MV bremsstrahlung beams by microdosimetric techniques

Letzel, H.; de Boer, F.A.; van 't Hof, M.A., 1997:
An estimation of the size distribution of amalgam particles in dental treatment waste

Yokose, S.; Ishizuya, T.; Ikeda, T.; Nakamura, T.; Tsurukami, H.; Kawasaki, K.; Suda, T.; Yoshiki, S.; Yamaguchi, A., 1996:
An estrogen deficiency caused by ovariectomy increases plasma levels of systemic factors that stimulate proliferation and differentiation of osteoblasts in rats

Howard, G.; Peng, L.; Hyde, J.F., 1997:
An estrogen receptor binding site within the human galanin gene

Xing, H.; Shapiro, D.J., 1993:
An estrogen receptor mutant exhibiting hormone-independent transactivation and enhanced affinity for the estrogen response element

Zhang, Q.X.; Borg, A.; Wolf, D.M.; Oesterreich, S.; Fuqua, S.A., 1997:
An estrogen receptor mutant with strong hormone-independent activity from a metastatic breast cancer

Dodson, R.E.; Shapiro, D.J., 1994:
An estrogen-inducible protein binds specifically to a sequence in the 3' untranslated region of estrogen-stabilized vitellogenin mRNA

De-Boer, I.J.M.; Brom, F.W.A.; Vorstenbosch, J.M.G., 1995:
An ethical evaluation of animal biotechnology: The case of using clones in dairy cattle breeding

Diekema, D.S.; Shugerman, R.P., 1997:
An ethics curriculum for the pediatric residency program. Confronting barriers to implementation

Sillitoe, Paul, 1995:
An ethnobotanical account of the plant resources of the Wola region, southern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea

Jain, P.; Sahu, T.R., 1993:
An ethnobotanical study of Noradehi Sanctuary Park of Madhya Pradesh, India: Native plant remedies for scorpion sting and snake bite

Harkonen, Marja, 1995:
An ethnomycological approach to Tanzanian species of Amanita

Heisig, Michaela, 1993:
An etho-ecological study of an island population of Tropidurus atacamensis

Torr, G.A.; Shine, R., 1994:
An ethogram for the small scincid lizard Lampropholis guichenoti

Hanlon, R.T.; Smale, M.J.; Sauer, W.H.H., 1994:
An ethogram of body patterning behavior in the squid Loligo vulgaris reynaudii on spawning grounds in South Africa

Momoki, Akiko, 1995:
An ethological approach to human language: No plays as an example

Hallam, B.E.; Hallam, J.C.T.; Halperin, J.R.P., 1994:
An ethological model for implementation in mobile robots

Navarro, J.F.; Pedraza, M.C., 1996:
An ethopharmacological assessment of the effects of gammahydroxybutyrate (GHB) on agonistic interactions in male mice

Davila, G.; Navarro, J.F.; Maldonado, E.; Martin Lopez, M.; Manzaneque, J.M.; Pedraza, C., 1997:
An ethopharmacological assessment of the effects of methadone on agonistic interactions in male mice

Ellis, E.M.; Judah, D.J.; Neal, G.E.; Hayes, J.D., 1993:
An ethoxyquin-inducible aldehyde reductase from rat liver that metabolizes aflatoxin B1 defines a subfamily of aldo-keto reductases

Fontana, A.; Rosenheck, R., 1995:
An etiological model of attempted suicide among Vietnam theater veterans. Prospective generalization to a treatment-seeking sample

Suh, Y.H., 1997:
An etiological role of amyloidogenic carboxyl-terminal fragments of the beta-amyloid precursor protein in Alzheimer's disease

Mu, G.F., 1992:
An etiology study on the 1986 epidemic of acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis in China

DeLange, A.M.; Carpenter, M.S.; Choy, J.; Newsway, V.E., 1995:
An etoposide-induced block in vaccinia virus telomere resolution is dependent on the virus-encoded DNA ligase

Shimizu, K.; Ichikawa, H.; Tojo, A.; Kaneko, Y.; Maseki, N.; Hayashi, Y.; Ohira, M.; Asano, S.; Ohki, M., 1993:
An ets-related gene, ERG, is rearranged in human myeloid leukemia with t(16;21) chromosomal translocation

Grewal, S., 1995:
An eucalypt and bhabar grass plantation system to optimize resource use for biomass production in the foothills of sub-tropical North India

Schultze, H.P.ter; West, R.R., 1996:
An eugeneodontid elasmobranch from the late Paleozoic of Kansas

Phillips, W.S.; Smith, J.; Greaves, M.; Preston, F.E.; Channer, K.S., 1997:
An evaluation and improvement program for inpatient anticoagulant control

