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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 8171

Chapter 8171 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Wang, Z.; Shun; Jinliang; Ma; Li, 1992:
Antibodies to hepatitis C virus in blood donors and patients with non-A, non-B hepatitis

Mateos, M.L.; Camarero, C.; Maldonado, S.; Lasa, E.; Otheo, E.; Muñoz, A., 1994:
Antibodies to hepatitis C virus in human immunoglobulins: clinical meaning and diagnostic difficulties in children undergoing bone marrow transplant

Angelucci, E., 1994:
Antibodies to hepatitis C virus in thalassemia

Tsai, J.F.; Jeng, J.E.; Chang, W.Y.; Lin, Z.Y.; Tsai, J.H., 1994:
Antibodies to hepatitis E and A viruses among patients with non-alcoholic chronic liver disease in Taiwan

Tsai, J.F.; Jeng, J.E.ng; Chang, W.Y.; Lin, Z.Y.u; Tsai, J.H.iung, 1994:
Antibodies to hepatitis E virus among Chinese patients with acute hepatitis in Taiwan

Dalekos, G.N.; Zervou, E.; Elisaf, M.; Germanos, N.; Galanakis, E.; Bourantas, K.; Siamopoulos, K.C.; Tsianos, E.V., 1998:
Antibodies to hepatitis E virus among several populations in Greece: Increased prevalence in an hemodialysis unit

Ayer, L.M.; Sénecal, J.L.; Martin, L.; Dixon, G.H.; Fritzler, M.J., 1994:
Antibodies to high mobility group proteins in systemic sclerosis

Wallace, D., J.; Lin, H.-Chi; Shen, G.-Qiu; Peter, J., B., 1994:
Antibodies to histone (H2A-H2B)-DNA complexes in the absence of antibodies to double-stranded DNA or to (H2A-H2B) complexes are more sensitive and specific for scleroderma-related disorders than for lupus

de Graeff-Meeder, E.R.; Rijkers, G.T.; Voorhorst-Ogink, M.M.; Kuis, W.; van der Zee, R.; van Eden, W.; Zegers, B.J., 1993:
Antibodies to human HSP60 in patients with juvenile chronic arthritis, diabetes mellitus, and cystic fibrosis

Carter, A., S.; Welsh, K., I.; Morris, P., J.; Fuggle, S., V., 1996:
Antibodies to human adhesion molecules and their ligands: Cross-species reactivity and potential application in xenotransplantation

Bergmeier, L.A.; Walker, J.; Tao, L.; Cranage, M.; Lehner, T., 1994:
Antibodies to human and non-human primate cellular and culture medium components in macaques vaccinated with the simian immunodeficiency virus

Vazquez, J.; Fernandez-Shaw, C.; Marina, A.; Haas, C.; Cacabelos, R.; Valdivieso, F., 1996:
Antibodies to human brain spectrin in Alzheimer's disease

Lennette, E.T.; Blackbourn, D.J.; Levy, J.A., 1996:
Antibodies to human herpesvirus type 8 in the general population and in Kaposi's sarcoma patients

Frangouli, E.; Panayiotidou, A.; Trombouki, P.; Ioannidou, T.; Kyrou, A., 1994:
Antibodies to human herpesvirus-6 (HHV-6) in patients and healthy subjects

Smith, P.R.; Cooper, J.M.; Govan, G.G.; Riordan-Eva, P.; Harding, A.E.; Schapira, A.H.V., 1995:
Antibodies to human optic nerve in Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy

Shah, K.V.; Viscidi, R.P.; Alberg, A.J.; Helzlsouer, K.J.; Comstock, G.W., 1997:
Antibodies to human papillomavirus 16 and subsequent in situ or invasive cancer of the cervix

Matsumoto, K.; Yoshikawa, H.; Taketani, Y.; Yoshiike, K.; Kanda, T., 1997:
Antibodies to human papillomavirus 16, 18, 58, and 6b major capsid proteins among Japanese females

Jha, P.K.S.; Beral, V.; Peto, J.; Hack, S.; Hermon, C.; Deacon, J.; Mant, D.; Chilvers, C.; Vessey, M.P., 1993:
Antibodies to human papillomavirus and to other genital infectious agents and invasive cervical cancer risk

Eisemann, C.; Fisher, S.G.; Gross, G.; Müller, M.; Gissmann, L., 1996:
Antibodies to human papillomavirus type 11 virus-like particles in sera of patients with genital warts and in control groups

