Biological control of tropical tree crop pests

Mariau, D.; Decazy, B.; Quilici, S.; Mallet, B.; Morin, J.P.; Arbonnier, M.; Philippe, R.

Plantations Recherche Developpement 4(4): 229-235


Accession: 008230074

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Cirad entomologists specialized in tree crops are working on oil palm, coconut, coffee, cocoa, fruit trees and forest species, with a view to learning more about the biotic and abiotic factors that limit pest populations: entomophagous insects (parasites and predators), entomopathogenic organisms (fungi and viruses), olfactory trapping (pheromones and allelochemical compounds) and visual trapping. Several parasitoid and predator introductions have proved effective. In a few cases, crop techniques that discourage pests have been proposed, and in others planting tolerant material has been recommended.