Heath, M., 1993:
An evaluation and review of the ices herring larval and surveys in the north sea and adjacent waters

Doig, R.G.; O'Malley, C.J.; Dauer, R.; McGrath, K.M., 1994:
An evaluation of 200 consecutive patients with spontaneous or recurrent thrombosis for primary hypercoagulable states

Cook, G.J.; Lewis, M.K.; Clarke, S.E., 1995:
An evaluation of 99Tcm-DMSA SPET with three-dimensional reconstruction in 68 patients with varied renal pathology

Majer, J.D.; Delabie, J.H.C., 1993:
An evaluation of Brasilian cocoa farm ants as potential biological control agents

Lan, L.; Zhang, X.; Duan, B.; Huo, Z.; Shi, X., 1993:
An evaluation of DNA fingerprinting with oligonucleotide probe for forensic purposes

Sasaki, M.; Ichiya, Y.; Kuwabara, Y.; Akashi, Y.; Yoshida, T.; Fukumura, T.; Masuda, K., 1997:
An evaluation of FDG-PET in the detection and differentiation of thyroid tumours

Tyrrell, Toby, 1994:
An evaluation of Maes's bottom-up mechanism for behavior selection

Lane, P.L.; Doig, G.; Mikrogianakis, A.; Charyk, S.T.; Stefanits, T., 1996:
An evaluation of Ontario trauma outcomes and the development of regional norms for Trauma and Injury Severity Score (TRISS) analysis

Elliott, M.W.; Mulvey, D.A.; Green, M.; Moxham, J., 1993:
An evaluation of P0.1 measured in mouth and oesophagus, during carbon dioxide rebreathing in COPD

Laska, D., A.; Poulsen, R., G.; Horn, J., W.; Meador, V., P.; Hoover, D., M., 1992:
An evaluation of TESTSKIN: An alternative dermal irritation model

Kapur, R.; Weir, M.B.; Mckevitt, C.; Devine, M.; Collins, L.; Maxwell, H.; Heaney, C., 1997:
An evaluation of Threshold therapeutic communities in Northern Ireland

Brickley, G.J.; Cleaver, V.C.; Bailey, S., 1996:
An evaluation of a group follow-up scheme for new NHS hearing aid users

Grant, K.A.; Lane, P.L.; Janus, G.; Okovita, L., 1995:
An evaluation of a hospital-based drinking and driving prevention program

Rege, J.E.O.; Lomole, M.A.; Wakhungu, J.W., 1992:
An evaluation of a long-term breeding programme in a closed Sahiwal herd in Kenya: I. Effects of non-genetic factors on performance and genetic parameter estimates

Wiegant, J.; Verwoerd, N.; Mascheretti, S.; Bolk, M.; Tanke, H.J.; Raap, A.K., 1996:
An evaluation of a new series of fluorescent dUTPs for fluorescence in situ hybridization

Mcglasson, D.L.; Babcock, J.L.; Berg, L.; Triplett, D.A., 1993:
An evaluation of a positive control for platelet neutralization procedure testing with seven commercial activated partial thromboplastin time reagents

Montner, P.; Bennett, G.; Brown, C., 1994:
An evaluation of a smoking cessation training program for medical residents in an inner-city hospital

Inoue, N.; Takemoto, Y.; Kanamaru, A.; Kakishita, E.; Nakayama, S.; Hara, H.; Tsutsui, T.; Murakami, R.; Yamaguchi, N.; Tago, H., 1993:
An evaluation of a therapy with antibacterial and antifungal agents infections with hematological disorders

Berge, J.A.; Gramstad, L.; Grimnes, S., 1994:
An evaluation of a time-saving anaesthetic machine checkout procedure

Akiyama, M.; Ohnishi, Y.; Henta, T.; Tajima, S.; Ishibashi, A.; Kawada, A., 1998 :
An evaluation of actosin ointment against superficial cutaneous blood flow: A laser Doppler flowmetric study

Wu, J.; Ma, X.; Li, Z.; Gao, S., 1994:
An evaluation of airborne videography for detecting and monitoring forest insect and disease

Stockman, A., 1995:
An evaluation of alprazolam as a preoperative anxiolytic agent

Garner, M.G.; Lack, M.B., 1995:
An evaluation of alternate control strategies for foot-and-mouth disease in Australia: A regional approach

Akiyama, T.; Unuma, T.; Yamamoto, T.; Furita, H.; Konishi, K., 1997:
An evaluation of amino acid sources and binders in semipurified diet for Red Sea Urchin Pseudocentrotus depressus