Baay, M.F.; Duk, J.M.; Burger, M.P.; Walboomers, J.; ter Schegget, J.; Groenier, K.H.; de Bruijn, H.W.; Stolz, E.; Herbrink, P., 1995:
Antibodies to human papillomavirus type 16 E7 related to clinicopathological data in patients with cervical carcinoma

Stevens, T.R.; Smith, S.F.; Rampton, D.S., 1993:
Antibodies to human recombinant lipocortin-I in inflammatory bowel disease

Mehta, M.K.; Sheth, A.R., 1994:
Antibodies to human seminal plasma inhibin adversely affect sperm function parameters

Chapman, J.; Maayan, C.; Michaelson, D.M., 1993:
Antibodies to human serum albumin in familial dysautonomia

Markusheva, L.I.; Fomina, E.E.; Keda, Y.M.; Morozova, M.S.; Pankov, Y.A., 1998:
Antibodies to human skin fibroblasts in psoriasis patients

Nishikawa, K.; Guo, Y.J.; Miyasaka, M.; Tamatani, T.; Collins, A.B.; Sy, M.S.; McCluskey, R.T.; Andres, G., 1993:
Antibodies to intercellular adhesion molecule 1/lymphocyte function-associated antigen 1 prevent crescent formation in rat autoimmune glomerulonephritis

Wong, P.Y.; Yue, G.; Yin, K.; Miyasaka, M.; Lane, C.L.; Manning, A.M.; Anderson, D.C.; Sun, F.F., 1995:
Antibodies to intercellular adhesion molecule-1 ameliorate the inflammatory response in acetic acid-induced inflammatory bowel disease

Antonelli, G.; Giannelli, G.; Currenti, M.; Simeoni, E.; Del Vecchio, S.; Maggi, F.; Pistello, M.; Roffi, L.; Pastore, G.; Chemello, L.; Dianzani, F., 1996:
Antibodies to interferon (IFN) in hepatitis C patients relapsing while continuing recombinant IFN-alpha2 therapy

Antonelli, G., 1995:
Antibodies to interferon in patients undergoing IFN therapy: an update

McKenna, R.M.; Oberg, K.E., 1997:
Antibodies to interferon-alpha in treated cancer patients: incidence and significance

Prümmer, O.; Bunjes, D.; Wiesneth, M.; Hertenstein, B.; Arnold, R.; Porzsolt, F.; Heimpel, H., 1996:
Antibodies to interferon-alpha: a novel type of autoantibody occurring after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation

Neurath, M.F.; Fuss, I.; Kelsall, B.L.; Stüber, E.; Strober, W., 1995:
Antibodies to interleukin 12 abrogate established experimental colitis in mice

Lisak, R.P.; Bealmear, B., 1994:
Antibodies to interleukin-6 inhibit Schwann cell proliferation induced by unfractionated cytokines

Heidenreich, F.; Vincent, A., 1998:
Antibodies to ion-channel proteins in thymoma with myasthenia, neuromyotonia, and peripheral neuropathy

Christie, M.R.; Genovese, S.; Cassidy, D.; Bosi, E.; Brown, T.J.; Lai, M.; Bonifacio, E.; Bottazzo, G.F., 1994:
Antibodies to islet 37k antigen, but not to glutamate decarboxylase, discriminate rapid progression to IDDM in endocrine autoimmunity

Milei, J.; Sanchez, J.; Storino, R.; Yu, Z.-Xi; Denduchis, B.; Ferrans, V., J., 1993:
Antibodies to laminin and immunohistochemical localization of laminin in chronic chagasic cardiomyopathy: A review

Poxton, Ian, R., 1995:
Antibodies to lipopolysaccharide

Paton, A.W.; Voss, E.; Manning, P.A.; Paton, J.C., 1998:
Antibodies to lipopolysaccharide block adherence of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli to human intestinal epithelial (Henle 407) cells

Maneta-Peyret, L.; Sturbois-Balcerzak, B.; Cassagne, C.; Moreau, P., 1998:
Antibodies to long-chain acyl-CoAs. A new tool for lipid biochemistry

Wang, M.H.; Skeel, A.; Yoshimura, T.; Copeland, T.D.; Sakaguchi, K.; Leonard, E.J., 1993:
Antibodies to macrophage stimulating protein (MSP): specificity, epitope interactions, and immunoassay of MSP in human serum

