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Application of vertical aerial photographs in differentiation of soil from Lavras county, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Vieira, T.G. Chquiloff; Bahia, V.G.; Andrade, H.; Oliveira, A.D.

Ciencia e Pratica 16(2): 233-240


Accession: 008183456

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The soil classes have a pattern of distribution in the landscape where many physical features of terrestrial surface, such as the terrain shape and drainage, reveal or suggest this distribution. So, it was studied, through vertical aerial photos, topographic charts and geological map together with field observations, the DRAINAGE AND RELIEF ATTRIBUTES, for identification of soils of Lavras county Minas Gerais, Brazil. For this work were chosen five areas with three replications, varying the geology and the relief, and consequently the soils types. Through circular, samples of 2 km-2 were analysed the aspects of superficial drainage network (measurable attributes) and of the relief. The differentiation among soils was better evidenced by measurable attributes (drainage density, streams frequency, relative infiltration, texture ratio) and by relief attribute (average slope) observing that the parent material was one of the factors which mainly contributed for drainage and relief variations. It was concluded that the various soils classes studied (Lithosol, Cambisol, Red-Yellow Podzolic Soil, Dark Red Podzolic Soil and Dark Red Latosol) can be distinguished by the set of DRAINAGE AND RELIEF ATTRIBUTES, associated with the geology of the area and field observations.

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