Imai, T.; Fukuhara, A.; Ueda, I.; Otagiri, M., 1993:
An evaluation of an anti-inflammatory-histamine H2 antagonist drug complex on gastric erosions in the rat

Brown, R.D.; Uhr, E.; Joshua, D.E., 1996:
An evaluation of anaemia testing on the Sanofi access immunoassay analyser

Rani, P.U.; Naidu, M.U.; Prasad, V.B.; Rao, T.R.; Shobha, J.C., 1996:
An evaluation of antidepressants in rheumatic pain conditions

Schachter, S.C.; Cramer, G.W.; Thompson, G.D.; Chaponis, R.J.; Mendelson, M.A.; Lawhorne, L., 1998:
An evaluation of antiepileptic drug therapy in nursing facilities

Feurle, G.E.; Marth, T., 1994:
An evaluation of antimicrobial treatment for Whipple's Disease. Tetracycline versus trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole

Zager, R.A.; Fuerstenberg, S.M.; Baehr, P.H.; Myerson, D.; Torok Storb, B., 1994:
An evaluation of antioxidant effects of recovery from postischemic acute renal failure

Amjad, S.; Jones, D.A., 1992:
An evaluation of artificial larval diets used in the culture of penaeid shrimp larvae Penaeus monodon (Fabricius)

DiMario, F.J.; Dunham, B.; Burleson, J.A.; Moskovitz, J.; Cassidy, S.B., 1994:
An evaluation of autonomic nervous system function in patients with Prader-Willi syndrome

Andersson, G.; Melin, L.; Scott, B.; Lindberg, P., 1995:
An evaluation of behavioural treatment approach to hearing impairment

Valaitis, R.K.; Shea, E., 1993:
An evaluation of breastfeeding promotion literature: does it really promote breastfeeding?

Kawada, A.; Morimoto, K.; Hiruma, M.; Akiyama, M.; Ishibashi, A., 1997:
An evaluation of broad-spectrum sunscreens: 5. Protection against UVA-induced immediate tanning

Hung, J.J.; Liu, W.C.; Chang, C.H.; Tzeng, J.S.; Li, S.W., 1992:
An evaluation of buffering potential of selected Taiwan agricultural soils for acidic deposition

Blicharski, T.; Nowak, B.; Ostrowski, A., 1993:
An evaluation of carcass meat deposition in purebred and crossbred pigs with ham treated as an indicator of slaughter value

Allen, C.; Stevens, C.F., 1994:
An evaluation of causes for unreliability of synaptic transmission

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An evaluation of the hemizygous transgenic Tg.AC mouse for carcinogenicity testing of pharmaceuticals. I. Evidence for a confounding nonresponder phenotype

Thompson, K.L.; Rosenzweig, B.A.; Sistare, F.D., 1998:
An evaluation of the hemizyous transgenic Tg.AC mouse for carcinogenicity testing of pharmaceuticals: II. A genotypic marker that predicts tumorigenic responsiveness

Kett, D.H.; Quartin, A.A.; Sprung, C.L.; Fisher, C.J.; Peña, M.A.; Heard, S.O.; Zimmerman, J.L.; Albertson, T.E.; Panacek, E.A.; Eidelman, L.A., 1994:
An evaluation of the hemodynamic effects of HA-1A human monoclonal antibody

Ueda, K.; Itoh, Y.; Kawauchi, A.; Hashimoto, Y.; Sawada, A.; Kubota, K.; Shiga, T.; Matsui, W.; Kamiya, K.; Kusano, M., 1994:
An evaluation of the hemodynamics in metastatic liver tumor by using ultrasound color Doppler flow mapping examination

Bava, M.D.C.rmo Guimaraes Caccia; Silva, E.M.ria; Rocha, S.M.lani D.M.lo; Villa, T.C.istina Scatena, 1993:
An evaluation of the implantation of the fluid milk distribution plan at the Teaching Health Care Center of Ribeirao Preto

Daley, D.; Mulgrave, L.; Munro, R.; Neville, S.; Smith, H.; Dimech, W., 1996 :
An evaluation of the in vitro activity of piperacillin/tazobactam

Tsuchiya, T.; Ito, K.; Murata, M., 1996:
An evaluation of the incidence of hyperparathyroidism after 131I treatment for Basedow disease (Part I)

Patterson, D.C.; Mayne, C.S.; Gordon, F.J.; Kilpatrick, D.J., 1997:
An evaluation of the inoculant/enzyme preparation as an additive for grass silage for dairy cattle

Daimon, T.; Fujiwara, K.; Tanaka, N.; Abe, T., 1998:
An evaluation of the long term use of electrolysed hyperacidity water as an agent in the cleaning and disinfecting of hemodialysis equipment