Bignami, G.S.; Waller, D.F.; Yasumoto, T., 1996:
Antibodies to maitotoxin elicited by immunization with toxin-fragment conjugates

Hajeer, A.H.; Snowden, N.; Wilson, P.; Drover, S.; Ollier, W.E., 1993:
Antibodies to major histocompatibility complex class II inhibit proliferation, but increase production of soluble CD23 in lymphoblastoid B-cell lines

Miller, E.; Hill, A.; Morgan Capner, P.; Forsey, T.; Rush, M., 1995:
Antibodies to measles, mumps and rubella in UK children 4 years after vaccination with different MMR vaccines

Hill, M.B.; Phipps, J.L.; Cartwright, R.J.; Ward, A.M.lford; Greaves, M.; Hughes, P., 1996:
Antibodies to membranes of endothelial cells and fibroblasts in scleroderma

Orren, A.; Warren, R.E.; Potter, P.C.; Jones, A.M.; Lachmann, P.J.; Poolman, J.T., 1992 :
Antibodies to meningococcal class 1 outer membrane proteins in South African complement-deficient and complement-sufficient subjects

Idänpään-Heikkilä, I.; Høiby, E.A.; Chattopadhyay, P.; Airaksinen, U.; Michaelsen, T.M.; Wedege, E., 1995:
Antibodies to meningococcal class 1 outer-membrane protein and its variable regions in patients with systemic meningococcal disease

Heath, A.W.; Chang, R.; Harada, N.; Santos Argumedo, L.; Gordon, J.; Hannum, C.; Campbell, D.; Shanafelt, A.B.; Clark, E.A., 1993:
Antibodies to murine CD40 stimulate normal B lymphocytes but inhibit proliferation of B lymphoma cells

Gustavsson, S.; Kinoshita, T.; Heyman, B., 1995:
Antibodies to murine complement receptor 1 and 2 can inhibit the antibody response in vivo without inhibiting T helper cell induction

Vilagut, L.; Pares, A.; Vinas, O.; Vila, J.; Jimenez, D.A.ta, M.T.; Rodes, J., 1997:
Antibodies to mycobacterial 65-kD heat shock protein cross-react with the main mitochondrial antigens in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis

Rambukkana, A.; Das, P.K.; Witkamp, L.; Yong, S.; Meinardi, M.M.H.M.; Bos, J.D., 1993:
Antibodies to mycobacterial 65-kDa heat shock protein and other immunodominant antigens in patients with psoriasis

Ivanyi, L.; Kirby, A.; Zakrzewska, J.M., 1993:
Antibodies to mycobacterial stress protein in patients with orofacial granulomatosis

Singh, V.K.; Warren, R.P.; Odell, J.D.; Warren, W.L.; Cole, P., 1993:
Antibodies to myelin basic protein in children with autistic behavior

Dyer, C.A.; Matthieu, J.M.rie, 1994:
Antibodies to myelin/oligodendrocyte-specific protein and myelin/oligodendrocyte glycoprotein signal distinct changes in the organization of cultured oligodendroglial membrane sheets

Hartman, K.R.; LaRussa, V.F.; Rothwell, S.W.; Atolagbe, T.O.; Ward, F.T.; Klipple, G., 1994:
Antibodies to myeloid precursor cells in autoimmune neutropenia

Waldhauser, L.; Uetrecht, J., 1996:
Antibodies to myeloperoxidase in propylthiouracil-induced autoimmune disease in the cat

Domenici, L.; Cellerino, A.; Berardi, N.; Cattaneo, A.; Maffei, L., 1994:
Antibodies to nerve growth factor (NGF) prolong the sensitive period for monocular deprivation in the rat

Klyushnik, T.P.; Lideman, R.R.; Danilovskaya, E.V., 1997:
Antibodies to nerve growth factor in children with nervous system maldevelopment

Mazeh, D.; Sirota, P.; Patya, M.; Novogrodsky, A., 1998:
Antibodies to neuroblastoma cell line proteins in patients with schizophrenia

Vecchi, M.; Bianchi, M.B.; Sinico, R.A.; Radice, A.; Meucci, G.; Torgano, G.; Omodei, P.; Forzenigo, L.; Landoni, M., 1994:
Antibodies to neutrophil cytoplasm in Italian patients with ulcerative colitis: sensitivity, specificity and recognition of putative antigens

Casselman, B.L.; Kilgore, K.S.; Miller, B.F.; Warren, J.S., 1995:
Antibodies to neutrophil cytoplasmic antigens induce monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 secretion from human monocytes

Plummer, F.A.; Chubb, H.; Simonsen, J.N.; Bosire, M.; Slaney, L.; Nagelkerke, N.J.; Maclean, I.; Ndinya-Achola, J.O.; Waiyaki, P.; Brunham, R.C., 1994:
Antibodies to opacity proteins (Opa) correlate with a reduced risk of gonococcal salpingitis

Ide, H.; Kow, Y.W.; Chen, B.X.; Erlanger, B.F.; Wallace, S.S., 1997:
Antibodies to oxidative DNA damage: Characterization of antibodies to 8-oxopurines

Ryan, M.; Owens, D.; Kilbride, B.; Collins, P.; Johnson, A.; Tomkin, G.H., 1998:
Antibodies to oxidized lipoproteins and their relationship to myocardial infarction

Tulppala, M.; Ailus, K.; Palosuo, T.; Ylikorkala, O., 1995:
Antibodies to oxidized low-density lipoprotein and to cardiolipin in nonpregnant and pregnant women with habitual abortion

Kux, A.; Bertram, S.; Hufert, F.T.; Schmitz, H.; Von Laer, D., 1996:
Antibodies to p24 antigen do not specifically detect HIV-infected lymphocytes in AIDS patients

Desai, P.R.; Ujjainwala, L.H.; Carlstedt, S.C.; Springer, G.F., 1997:
Antibodies to pancarcinoma Tn epitope: Their altered levels in breast carcinoma patients

Ryan, K.W.; Portner, A.; Murti, K.G., 1993:
Antibodies to paramyxovirus nucleoproteins define regions important for immunogenicity and nucleocapsid assembly

von Poblotzki, A.; Gigler, A.; Lang, B.; Wolf, H.; Modrow, S., 1995:
Antibodies to parvovirus B19 NS-1 protein in infected individuals

Puurunen, M.; Vaarala, O.; Julkunen, H.; Aho, K.; Palosuo, T., 1996:
Antibodies to phospholipid-binding plasma proteins and occurrence of thrombosis in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Kalashnikova, L.A.; Nasonov, E.L.; Aleksandrova, E.N.; Kosheleva, N.M.; Reshetniak, T.M.; Salozhin, K.V., 1997:
Antibodies to phospholipids and ischemic disorders of cerebral circulation in young age

Bahar, A.M.; Kwak, J.Y.H.; Beer, A.E.; Kim, J.H.; Nelson, L.A.; Beaman, K.D.; Gilman Sachs, A., 1993:
Antibodies to phospholipids and nuclear antigens in non-pregnant women with unexplained spontaneous recurrent abortions

Travkina, I.V.; Ivanova, M.M.; Nasonov, E.L., 1992:
Antibodies to phospholipids in systemic lupus erythematosus with a CNS lesion

Meenaghan, M.; Judson, P.A.; Yousaf, K.; Lewis, L.; Pamphilon, D.H., 1993:
Antibodies to platelet glycoprotein V in polytransfused patients with haematological disease

Arpadi, S.M.; Back, S.; O'brien, J.; Janoff, E.N., 1994:
Antibodies to pneumococcal capsular polysaccharides in children with human immunodeficiency virus infection given polyvalent pneumococcal vaccine

Rosen, I.A.; Håkansson, A.; Aniansson, G.; Hansson, C.; Andersson, B.; Nylén, O.; Sabharwal, H.; Svanborg, C., 1996:
Antibodies to pneumococcal polysaccharides in human milk: lack of relationship to colonization and acute otitis media

Glushkov, A.N.; Klimov, I.A.; Anosova, T.P.; Shchukina, M.L., 1996:
Antibodies to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in sera of patients with malignant mammary tumors

Häyrinen, J.; Jennings, H.; Raff, H.V.; Rougon, G.; Hanai, N.; Gerardy-Schahn, R.; Finne, J., 1995:
Antibodies to polysialic acid and its N-propyl derivative: binding properties and interaction with human embryonal brain glycopeptides

Fedorov, N.B.; Degraan, P.N.E.; Reymann, K.G., 1995:
Antibodies to postsynaptic PKC substrate neurogranin prevent long-term potentiation in hippocampal CA1 neurons