Wolff, K.; Sanderson, M.J.; Hay, A.W.; Barnes, I., 1993:
An evaluation of the measurement of drugs of abuse by commercial and in-house horizontal thin layer chromatography

Sutananta, W.; Craig, D.Q.M.; Newton, J.M.chael, 1995:
An evaluation of the mechanism of drug release from glyceride bases

Gainsford, S.A.; Woodgyer, A.; Young, G., 1992:
An evaluation of the microring YT yeast identification system

Collighan, G.; Macdonald, A.; Herzberg, J.; Philpot, M.; Lindesay, J., 1993:
An evaluation of the multidisciplinary approach to psychiatric diagnosis in elderly people

Wasilauskas, B.L.; Morrell, R.M., 1996:
An evaluation of the necessity of 24-hour incubation for oxacillin minimum inhibitory concentrations

Linden, D.J.; Dawson, T.M.; Dawson, V.L., 1995:
An evaluation of the nitric oxide/cGMP/cGMP-dependent protein kinase cascade in the induction of cerebellar long-term depression in culture

Deguchi, Y.; Oura, R.; Seikine, J., 1992:
An evaluation of the nutritive value of the silage made with the pulp obtained from Japanese pear (NIJISSEIKI) juice production

Hekmat, M.; Smith, R.; Fung, P., 1994:
An evaluation of the occupational health and safety administration method for the determination of chlorine dioxide in workplace atmosphere

Fernandez, N.; Forster, C.F., 1994:
An evaluation of the options for secondary treatment of effluents produced from the anaerobic digestion of simulation coffee wastewaters

Srinivasan, N.; Blundell, T.L., 1993:
An evaluation of the performance of an automated procedure for comparative modelling of protein tertiary structure

Bekersky, I.; Ohara, K.; Dressler, D., E.; Kuroda, Y.; Sambuco, C., P., 1998:
An evaluation of the phototoxicity of tacrolimus (FK506) ointment in hairless mice

Fatta, D.; Haralambous, K.J.; Papadopoulos, A.; Loizidou, M.; Spyrellis, N., 1997:
An evaluation of the pollution level in Saronic Gulf waters

Bianchi, A.; Scieux, C.; Brunat, N.; Vexiau, D.; Kermanach, M.; Pezin, P.; Janier, M.; Morel, P.; Lagrange, P.H., 1994:
An evaluation of the polymerase chain reaction amplicor Chlamydia trachomatis in male urine and female urogenital specimens

Ounpuu, S.; Bell, K.J.; Davis, R.B.; DeLuca, P.A., 1996:
An evaluation of the posterior leaf spring orthosis using joint kinematics and kinetics

Wiley, R.W.; Whaley, R.A.; Satake, J.B.; Fowden, M., 1993:
An evaluation of the potential for training trout in hatcheries to increase poststocking survival in streams

Reuser, A.J.; Wisselaar, H.A., 1994:
An evaluation of the potential side-effects of alpha-glucosidase inhibitors used for the management of diabetes mellitus

Hu, J.; Kindsvogel, W.; Busby, S.; Bailey, M.C.; Shi, Y.Y.; Greenberg, P.D., 1993:
An evaluation of the potential to use tumor-associated antigens as targets for antitumor T cell therapy using transgenic mice expressing a retroviral tumor antigen in normal lymphoid tissues

McKeith, I.G.; Fairbairn, A.F.; Bothwell, R.A.; Moore, P.B.; Ferrier, I.N.; Thompson, P.; Perry, R.H., 1994:
An evaluation of the predictive validity and inter-rater reliability of clinical diagnostic criteria for senile dementia of Lewy body type

Evans, T.R.; Hacker, J.B., 1992:
An evaluation of the production potential of six tropical grasses under grazing: 3. Responses to set stocking rates under continuous grazing

Sheen-Chen, S.M.; Chou, F.F.; Eng, H.L.; Chen, W.J., 1994:
An evaluation of the prognostic significance of HLA-DR expression in axillary-node-negative breast cancer

Sikosana, P.L., 1994:
An evaluation of the quantity of antenatal care at rural health centres in Matebeleland North Province

Viives Corrons, J.L.uis; Besson, I.; Villamor, N.; Aymerich, M.; Marin,; Jou, J.M., 1994:
An evaluation of the reliability of the automated monocyte count by flow cytometry and monoclonal antibodies

Friel, P.N.; Logan, B.K.; Baer, J., 1995:
An evaluation of the reliability of Widmark calculations based on breath alcohol measurements

Losson, B.; Lonneux, J.F., 1993:
An evaluation of the remanent activity of injectable 2 percent moxidectin against the first instar larvae of Hypoderma sp. in naturally infected cattle