Arimura, K.; Watanabe, O.; Kitajima, I.; Suehara, M.; Minato, S.; Sonoda, Y.; Higuchi, I.; Takenaga, S.; Maruyama, I.; Osame, M., 1997:
Antibodies to potassium channels of PC12 in serum of Isaacs' syndrome: Western blot and immunohistochemical studies

Murphy, G.M.; Forno, L.S.; Ellis, W.G.; Nochlin, D.; Levy-Lahad, E.; Poorkaj, P.; Bird, T.D.; Jiang, Z.; Cordell, B., 1996:
Antibodies to presenilin proteins detect neurofibrillary tangles in Alzheimer's disease

Ishihara, H.; Zeng, D.; Connolly, A.J.; Tam, C.; Coughlin, S.R., 1998:
Antibodies to protease-activated receptor 3 inhibit activation of mouse platelets by thrombin

Mayet, W.J.; Meyer Zum Bueschenfelde, K.H., 1993:
Antibodies to proteinase 3 increase adhesion of neutrophils to human endothelial cells

Mayet, W.J.; Schwarting, A.; Orth, T.; Duchmann, R.; Meyer-Zum-Bueschenfelde, K.H., 1996:
Antibodies to proteinase 3 mediate expression of vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 (VCAM-1)

D.B.ndt, M.; Meyer, O.; Hakim, J.; Pasquier, C., 1997:
Antibodies to proteinase-3 mediate expression of intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1, CD 54)

Puurunen, M.; Manttari, M.; Manninen, V.; Palosuo, T.; Vaarala, O., 1998:
Antibodies to prothrombin crossreact with plasminogen in patients developing myocardial infarction

Vaarala, O.; Puurunen, M.; Mänttäri, M.; Manninen, V.; Aho, K.; Palosuo, T., 1996:
Antibodies to prothrombin imply a risk of myocardial infarction in middle-aged men

Guerin, J.; Smith, O.; White, B.; Sweetman, G.; Feighery, C.; Jackson, J., 1998:
Antibodies to prothrombin in antiphospholipid syndrome and inflammatory disorders

Kisand, K., E.; Kisand, K., V.; Karvonen, A.-Liisa; Vuoristo, M.; Mattila, J.; Makinen, J.; Uibo, R., 1998:
Antibodies to pyruvate dehydrogenase in primary biliary cirrhosis: Correlation with histology

Saito, K.; Yang, G.; Sugisaki, T.; Milgrom, F.; Albini, B., 1996:
Antibodies to quail erythrocytes in quail-chicken spinal cord chimeras

Moffett, J.R.; Espey, M.G.; Namboodiri, M.A.A.yan, 1994:
Antibodies to quinolinic acid and the determination of its cellular distribution within the rat immune system

Moffett, J.R.; Espey, M.G.; Gaudet, S.J.; Namboodiri, M.A.A.yan, 1993:
Antibodies to quinolinic acid reveal localization in select immune cells rather than neurons or astroglia

Thibault, V.; Richards, C.D.; Botelho, F.; Gauldie, J., 1997:
Antibodies to rat soluble IL-6 receptor stimulate B9 hybridoma cell proliferation

Kink, J.A.; Williams, J.A., 1998:
Antibodies to recombinant Clostridium difficile toxins A and B are an effective treatment and prevent relapse of C. difficile-associated disease in a hamster model of infection

Fijalkowska, I.; Babinska, A.; Ligocka, A.; Plucienniczak, G.; Plucienniczak, A.; Stec, W.; Okruszek, A.; Wilk, A.; Cierniewski, C.S., 1993:
Antibodies to recombinant fragment 212-276 of protein C specifically recognize the intact human molecule

Funkhouser, A.; Clements, M.L.; Slome, S.; Clayman, B.; Viscidi, R., 1993:
Antibodies to recombinant gp160 in mucosal secretions and sera of persons infected with HIV-1 and seronegative vaccine recipients

Prabhakar, S.S.; Muhlfelder, T., 1997:
Antibodies to recombinant human erythropoietin causing pure red cell aplasia

Takamori, M.; Takahashi, M.; Yasukawa, Y.; Iwasa, K.; Nemoto, Y.; Suenaga, A.; Nagataki, S.; Nakamura, T., 1995:
Antibodies to recombinant synaptotagmin and calcium channel subtypes in Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome

Amara, A.; Coussemacq, M.; Geffard, M., 1994:
Antibodies to reduced glutathione

Haustein, U.F.; Pustowoit, B.; Krusche, U.; Herrmann, K., 1993:
Antibodies to retrovirus proteins in scleroderma

Tooze, S.A.; Hollinshead, M.; Dittie, A.S., 1994:
Antibodies to secretogranin II reveal potential processing sites

Begum, S.; Ishaq, M.; Habibullah, C.M.; Mateen, M.A., 1996:
Antibodies to serum IgA detected by ELISA in duodenal ulcer and their relationship to chronicity of the disease

Czaja, A.J.; Morshed, S.A.; Parveen, S.; Nishioka, M., 1997:
Antibodies to single-stranded and double-stranded DNA in antinuclear antibody-positive type 1-autoimmune hepatitis

Kuks, J.B.M.; Limburg, P.C.; Horst, G.; Dijksterhuis, J.; Oosterhuis, H.J.G.H., 1993:
Antibodies to skeletal muscle in myasthenia gravis Part 1. Diagnostic value for the detection of thymoma

Kuks, J.B.M.; Limburg, P.C.; Horst, G.; Oosterhuis, H.J.G.H., 1993:
Antibodies to skeletal muscle in myasthenia gravis: Part 2. Prevalence in non-thymoma patients

Kuks, J.B.M.; Limburg, P.C.; Horst, G.; Oosterhuis, H.J.G.H., 1993:
Antibodies to skeletal muscle in myasthenia gravis. Part 3. Relation with clinical course and therapy

Appelboom, T.; Kahn, M.F.; Mairesse, N., 1995:
Antibodies to small ribonucleoprotein and to 73-kD heat shock protein: Two distinct markers of mixed connective tissue disease

Basi, G.S.; Riggs, M.B.; Nash, K.; Singer, R., 1992:
Antibodies to soluble human T cell receptor beta chain recognize multiple epitopes on cell surface TcR

Czaja, A.J.; Carpenter, H.A.; Manns, M.P., 1993:
Antibodies to soluble liver antigen, P450IID6, and mitochondrial complexes in chronic hepatitis

Naz, R.K.; Wolf, D.P., 1994:
Antibodies to sperm-specific human FA-1 inhibit in vitro fertilization in rhesus monkeys: development of a simian model for testing of anti-FA-1 contraceptive vaccine

Doersam, H.; Rohrbach, P.; Kuerschner, T.; Kipriyanov, S.; Renner, S.; Braunagel, M.; Welschof, M.; Little, M., 1997:
Antibodies to steroids from a small human naive IgM library

Jennings, K., 1996:
Antibodies to streptokinase

Honnorat, J.; Antoine, J.C.ristophe; Derrington, E.; Aguera, M.; Belin, M.F.ancoise, 1996:
Antibodies to subpopulation of glial cells and a 66 kDa developmental protein in patients with paraneoplastic neurological syndromes

Nemni, R.; Fazio, R.; Quattrini, A.; Lorenzetti, I.; Mamoli, D.; Canal, N., 1993:
Antibodies to sulfatide and to chondroitin sulfate C in patients with chronic sensory neuropathy

Mccoll, G.; Cram, D.S.; Harrison, L.C., 1995:
Antibodies to synovial antigens in recent-onset rheumatoid arthritis

Adebajo, A.O.; Williams, D.G.; Hazleman, B.L.; Venables, P.J., 1994:
Antibodies to synthetic peptide P62 corresponding to the major epitope of rheumatoid arthritis nuclear antigen in a west African population with rheumatoid arthritis

Myers, C.R.; Sutherland, L.A.; Haasch, M.L.; Lech, J.J., 1993:
Antibodies to synthetic peptide that react specifically with rainbow trout hepatic cytochrome P450 1A1

Takamori, M.; Iwasa, K.; Komai, K., 1997:
Antibodies to synthetic peptides of the alpha1A subunit of the voltage-gated calcium channel in Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome

L.P.nse, S.; Ayani, E.; Mulliez, N.; Chatelet, F.; Cywiner-Golenzer, C.; Galceran, M.; Citadelle, D.; Roux, C.; Ronco, P.; Verroust, P., 1994:
Antibodies to the 280-kd coated pit protein, target of teratogenic antibodies, produce alterations in the traffic of internalized proteins

Murray, K.J.; Szer, W.; Grom, A.A.; Donnelly, P.; Levinson, J.E.; Giannini, E.H.; Glass, D.N.; Szer, I.S., 1997:
Antibodies to the 45 kDa DEK nuclear antigen in pauciarticular onset juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and iridocyclitis: selective association with MHC gene