Borzelleca, J.F.; Egle, J.L.Jr, 1993:
An evaluation of the reproductive and developmental effects of tara gum in rats

Namura, S.; Nishijima, S.; Asada, Y., 1994:
An evaluation of the residual activity of antiseptic handrub lotions: an 'in use' setting study

Randolph, B.W.; Lalloo, U.G.; Gouws, E.; Colvin, M.S., 1997:
An evaluation of the respiratory health status of automotive spray-painters exposed to paints containing hexamethylene di-isocyanates in the greater Durban area

Blohm, M.B.rglin; Hartford, M.; Karlson, B.W.; Luepker, R.V.; Herlitz, J., 1996:
An evaluation of the results of media and educational campaigns designed to shorten the time take by patients with acute myocardial infarction to decide to go to hospital

Georgiou, N.; Iansek, R.; Bradshaw, J.L.; Phillips, J.G.; Mattingley, J.B.; Bradshaw, J.A., 1993:
An evaluation of the role of internal cues in the pathogenesis of parkinsonian hypokinesia

Miller, J.D.; Dehoyos, A., 1993:
An evaluation of the role of omentopexy and of early perioperative corticosteroid administration in clinical lung transplantation

Cord-Udy, C.L.; Smith, V.V.; Ahmed, S.; Risdon, R.A.; Milla, P.J., 1997:
An evaluation of the role of suction rectal biopsy in the diagnosis of intestinal neuronal dysplasia

Lee, V.M.; Keefer, L.K.; Archer, M.C., 1996:
An evaluation of the roles of metabolic denitrosation and alpha-hydroxylation in the hepatotoxicity of N-Nitrosodimethylamine

Hill, R.A.; Dunbar, R.I.M., 1998:
An evaluation of the roles of predation rate and predation risk as selective pressures on primate grouping behaviour

Bernard, B.K.; Harris, J.E.; Fischer, J.E., 1998:
An evaluation of the safety of Crodamol PMP

Hourihane JO'B.K.lburn, S.A.; Nordlee, J.A.; Hefle, S.L.; Taylor, S.L.; Warner, J.O., 1997:
An evaluation of the sensitivity of subjects with peanut allergy to very low doses of peanut protein: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled food challenge study

Pope, J.G.; Macer, C.T., 1996:
An evaluation of the stock structure of North Sea cod, haddock, and whiting since 1920, together with a consideration of the impacts of fisheries and predation effects on their biomass and recruitment

Winn, R.N.; Knott, D.M., 1992:
An evaluation of the survival of experimental populations exposed to hypoxia in the Savannah River estuary

Jones, C.M.; Heit, E., 1993:
An evaluation of the total similarity principle: effects of similarity on frequency judgments

Tiersch, T.R.; Mumme, R.L., 1993:
An evaluation of the use of flow cytometry to identify sex in the Florida scrub Jay

Parry, James M., 1993:
An evaluation of the use of in vitro tubulin polymerisation, fungal and wheat assays to detect the activity potential chemical aneugens

Carter, J.A.; Mroz, R.E.; Tay, K.L.; Doe, K.G., 1998:
An evaluation of the use of soil and sediment bioassays in the assessment of three contaminated sites in Atlantic Canada

Trocki, O.; Baer, D.J.; Castonguay, T.W., 1995:
An evaluation of the use of total body electrical conductivity for the estimation of body composition in adult rats: effect of dietary obesity and adrenalectomy

Brzeski, W.; Depta, A.; Winnicki, T.; Rychlik, A., 1995:
An evaluation of the usefulness of pancreatic duct cannulation in pigs using return duodenofugal system

Allen, M.S.; Miranda, L.E., 1995:
An evaluation of the value of harvest restrictions in managing crappie fisheries

Remacha, A.; Barcelo, M.J.; Parellada, M.; Garcia-Die, F., 1995:
An evaluation of three commercial methods for the determination of the red cell folate. Usefulness of non-isotopic methods

Holt, H.A.; White, L.O.; Bedford, K.A.; Bowker, K.E.; Reeves, D.S.; MacGowan, A.P., 1994:
An evaluation of three new immunoassays for determination of serum gentamicin concentrations

Slamenová, D.; Dusinská, M.; Gábelová, A.; Bohusová, T.; Oravec, C., 1992:
An evaluation of three pesticides: piritione, supercypermethrin and metolachlor in transformation bioassays of BHK21 and hamster embryo cells

Uras, C.; Yardimci, H.; Sener, S.; Balcisoy, U.; Akcal, T., 1996:
An evaluation of tumour markers in gastrointestinal carcinomas