Qureishi, T.; Nagarwalla, N.; Sarela, A.; Ahmed, A.R.zzaque, 1995:
Antibodies to the 70-kDa heat-shock protein in patients with thermal burns

Astori, M.; Karapetian, O., 1998:
Antibodies to the C-terminal dipeptide of mouse mammary tumour virus (MMTV(SW)) superantigen effectively inhibit T-cell activation in vivo

Vassilev, T.; Gelin, C.; Kaveri, S.V.; Zilber, M.T.; Boumsell, L.; Kazatchkine, M.D., 1993:
Antibodies to the CD5 molecule in normal human immunoglobulins for therapeutic use (intravenous immunoglobulins, IVIg)

Mairesse, N.; Kahn, M.-Francis; Appelboom, T., 1993:
Antibodies to the Constitutive 73-kd Heat Shock Protein: A New Marker of Mixed Connective Tissue Disease?

Müller, M.; Viscidi, R.P.; Ulken, V.; Bavinck, J.N.; Hill, P.M.; Fisher, S.G.; Reid, R.; Munoz, N.; Schneider, A.; Shah, K.V., 1995:
Antibodies to the E4, E6, and E7 proteins of human papillomavirus (HPV) type 16 in patients with HPV-associated diseases and in the normal population

Popper, S.J.; Sankalé, J.L.; Thior, I.; Siby, T.; Marlink, R.G.; Mboup, S.; Essex, M.; Kanki, P.J., 1998:
Antibodies to the HIV type 2 core protein p26 and Vpx: association with disease progression

Spear, G.T.; Takefman, D.M.; Sharpe, S.; Ghassemi, M.; Zolla-Pazner, S., 1994:
Antibodies to the HIV-1 V3 loop in serum from infected persons contribute a major proportion of immune effector functions including complement activation, antibody binding, and neutralization

Kato, T.; Suzuki, J.I.hi; Daimon, M.; Sasaki, H.; Ishikawa, K., 1997:
Antibodies to the HIV-1 p17 protein cross-react with human superoxide dismutase-2

Lombillo, V.A.; Nislow, C.; Yen, T.J.; Gelfand, V.I.; Mcintosh, J.R.chard, 1995:
Antibodies to the Kinesin Motor Domain and CENP-E Inhibit Microtubule Depolymerization-dependent Motion of Chromosomes In Vitro

Fyfe, A.I.; Stevenson, L.W.; Berliner, J.A.; Fogelman, A.M., 1994:
Antibodies to the T-cell receptor (CD3) induce LFA-1/Mac-1-dependent mononuclear cell adhesion to human arterial endothelium

Skripnikova, I.A.; Samsonov, M.Y.; Nasonov, E.L.; Anan'eva, L.P.; Kovaleva, V.Y.; Kobylyanskii, A.G.; Malakhov, V.I.; Naumov, V.G.; Belenkov, Y.N., 1993:
Antibodies to the causative agent of Lyme disease in patients with myocarditis and dilatation cardiomyopathy

Money, D.M.; Hawes, S.E.; Eschenbach, D.A.; Peeling, R.W.; Brunham, R.; Wolner Hanssen, P.; Stamm, W.E., 1997:
Antibodies to the chlamydial 60 kd heat-shock protein are associated with laparoscopically confirmed perihepatitis

Garzon, J.; Juarros, J.L.; Castro, M.A.; Sanchez-Blazquez, P., 1995:
Antibodies to the cloned mu-opioid receptor detect various molecular weight forms in areas of mouse brain

Ullrich, S.E.; Pride, M.W.; Moodycliffe, A.M., 1998:
Antibodies to the costimulatory molecular CD86 interfere with ultraviolet radiation-induced immune suppression

Lebrun, C.; Baron, V.; Kaliman, P.; Gautier, N.; Dolais-Kitabgi, J.; Taylor, S.; Accili, D.; Van Obberghen, E., 1993:
Antibodies to the extracellular receptor domain restore the hormone-insensitive kinase and conformation of the mutant insulin receptor valine 382

Hultgren, C.; Milich, D.R.; Sällberg, M., 1997:
Antibodies to the hepatitis B e antigen (HBeAg) can be induced in HBeAg-transgenic mice by adoptive transfer of a specific T-helper 2 cell clone

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