Lane, A.M.; Egan, K.M.; Yang, J.; Saornil, M.A.; Alroy, J.; Albert, D.; Gragoudas, E.S., 1997:
An evaluation of tumour vascularity as a prognostic indicator in uveal melanoma

Graff, J.; Fugleberg, S.; Joffe, P.; Brahm, J.; Fogh-Andersen, N., 1995:
An evaluation of twelve nested models of transperitoneal transport of urea: the one-compartment assumption is valid

Shah, P.L.; Scott, S.F.; Geddes, D.M.; Conway, S.; Watson, A.; Nazir, T.; Carr, S.B.; Wallis, C.; Marriott, C.; Hodson, M.E., 1997:
An evaluation of two aerosol delivery systems for rhDNase

Burns, C.B.; Currie, B.J.; Powers, J.R., 1996:
An evaluation of unleaded petrol as a harm reduction strategy for petrol sniffers in an aboriginal community

Kashi, S.H.; Wynne, K.S.; Sadek, S.A.; Lodge, J.P., 1994:
An evaluation of vesical urodynamics before renal transplantation and its effect on renal allograft function and survival

Liu Jihui, Song Sirong, 1996:
An evaluation of visual acuity by visual evoked potential in forensic medicine

Ndong, I.; Gloyd, S.; Gale, J., 1994:
An evaluation of vital registers as sources of data for infant mortality rates in Cameroon

Gorsira, B.; Risenhoover, K.L., 1994:
An evaluation of woodland reclamation on strip-mined lands in east Texas

Dipaula, B.; Tommasello, A.; Solounias, B.; Mcduff, D., 1998:
An evaluation on intravenous ethanol in hospitalized patients

Wu, L.; Lou, Y.; Xiao, J., 1992:
An evaluation on productiveness factors of Phyllostachys pubescens stand for culms and shoots by quantitative theory I

Jin, S.G.; Lu, B.Y.; Yan, D.Y.; Fu, Z.Y.; Jiang, Y.; Li, W., 1995:
An evaluation on smoking-induced health costs in China (1988-1989)

Hellmer, L.; Bolcsfoldi, G., 1992:
An evaluation on the Escherichia coli K-12 uvrB/recA DNA repair host-mediated assay: I. In vitro sensitivity of the bacteria to 61 compounds

Codini, G.; Sbattella, F.; Granelli, M.; Malcangi, V.; Corsi, L.; Cianci, A.; Zorini, C.O.odei; Granata, V.; Palermo, R.; Virgili, G.; Fabbri, D.; Bonatti, R.; Roscio, A.; Donisetti, L.; Tommasi, R., 1998:
An evaluation on the quality of life of the guests staying in communities for people affected by AIDS

Odagiri, S.; Sumitomo, M.; Takahashi, K.; Matsumoto, F.; Sakurai, I.; Imai, T.; Yoshikawa, K.; Ito, A.; Sugiyama, M.; Suzuki, M., 1994:
An evaluation study on arbekacin for MRSA-infectious diseases including pneumonia, septicemia and others

Nishijima, S.; Namura, S.; Mitsuya, K.; Asada, Y., 1993:
An evaluation, using computerized image analysis, of antimicrobial efficacy of an automatic hand washing machine with ultrasonic wave spraying

Richardt, D.; Driver, H.S., 1996:
An evaluative study of the short-term effects of once-daily, sustained-release theophylline on sleep in nocturnal asthmatics

Hill, Mark O., 1997:
An evenness statistic based on the abundance-weighted variance of species proportions

Tendolkar, I.; Doyle, M.C.; Rugg, M.D., 1997:
An event-related potential study of retroactive interference in memory

D.Lavernhe Lemaire, 1997:
An eventual modulation of the afferent auditory message by the cortex is the subject of this study

Glasziou, P.P.; Irwig, L.M., 1995:
An evidence based approach to individualising treatment

Sas Piotrowska, B.; Aniszewski, T.; Gulewicz, K., 1996:
An evidence for fungistatic activity of some preparations from alkaloid-rich lupin seeds on potato pathogenic fungi

Wyrostkiewicz, K.; Wawrzyniak, M.; Barczak, T.; Aniszewski, T.; Gulewicz, K., 1996 :
An evidence for insecticide activity of some preparations from alkaloid-rich lupin seeds on Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say), larvae of the large white butterfly (Pieris brassica L.), black bean aphid (Aphis fabae Scop.) and on their parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Parasitica) populations

Mishra, S.; Mittal, B., 1996:
An evidence of presence of DNA-binding proteins in selection of dystrophin gene promoter

Robinson, T.N.; Patrick, K.; Eng, T.R.; Gustafson, D., 1998:
An evidence-based approach to interactive health communication: A challenge to medicine in the information age

Tannenbaum, H.; Davis, P.; Russell, A., S.; Atkinson, M., H.; Maksymowych, W.; Huang, S., H.K.; Bell, M.; Hawker, G., A.; Juby, A.; Vanner, S.; Sibley, J.; Participants, C.-Nsaid-Consensus, 1996:
An evidence-based approach to prescribing NSAIDs in musculoskeletal disease: A Canadian consensus

Smith, D.C., 1992:
An evoked compound electromyogram simulator with external microprocessor control facility

Burton, J.L.; Slepnev, V.; D.C.milli, P.V., 1997:
An evolutionarily conserved domain in a subfamily of Rabs is crucial for the interaction with the guanyl nucleotide exchange factor Mss4

Hansen-Hagge, T.E.; Janssen, J.W.; Hameister, H.; Papa, F.R.; Zechner, U.; Seriu, T.; Jauch, A.; Becke, D.; Hochstrasser, M.; Bartram, C.R., 1998:
An evolutionarily conserved gene on human chromosome 5q33-q34, UBH1, encodes a novel deubiquitinating enzyme

Gunaratne, P.; Ross, J.L.; Zhang, Q.; Organ, E.L.; Cavener, D.R., 1994:
An evolutionarily conserved palindrome in the Drosophila Gld promoter directs tissue-specific expression

Lothian, C.; Lendahl, U., 1997:
An evolutionarily conserved region in the second intron of the human nestin gene directs gene expression to CNS progenitor cells and to early neural crest cells

Kapur, R.; Evans, D.L.; Harris, D.T., 1995:
An evolutionarily conserved target cell antigen along with MHC class I molecules influences susceptibility to murine NK cell lysis

Bowie, J.U.; Eisenberg, D., 1994:
An evolutionary approach to folding small alpha-helical proteins that uses sequence information and an empirical guiding fitness function

Ray, Thomas, S., 1994:
An evolutionary approach to synthetic biology: Zen and the art of creating life

Daan, S.; Dijkstra, C.; Weissing, F.J., 1996:
An evolutionary explanation for seasonal trends in avian sex ratios

Tsurugi, Kunio, 1993:
An evolutionary study on the gene family of 13 kDa-type acidic ribosomal proteins of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Evidence for a gene conversion

Emlen, S.T., 1995:
An evolutionary theory of the family

Pearce Kelly, P.; Croft, P.; Atkin, P.; Clarke, D., 1997:
An ex situ breeding programme for the endangered UK population of the field cricket Gryllus campestris

Watanabe, A.; Kurokawa, T.; Sato, J.; Iwasa, S.; Ogawa, Y., 1994:
An ex vivo assay for estimating the antiviral state of hepatocytes

Fiane, A.E.; Videm, V.; Foerster, A.; Scholz, T.; Perdersen, T.H.; Karlsen, H.; Svennevig, J.L.; Geiran, O.R.; Aasen, A.O.; Mollnes, T.E., 1998:
An ex vivo perfusion model to evaluate hyperacute rejection in a discordant pig-to-human combination

Lyadova, I.; Yeremeev, V.; Majorov, K.; Nikonenko, B.; Khaidukov, S.; Kondratieva, T.; Kobets, N.; Apt, A., 1998:
An ex vivo study of T lymphocytes recovered from the lungs of I/St mice infected with and susceptible to Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Sunderlin, W.D., 1997:
An ex-post methodology for measuring poor people's participation in social forestry: An example from Java, Indonesia

Marzec, C.J.; Day, L.A., 1993:
An exact description of five-membered ring configurations. I. Parameterization via an amplitude S, an angle gamma, the pseudorotation amplitude q and phase angle P, and the bond lengths

Marzec, C.J.; Day, L.A., 1993:
An exact description of five-membered ring configurations. II. Applications to furanose rings in DNA and RNA, analysis of errors, and bond angle bending energy

M.C.angsheng, D.J.anzeng; Yang Xinchun, 1995:
An exact sign of successful modification of atrioventricular node during radiofrequency energy delivery

Ghent, Arthur W., 1993:
An exact test and normal approximation for centrifugal and centripetal patterns in line and belt transects in ecological studies

Hatayama, T.; Shimizu, K., 1993:
An examination by forearm EMG on pain reaction time to radiant heat

Huisman, J., M.; Townsend, R., A., 1993:
An examination of Linnacean and pre-Linnacean taxa referable to Galaxaura and Tricleocarpa (Galaxauracea, Rhodophyta)

Yamaga, N.; Nagano, Y.; Yamada, K., 1997:
An examination of alkaline hydrolyzing conditions of conjugated bile acids with carbonyl groups

Nakamura, H.; Nakamura, E., 1996:
An examination of bird community change on the basis of 44 years bird watching records in Togakushi heights

Humphrey, G.K.; Gurnsey, R.; Bryden, P.J., 1994:
An examination of colour-contingent pattern aftereffects

Kobayashi, K.; Tosa, N.; Hara, Y.; Horie, S., 1996:
An examination of cooked rice with electrolyzed water

Schachter, J.B.; Harden, T.K., 1997:
An examination of deoxyadenosine 5'(alpha-thio)triphosphate as a ligand to define P2Y receptors and its selectivity as a low potency partial agonist of the P2Y1 receptor

Berryman, L.; Dancer, J.; Burl, N., 1996:
An examination of error reductions in consonant recognition when vision and hearing are combined

Ono, M.; Yanagisawa, Y.; Kawai, M., 1993:
An examination of instrumental textural evaluation of nori products by texturometer

Cox, B.J.; Endler, N.S.; Swinson, R.P., 1994:
An examination of levels of agoraphobic severity in panic disorders

Crow, T.J.; Delisi, L.E.; Lofthouse, R.; Poulter, M.; Lehner, T.; Bass, N.; Shah, T.; Walsh, C.; Boccio-Smith, A.; Shields, G., 1994:
An examination of linkage of schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder to the pseudoautosomal region (Xp22.3)

Penrose, J.M.; Williams, N.W.; Hose, D.R.; Trowbridge, E.A., 1996:
An examination of one-piece metacarpophalangeal joint implants using finite element analysis

Helmes, E.; Merskey, H.; Hachinski, V.C.; Wands, K., 1992:
An examination of psychometric properties of the extended scale for dementia in three different populations

Smith, C.L.; Chu, W.K.; Granville, D.; Nabity, L., 1998:
An examination of radiation exposure to clinical staff from patients implanted with 137Cs and 192Ir for the treatment of gynecologic malignancies

Ottenbacher, K.J., 1995:
An examination of reliability in developmental research

Moss, S.T.; Bogdan, G.; Nordt, S.P.; Williams, S.R.; Dart, R.C.; Clark, R.F., 1998:
An examination of serial urinalyses in patients with North American crotalid envenomation

Butler, A.R.; Field, R.A.; Greig, I.R.; Flitney, F.W.; Bisland, S.K.; Khan, F.; Belch, J.J., 1997:
An examination of some derivatives of S-nitroso-1-thiosugars as vasodilators

Alarayyid, N.A.; Graham, B.R.; Ferdous, A.H.; Betteridge, D.J.; Prichard, B.N.; Smith, C.C., 1994:
An Examination of Some Factors which Influence the Stability of in Vitro Platelet Responses

Fougias, E.G.; Forster, C.F., 1997:
An examination of stable foam formation in activated sludge using a mathematical model

Welches, W.; Reardon, I.; Heinrikson, R.L., 1993:
An examination of structural interactions presumed to be of importance in the stabilization of phospholipase A-2 dimers based upon comparative protein sequence analysis of a monomeric and dimeric enzyme from the venom of Agkistrodon piscivorus piscivorus

Stow, C., A.; Jackson, L., J.; Amrhein, J., F., 1997:
An examination of the PCB:lipid relationship among individual fish

Tawamba, R.T.; Foster, C.F., 1997:
An examination of the characteristics of an activated sludge operating under low-level salinity conditions

Hume, E.B.; Willcox, M.D.; Sweeney, D.F.; Holden, B.A., 1996:
An examination of the clonal variants of Serratia marcescens that infect the eye during contact lens wear

Slater, M.R.; Sewell, D.F., 1994:
An examination of the cohesion-performance relationship in university hockey teams

Cacciola, J.S.; Rutherford, M.J.; Alterman, A.I.; Snider, E.C., 1994:
An examination of the diagnostic criteria for antisocial personality disorder in substance abusers

Humphrey, G.K.; Jolicoeur, P., 1993:
An examination of the effects of axis foreshortening, monocular depth cues, and visual field on object identification

Yang, D.; Waldman, A.S., 1992:
An examination of the effects of double-strand breaks on extrachromosomal recombination in mammalian cells

Thomas, N.; Mercer, C., 1995:
An examination of the fertility/contraceptive prevalence anomaly in Zimbabwe

Ohta, T., 1993:
An examination of the generation-time effect on molecular evolution

Karkowski, L.M.; Kendler, K.S., 1997:
An examination of the genetic relationship between bipolar and unipolar illness in an epidemiological sample

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